A Certain Scientific Railgun ep. 3 – The Badassery of Saten and Uiharu



(Had to cap this ep myself, so no screenie bank today) In my post on the first episode of Railgun, I noted how Misaka and Kuroko were incredibly badass. Episode three shows us that Saten and Uiharu are not ready to be left behind in that regard. It also confirms my thoughts that this show has one of my favorite vocal casts ever.

Episode 3 is mostly about these two young ladies, even if that is not totally obvious, considering that Mikoto and Kuroko are also around. The episode does a lot to show us more of Uiharu and Saten’s personalities without shoving it in our face that this is a development episode for them, which I think is a stroke of writing genius. The episode has a plot involving a school stalker girl, but that plot is subdued and really used as a backdrop for the development.

For the first half of the episode, we see a more personal and embarrassing side of the two girls. Saten spiels about her love of cheesecake (which has been studied well at 2-D Teleidoscope) and Uiharu goes on and on about how awesome rich girls are. It’s always nice to know what makes your characters tick – too often, we get to know all about a character’s personality, but don’t learn much about them, what they like and dislike and fangirl over. I love that we get this info in Railgun because it feels like we really understand the girls’ lives and their friendship.

Adding still to this is the superb voice work. I knew that Toyosaki Aki would be someone to look out for after K-On! and I was right – her Uiharu is perfection. In particular, her lines at the part where Saten gets to wear the Tokiwadai uniform made me laugh just from being delivered so well. Then we have Saten, played by Itou Kanae, who I ADORED in Shugo Chara but she didn’t have any other roles for me to check against! Saten is great because even though she is only one in four main characters, her writing and the strength of her voice actress are enough to keep her standing alone. Both Toyosaki and Itou have totally earned their way into my list of favorites after this episode.



After the development-centered beginning, we launch into the expository bit on what’s actually going on in this episode, and then begins the tactical uprooting of the episode’s villain. This is where Uiharu and Saten begin to show their cool colors – Saten doesn’t get as much yet, but shows us that she is NOT a woman you mess with! She messes back! And then we have Uiharu, whose badassery comes from her completely nonchalant and lax attitude towards searching simultaneously through massive amounts of information on her epic beowulf cluster. I’m sure her power is with technology, but it’s her totally chill demeanor that makes it so fun!

Yuki NAgato aint got nothin on me!

Yuki Nagato ain't got nothin' on me!

The students give chase and corner the criminal, with Misaka and Kuroko taking some small moments to remind us that they are still as badass as we remember, and then we get the story from the villain. During these chase scenes, Uiharu really sells home just how incredibly chill she is as she hums along daintily, shuffling through information like she isn’t even paying attention. When she’s done, she gives a long stretch. Too easy! That’s awesome.

I fuck em up and leave up to die~

I fuck em up and leave up to die~

And then there’s Saten. Once she’s heard the girl’s hilarious story about her even more hilarious eyebrows, she gives some really half-assed encouragement to the poor, sad girl. However, somewhere between Saten’s inherent manliness and the girl’s inherent stupidity, the message gets mixed, and what do you know!

The emo girl totally goes gay for Saten! Just like that! Now there’s a lady killer if I’ve ever seen one~!

I had a ton of fun with this episode, which was probably one of my favorite episodes of anime all year. I’ll be sure to get my next post out much sooner after the episode airs!!!

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9 thoughts on “A Certain Scientific Railgun ep. 3 – The Badassery of Saten and Uiharu

  1. I didn’t like it as much as you did, partly for the lack of Touma (I REALLY like railgun’s Touma) and also because it could’ve been better with another villian.If you’ve read the manga you’ll get the feeling that the eyebrows girl didn’t quite fit with the rest

  2. Thanks for the link to Kuroko’s guest post! :P

    I’m sure her power is with technology, but it’s her totally chill demeanor that makes it so fun!

    Uiharu’s esper power has always been a bit of a mystery in the manga so this was a welcome hint. I totally agree with you that her casual, nonchalant yet totally competent use of it won me over too. She seemed a tad timid for a Judgment member but they sure know how to deploy their recruits most effectively!

  3. I’m not gonna argue about me calling it a filler episode. I’ve already seen the other instances of the Railgun franchise, and I just wanted to see something as respectable and badass as what they did on the manga or the novel. Aside from anything fundamental or interesting to add in the story, anything else would just have to go to the “unimportant details” category. I’m one for composition, not just substance.

    But yes, I do love Toyosaki Aki for her Ibuki Suika rendition on that MAIKAZE Touhou doujin anime. Powerhouse seiyuu casts FTW.

  4. Have you noticed that the girls actually aren’t that close? Or at least it’s one-sided. Saten uses the relatively friendly “Uiharu,” but Uiharu uses the polite and distant “Saten-san.” Saten is comfortable enough to flip Uiharu’s skirt on a regular basis, but Uiharu seems to have only now discovered Saten’s love for patisserie. What’s going on here, I wonder?

    Not sure what it means, but it’s troubling.

    • Well, Uiharu strikes me as someone who would be less comfortable with going to a first-name basis. Saten is a really laid-back type who probably makes friends easily and treats people really closely without having known them long (I act that way too!) I think they probably haven’t known each-other THAT long, and while they’re comfortable together, Uiharu isn’t totally acclimated to Saten.

      • My say is that their ideals and personalities get in the way on how they interact with each other. Remember in the first episode that Saten risked her life in order to prove that you don’t need powers to become strong, whereas Uiharu is the opposite, pushing people out of harm’s way because her sense of physical and mental helplessness dictates that since they cannot do anything, they must be protected regardless of anything else. This will be proven further in the story, so I think I’ll stop spoiling and let you guys just figure out for yourselves.

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