Kuuchuu Buranko ep. 2 – HNGGGGGG!!!!

(For the duration of this post, I will refer to this show as ‘Kuuuuchuuuu Buuuuranko’ at the specific request of a certain Anime Kritik. :p) Kuuuuchuuuu Buuuuranko 2 was a ton of fun and the kind of episode that is really going to sell this series to me. If there’s one thing I always find myself complaining about, it’s a lack of sexual honesty in a lot of modern stuff. Especially anything from Japan – the self-repression is ridiculous. You can’t even have porn without censorship! And the characters are always either reluctant or utter deviants! Anyway, this episode deals a lot directly with the penis, and just because it never shows it (thankfully, right?) doesn’t mean it isn’t honest.

The episode largely involves a sexual fantasy on the part of the episode’s lead character (whom, I must say, was far more endearing than the one from the first episode, especially in the way live-action and animation were used to create his expressions.) This guy Tetsuya is a total pushover, which is why, like 90% of Japanese otaku, he has crazy rape fantasies. He often thinks about fucking his cheating X-wife while she sobs in apology. Some would say ‘brutal! What a shitty guy!’ but let’s be honest here. We are adults. We know this guy is not a rapist, nor a sadist, and that he honestly feels pretty bad about the  way he feels. Which he shouldn’t! It’s that very self-repression that is keeping his dick perpetually hard!

Rape fantasies, if you don’t feel bad about them, can be healthy. After all, it’s that release that keeps us from becoming real sexual deviants – get it all out in the safety of your room, and you won’t be itching to get it out in a dark alleyway, right? But if you feel bad about it, you defeat the principal. When you do that, rather than release, you feel more pain, and that’s the road to depression. And what is depression the road to? Madness.

Tetsuya is depressed because he is repressed. He’s not letting himself get proper release. In his rape fantasy, his wife is apologizing – the problem is that he is forgiving her. He is accepting the apology, which takes the whole revenge factor out. Obviously, if we want to deal with this case, he’s going to need a bigger confrontation. He’s really going to need to tell the woman what a bitch she was, and she can eat her damn apologies!

But, as AK pointed out, it doesn’t turn out to be the right choice. The wife is pregnant – she’s totally happy, and even if she isn’t totally earnest, she wishs Tetsuya to be happy, too. What would be the worth in telling this woman off? Taking away some of her happiness that is shining so brightly? How could you ever keep that on your conciousness? Tetsuya knows it’s not right, so he doesn’t tell her off. He knows he needs his release, but this is not the place.

So he tells off the little teenage bitch at work! Good on ya! Goddamn girl spends as much time asking Tetsuya to do shit as she would spend doing it herself! Now I hope Tetsuya fucks his boss. He seemed to like her. Go forth with the new, bold you! A woman who doesn’t flinch at the sight of an erect penis is a keeper!

This episode really showed the director’s chops. It needed to – the animation was truly bad. Assloads of stock footage, and so much frame-by-frame movement it wasn’t funny. This ain’t Mononoke where sparsity was beside extremity for a beautiful duality – this is just bad animation lol. But the excellent visual style and superb directing do a great cover-up, which is well-appreciated. And I don’t care what gender Irabu is anymore, that loli is totally doable!!!

Oh one more thing – LOL Tetsuya has the same voice as the medicine seller in Mononoke! Who also played Spinzaku O_o

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… and that’s all I have O_o. Psgels did it too, but his blog’s not loading for me, so I don’t know what he said! What happened to the army from the first ep?!

13 thoughts on “Kuuchuu Buranko ep. 2 – HNGGGGGG!!!!

  1. Psgel’s RSS feed has been dead since… yesterday? The day before. I doubt it’s permanent.

    AK can’t use macrons? Seriously? Those aitches make me -_______-

    Your “rape fantasies are healthy if you don’t feel bad about them” is a bit O_o, though I think I know what you’re getting at. His rape fantasies derive from his frustration and impotence (er, bad choice of words- unpuissant, perhaps), rather than a desire to hurt or control this woman. He desires power, but not power over. Yes? Rape fantasies are healthy if you understand that they don’t mean you desire to rape.

    • Exactly. I think this has to do with why I haven’t felt a strong desire to meet a partner – I get a lot of release~~~~~~

    • Yeah, one of the ervers in Blogsome went down. All I can do now is wait for one of the blogsome admins to notice this and fix it, but this usually takes a while.

  2. I guess you liked this episode only for the story. I guess I too liked the story but I felt it was disappointing because the main selling points, the animation and Dr. Irabu, were bloody useless.

    • hehe, yeah, this is true. Well, t he directing was really nice, but there was a disappointing lack of Irabu. However… a few poses from the loli is really enough that my blood boils!!!

  3. I bet you we’re gonna get lots of Irabu coming up. Yes, this was kind of a simple episode but things will get more complicated. Also the fact that all of these patient sessions are happening during the same month is going to make for rich situations in the future.

    BTW, Khhhhhchhhhh Bhhhhranko.

  4. I assume that’s 90% have rape fantasies, another 9.9% are lying.
    Apparently in nippon as the number of loli featuring doujins go up, the number of child molestation cases go down, so you may be on to something~

    One could be a masochist. then feeling bad about it wouldn’t actually lead to depression, but greater pleasures.

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