Nekocon Day 1 – Extremely Local Con Is Extremely Local

Of course, I went with the drills~

Of course, I went with the drills~

I didn’t manage to do daily blogging of either of my Otakon trips simply because I was so busy on those days that I never had the chance. For Nekocon, I’m not only less busy, but it’s close enough to my house that I am not staying in a hotel, so I can comfortably blog it from my home. Also, there’s the fact that there’s not a whole lot to say about this con!

Nekocon is kind of strange because it’s in the Hampton Roads Convention Center, which is also the same damn building that houses Anime Mid Atlantic in the early summer, which hasn’t been running as long, but is apparently bigger seeing as it actually uses both floors of the damn building unlike Nekocon.

There’s just not much of interest at this con, which is why I haven’t gone in years past, and only went this year because my buddy Patz and I ran a panel. The only industry guys who are here are Funimation, who are doing their usual setup, but they don’t have anything new to announce (seeing the Spice and Wolf and Mnemosyne [which I had no idea was licensed at all] trailers was nice, and the Dragonaut one was fucking hilarious.) Besides that, it’s all just regular panels and workshops, a decent little dealer’s room, and apparently they had some shitty band play as well. And there are dub voice actors, but the only one I had heard of was the infamous Greg Ayers.

Greg Ayers is the shittiest dub actor of all time, as evidenced by his voice as Negima in which he sounds like he’s being choked and drowned while pretending to be British. He’s also really well known for being anti-fansub, and he was actually running the first panel I went to at 4PM, which was ‘How To Spot Bootleg Merchandise.’

Admittedly, he was fun and pretty insightful, and had a genuine desire to help out the fans to not get ripped off, recounting tales of merchandise that fell apart in the hands of his unknowing friends. The guy is also a serious otaku – he definitely has gone to great lengths for his collection. Once this panel was over, the Funimation guys took up the room, with their usual (awesome) PR guy running the show. Funimation was what it always is, trailers and talking about releases, but as I said, nothing new. It was fun to heckle the guy about Dragonaut, though, since my brother, Patz, and I were in the front row and laughed our asses off the whole time he tried to sell the show (which he did a great job of turning to his favor!)

After that, nothing was happening so we ate and hit the dealer’s room, but I had no money so I just kind of drooled all over the place and left. Next up was supposed to be a Tokusatsu panel, but the panelist didn’t show up. At first, the staff girl tried to round up audience members to play ‘Who’s Line Is It Annyway’ until the panel guy showed up. Seeing the perfect chance to plug my panel which would start an hour later, I joined in. What they found out was that this guy who was to run the panel was not even at the con at all, so they said that if any of the audience knew enough about the subject, we could run the panel. I went up along with 4 others, even though I knew jack shit about Tokusatsu, but I added some comic relief.

These guys who took over knew EVERYTHING. They had so much crazy obscure knowledge that I couldn’t help but think they should have been running the panel in the first place. I learned about many things and I took a few opportunities to plug my Released and Relinquished panel before leaving to go do it.

The turnout was really quite shocking. Patz and I expected there to be like 10-15 people, but we actually had a full room of maybe close to 40 (which in turn made Patz nervous and he started rambling a lot, lol.) Our panel went really well, and some people showed genuine interest, some going so far as to write down the names of some of the shows. So that was cool, and you’ll be able to watch the whole thing soon! We filmed the entire thing on my professional-grade, high-def camera! So look forward to it!

Anyway, after our panel, we chatted up a couple of guys who had been in the crowd and then headed home. I honestly kind of regret buying 3-day passes because the con is pretty shitty and there’s not really anything to do tomorrow, but hell, it’s a weekend, and I paid for it, so I’ll at least go for a while.

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