(Videocast) Released and Relinquished LIVE! Our Panel on Video

Okay, so here’s the panel in video in 6 parts. It’s an hour long, so be ready for some time. It takes a couple of minutes to get started and it only progressively gets better. Also the last five minutes were cut off from the tape running out, but they can basically be summarized as ‘GIANT ROBO IS AMAZING’. Anywho, lets go.

4 thoughts on “(Videocast) Released and Relinquished LIVE! Our Panel on Video

  1. Thought you would like to know I sat down and watched the videos and am planning to watch a good portion of the series! I was already planning to see Red Garden, actually, and Hajime no Ippo eventually, but the others are all on my radar now. Thanks!

  2. Hey! Just found a link to this page recently. I attended this panel and forgot some of the shows you reviewed. I already had Giant Robo, GaoGaiGar, Red Garden and Fighting Spirit.I will defenitly check out the other four you spoke about. Hope you do another panel in ’10!

    • Awesome!!! Glad to see you found your way here! Unfortunately I do not intend to go to Nekocon this year, but if you find yourself going to Otakon, I’ll probably be going there.

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