What's Your Favorite Pokemon?

Of all the TV shows and franchises of my childhood, the one I’d consider myself to have ‘gown up on’ is Pokemon. I was in second grade when the craze hit and was obsessed with it by my eight birthday when I had the biggest Charizard cake you’ve ever seen and received a Game Boy Color with my copies of Pokemon Red and Blue. Somehow, I can’t remember who my first ever favorite Pokemon was, though the cake leads me to believe it was Charizard. However, the first truly important one came to me that Christmas.

Charmander pillow

Meet Charmander. For my eighth Christmas, I was given this large Charmander stuffed (…animal?) that was made for use as a pillow. My 6-year-old brother received Squirtle, and my 2-year-old younger brother was given Pikachu. That Christmas I also received Pokemon Yellow, and since my brother didn’t have any Pokemon games, I gave him Pokemon Blue (solidifying his destiny~). These elements came together to give my brother and I our alltime favorite Pokemon; Squirtle and Charmander respectively.

Oddly, I’m not sure if I ever raised a Charizard in Pokemon Red, and if I did, I must not have gotten it to a very high level. By the time I became a big Charmander fan, I’d already long been playing through Red with a Bulbasaur, and I raised that Venusaur to level 98 before I messed up my save with a Gameshark Pro. And then Silver came out.

However, the games aside, Charmander was of immense importance to me. He was cute and yet cool, and he could evolve into Charizard whom everyone knew was THE most legendary and badass Pokemon. And I had that pillow, and it was alive. He had a personality and a family! My brothers and I collectively bought a METRIC. FUCKTON. of Pokemon merchandise. I had Charmander slippers (the Char-Char twins, Charmander’s little brothers) which I wore out and kept using long after outgrowing them. I also had this ugly-ass bootleg Charmander plush filled with those little foam bead things, who was the older brother. And then I had a three-foot-tall stuffed Charizard made from the same crap whom we won at an amusement park and was, of course, the father. (He developed massive holes and lost most of his stuffing. I think he’s in a closet in a trash bag, lol.)

Squirtle pillow

My brother considered pretty much any random turtle plush he found to be a brother or sister of Squirtle. He also had a cheap Blastoise plush that was hilariously just smaller than Squirtle, but still his father. They never did make plush toys of Wartortle or Charmeleon, but that’s because they (and the mothers) were back on Pokeworld where we communicated with them through imaginary letters. They were apparently fighting in some epic war, too, but I don’t remember anything about that.

The original Charmander pillow was long my most cherished possession. For a long time, the whole family was on my bed, but eventually, all of them either totally wore out or became hand-me-downs. Charmander, though, had staying power. For many, many years I made a point to take Charmander with me whenever I went to spend a night at a friends house. (I think I stopped that when I was 14 because I stopped spending the night at peoples’ houses, lol) And he’s still on my bed! He’s right there! He’s got some massive holes and a lot less fluff, but he’s still there. Still my most cherished memory and possession from my childhood.

However, he is no longer my favorite Pokemon. Just as Pokemon is no longer my favorite franchise, some things do change eventually (uncommon in my world lol.) (I do, though, consider myself a ‘Pokemon lifer’ like Ghostlightning is a ‘Macross lifer‘) For a long time, I had no reason to change my favorite because each successive ‘wave’ of Pokemon has sucked just a bit more than the last. Probably the biggest reason that I could never get into Ruby/Sapphire was that I didn’t care for the Pokemon in it, and I just never even bothered with Diamond and Pearl when I saw what they had to offer, and went back to the old games instead.

munchlax pokemon

However, one Pokemon came out with the new wave who I absolutely adore. They call him Munchlax. Back in the Gold and Silver age, the ‘baby’ Pokemon was created so that some of the badass Pokemon who didn’t evolve could have pre-evolutions without loosing their ‘heymaker’ status (Meaning they were very strong without needing to evolve. I love heymaker decks in both the Pokemon and Yugioh card games.) Then, the Diamond and Pearl series came along and had a bad habit of creating level-three evolutions for former heymakers, such as Electabuzz and Magmar, that are utterly fucking horrid.

Thankfully, the classic big fat mysterious Pokemon, Snorlax, never got an evolution, probably on the virtue that there was no point in making an even bigger Snorlax. However, they did give him a baby version – Munchlax. Nintendo must have known that Munchlax was a success because he appears in the show and movies before the games came out (much like Merill from the Gold and Silver series) and they made him one of those exclusive tie-in Pokemon that you can only get through buying one of the retarded Pokemon side-games. Being as I haven’t even played Diamond or Pearl, much less given a damn about any of the Pokemon from the games, you’d think I’d never even have found out about Munchlax. Which is probably why they gave him a part in the movie Pokemon Destiny Deoxys.

It was through this movie that I learned about how Munchlax was massive levels of fuckwin. Munchlax is a bastard little fat guy. He shows up out of nowhere and eats everyone’s food unapologetically, and they can’t do anything about it. In spite of being heavy, Munch can jump a good 30 feet in the air and has a lot of elemental resistance, making him a total tank. I love Munch’s totally chill attitude in all situations, and how when the time comes, he evolves to save the day (since we all know Snorlax rescues all the Pokamons). After this movie, I became a huge Munchlax fan and am proud to proclaim him my favorite Pokemon.

So now I have to ask who was/is your favorite Pokemon? I’ve seen many different peoples’ favorites and how they can reflect the person’s personality or their age at the time of favoritism. (For instance, Funeral, being a big and powerful dude, loved Blastoise. My mom and Zerodyme are both Psyduck fans, and my youngest brother is just backs the legendaries, especially Darkrai.) So I’m always interested in hearing what someone’s favorite is and why. In addition, has your favorite changed over the years? Get into the bones of it!


38 thoughts on “What's Your Favorite Pokemon?

  1. Jigglypuff always has been and always be my favorite. There are others I like, but Jigglypuff definitely remains the favorite. I think when I go home next week I’ll take a picture of my Jigglypuff collection, which occupies the lampstand in my room at home. Most of my merchandise is pretty small because I tended to use most of my money for books as opposed to merchandise items for Pokemon or anything else.

    More recently, though, as I’ve been playing through Pokemon LeafGreen, I have found myself quite partial to Gyarados for gameplay. Pokemon LeafGreen is probably the most recent Pokemon game I have any interest in playing; all that Diamond and Pearl and whatever the fuck it is now bullshit is just too ridiculous – too many Pokemon, too many side goals, too much crap. No thanks.

    • I didn’t like Jigglypuff at first on principle and because she was a bitch to use in Smash Bros, but her hilarious face-marking became impossible not to love in the show.

      • I also think a real-life Jigglypuff would be ridiculously useful for everyday life. Have insomnia? It’ll sing you to sleep! You’re being attacked? It’ll sing your attackers to sleep! You have a baby and its crying in the middle of the night! DUH JIGGLYPUFF TO THE RESCUE

  2. Pikachu is BAD ASS and irresistably cute. I’ll never forget that tearjerker of a first episode, where he nearly dies saving Ash from those crazy birds.

    • Pokemon’s sad scenes had the best fucking music, no joke when I think of sad shit, that song always plays in my head. I want them to play that shit at my funeral.

  3. I’d have to say my favourite currently is Gardevoir. Back in the old old old days though, probably Butterfree would’ve been my favourite. Never did have much merchandise for either of them, sadly, though I did create the semi-archetype “Mercury” deck for the TCG some years ago, which heavily featured Gardevoir.

    Also…I have one of those Charmanders myself. =o Been a while since I’ve seen any others of them around. They’re hard to find now.

    • Haha, that’s awesome that you had one! As for Gardevoir, I’m afraid it’s one of the newer Pokemon I’m not really familiar with~

  4. I only know the original 151 pokemon (I think it was 151….Mew is 151 right?)

    Out of all of these may favorite was probably…hmm…….Mewtwo was pretty badass, but dear God, I have to go with Blastoise. Whenever I play the Red Version, I always start off with a Squirtle, because I know he turns into Blastoise, and Blastoise kicks ass.

    Even the name, BLASTOISE….it’s awesome. If I’m playing sprts or something, sometimes I’ll yell, “Blastoise” whenever I exert a lot of energy and/or make a nasty play.

    Of course, I always rename my pokemon (Ex: Blastoise = Torlaps and Clefable = Smee Smack) That’s right Smee Smack. It’s a fucking cool name so bite me. And Clefable can learn all sorts of shit, like Thunderbolt and Mega Drain and Blizzard. Smee Smack rules…to bad it looks like a bitch, unlike Marcellus Wallace.

    Blastoise can use Hydro Pump. He literally has guns in his shell. He’s a fucking bad ass turtle monster pokemon.


      • Sorry Baka-Raptor and Glo, I have to disagree here.
        All three pokemon are tier UU in red and blue due to stats being so average. However, Charizard has a larger moveset that allows it learn sword dance and earthquake, which makes it competitive in UU leagues. It also has decent speed and can deal with rock type pokemon.
        In contrast, blastoise’s moveset is way too limited to make it very good. Venusaur is just pathetic.

        • Oops, it’s been a while since I played. After checking, I realized that venusaur and charizard are both in BL leauge, while blastoise is in UU, making blastoise the weakest of the three starters.

  5. I’ve never played any pokemon game seriously, given that I was older when the franchise came to México, but from the ones that I did play out of boredom (emulated of course) my favorite pokemon was Tropius. I don’t know why I liked it, but since the first time I saw it, I captured it (using a rare pokeball) and kept it on my team for the whole game.

  6. Blastoise and Feraligatr, yah glo said most about blastoise. Feraligatr, his GODZILLA in miniaturized form, He can do serious S#it to all elements, hell I screwed up the elites by only using him.

  7. You! You and your nostalgia tripping!

    My favorite Pokemon by design is Mew. Because it’s a psychic pink cat and I love Psychic types (hardcore Red/Blue/Yellow player here who only got up to Gold/Silver/Crystal). Otherwise, other staples in my team have been Cloyster, Dragonite, Aerodactyl and Rhydon.

    • Iknowright, like I’m even old enough that I should be feeling nostalgia wwwww

      Cool on the Mew fandom, and wow, I don’t think I’ve ever even met a Clayster fan. Good on ya mate!!!

  8. My favorite pokemons in the original are lapras, charizard, and pikachu. I always used them.
    My mom liked meowth. She thinks meowth is the best because he can talk.

    Such a nostalgic post. Time to bust out my pokemon red again.

  9. For a long time I would have been boring and said Pikachu. But then I played whatever the most recent version is and a certain balloon shot up as my favourite. Drifloon. He’s a fucking balloon man! How crazy is that. I used to always have him at the front of my party because he made such a funny noise when he came out of the pokeball. Needless to say I was devastated when he evolved

  10. Either Rapidash or Flameon. I have a soft spot for things which are ON FIRE. :nods:

    There are a lot of cool designs in the new ones, but I can’t remember anythingthat was both ultra cute and ON FIRE.

    I may have spoken too soon regarding the article :( There’s a half finished draft on SAD, if you care to share your thoughts.

    • Holy. fuck. 3000 words, and I have no idea what the hell I’m reading…. and it’s only half done?! I think I’ll wait for the finished product! How can I help you with this monster!

      I greatly look forward to this being published, man! this thing is a beast!!!

      • I think I’ll add another thousand words and then cut until it’s about half what it is now.

        The problem I had was that I’d spent so long trying to establish the nature of the aryavarta that by the time I was done I’d forgotten exactly what I was trying to do with it. :/ And everything after that was written through the haze of fatigue.

  11. Hooray for a Pokemon-related post! ^^

    My favorite pokemon, Vaporeon, hasn’t changed since the beginning, though I did briefly like Suicune the best when Gold/Silver came out. I’ve played all the Pokemon RPGs since Red/Blue so it’s hard to pick favorites out of the now 493 total pokemon. I love all the Eevee evolutions, as well as Charizard, Meowth, Salamence, Houndoom, Pikachu, Flygon, Latias…and many others =P

  12. @ Yi: I can easily beat any level Venasaur with my Blastoise, it all depends on what arsenal you use. Personally, I don’t let my Blastoise learn Hydro Pump….I mean, sure it looks cool, but you only get 5 chances to use it….more if you feed that turtle some special vitals. I opt for Surf instead (cuz it looks kind of the same, and is pretty effective). Also, it’s important to teach it moves that can damage pokemon that it’s weak to, )Dig works here, but I only taught it to Blastoise once).

    Venausaur sucks. It’s not as powerful as say, a real dinosaur (or Blastoise). Charizard of course kicks ass, but I moves like Rage and the top move (fire spin? or something? I can’t remember) are dumb. Rage sucks, unless it’s real life rage (does Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard even learn rage, or did I teach it to him? I can’t remember.)

    Blastoise is the best, and to prove it, I’m going to go beat Gary or whatever I named him (I think I named him something like fuckhead or Penis, so that it always says “Penis wants to fight” or something….yea, I need to grow up) and BEAT his Venusaur with a fairly low level Blastoise (51)….and I just did it. Not only did I do it, but My Blastoise evolved and learned Hydro Pump, which I used to replace water gun (really? he still had water gun?). Needles to say I will find a more accurate move to teach him later. And I beat Venusaur (despite being a bit lower in level) because dig is super effective against grass type, and my Blastoise is on that shit. I rule.

    Let’s get back to Smee Smack (Clefable). Apparently mine knows Thunderbolt, Bubblebeam, Psychic, and Blizzard…..pretty much, don’t fuck with my Smee Smack. Blastoise rules no matter what.

    You know what? Fuck it all, Missingno is the best pokemon ;)

  13. Let’s say that you lived in the Pokemon world.

    Now in this Pokemon world they often use Pokemon to fight against each other against their will. (One might argue that they like their trainers ect. but you must remember they’re found in the wild and are almost killed when they throw a pokeball at them to start with.)

    Given the fact that they’re are used most usually against their will to fight and have a chance of dying, would it be unethical to command a ditto to transform into a very hot chick and fuck it? Would the rape of a ditto be worse than commanding it to fight with a chance of death?

    Would you fuck your ditto?

  14. Vulpix :) forever and ever, but I always in very game I play capture a level 5 magikarp and level it up to be the most b.a. gyarados in the history of the world :)

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