A Definitive Post On Yuri Trends That Will Hopefully Answer All Of Your Yuri-Related Questions (OR Why This Has Been The Most Awesome Couple of Years Ever In Exactly One Way)

Because I think there will be a lot going on in this post and I can think of like 5 different ways to start it, I’m breaking it into sections.


Where Yuri’s Been

Life has long sucked for yuri fans. For those of you who don’t know what yuri is, it’s a term used to denote the existence of lesbians in an anime or manga. Now, with fiction in general, lesbians (and other gays) have had it rough for a long time thanks to the general moral prejudice against them. The gay characters are always dying or ending up with some kind of insane heartbreak. Sure, it’s not true for all stories involving gay characters… that is, unless you’re an anime fan.

Seriously, there are no yuri anime, let’s put that out there now. I mean, there are, but they are incredibly few and until very recently, far between. In the beginning it was like Oniisama e… and Claudine and Rose of Versailles and that was about it – by the way, they all involved the main characters dying after long and prolonged insane drama. Fast forward a million years (and some shows scattered here and there with yuri elements, any and all of which are now considered ‘yuri classics’) and yuri always falls into two categories – bullshit or tragic.

‘Bullshit’ is a term I use for yuri shows that never explicitly state the fact that they are yuri shows. The biggest and most important example is, of course, Maria-sama ga Miteru. I LOVE Marimite as a yuri fan, but I do have to see the fact that people almost couldn’t definitively call it yuri if there wasn’t one openly lesbian chick running around groping everyone. Marimite spawned it’s clones, especially in the manga and novel areas (where there simply will always be more than there is anime) but only a few things made it into the anime world.

And those things are usually tragic. Of the ‘rain’ of yuri shows to have come out in the past five years (which is really just an embarrassing drizzle but if you’re as desperate as yuri fans are, it’s a rain) we have the following: Simoun (bullshit, especially since most of the girls turn into men by the end), Kannazuki no Miko (tragic), Blue Drop (tragic), Yami to Boushi no Hon no Tabibito (tragic), ICE (tragic, and shitty), just about every single slice of life show produced in 2007-2008 (bullshit, the whole lot of them, even the more hinty ones like Hitohira), Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (yes, the creators THEMSELVES said Fate and Nanoha were gay lovers, but it never shows in the damn anime!!!), Mnemosyne (tragic, brutally), Mai-HiME (tragic), Read or Die and the Bee Train shows (bullshit), Kashimashi (Bullshit because none of them were gay, they were pulled together in roundabout ways.)

And that covers, I think, all of the ‘yuri’ anime released before 2008. Oh! But then there’s Strawberry Panic. Strawberry Panic is, at least, the one yuri show that (while containing overly dramatic and somewhat tragic elements) is not tragic nor bullshit. However, that show also SUCKS HARD ASS.

And that’s the problem with yuri anime. It’s limited! And because the fans are so desperate, they don’t care if it sucks, they will parade that shit around like a holy grail! Kannazuki no Miko and Strawberry Panic are heralded as yuri classics by some! Well, not me. I’m an enormous yuri fan, but I simply cannot tolerate shit, and those shows are shit. I don’t want all of my yuri relationships to end in tragedy! I don’t want my lesbian characters to constantly hide behind thin veils of straightness! FUCK THAT! But the trend wasn’t going anywhere.

yuri precure

You may ask ‘why?’ Why did yuri never want to take off in Japan, while the likes of yaoi ran rampant? For the answers to that, I dug up this old post by a friend and hyper-experienced otaku named Dagger who explained it as such (to append on changes since then, otome games have seen a huge rise in the last couple of years.):

Apparently 27% of eroge players are female. Now, I hope they’re just counting straight eroge, because it wouldn’t be that interesting of a statistic if they included BL games, haha. Either way, it helps to show that the best ero-games can be enjoyed by anyone (I’d say that the same applies for BL games, but as usual, women are more willing to explore male-oriented works than males are to explore female-oriented works).

Demographic-wise, I think ero-games can be broken down into three main categories: 1) hetero ero-games aimed at men, with a male protagonist, 2) BL games aimed at women, with a male protagonist, and 3) 18+ hetero games aimed at women, with a female protagonist. The latter are usually called otome games, and they’re the smallest category, but more and more have been getting released as of late.

What’s curious and kind of sad is the near-total absence of yuri games. You’d think that if female gamers can enjoy playing as a male in BL games, then male gamers wouldn’t mind playing as a girl in yuri games, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ve seen a lot of comments (frequently from players themselves) to the effect that they need a male protagonist to identify with, even in almost-yuri works like OtoBoku, whose main character cross-dresses with great success.

And there you have it – there simply was no audience. Unlike yaoi which attracts straight women as well as gay men, yuri has only been attracting gay women (and believe me, if you read a lot of yuri or hang around the fan communities, you’ll find that this is extremely true. Almost all yuri is written in shuojo style with shoujo art.) So in other words, yuri is such a niche audience that it’s difficult to warrant anime production. That is, until now.

yuri bikko

The Recent Yuri Trend

Yuri has seen a MASSIVE boom lately, especially in 2009 (officially making it the best year ever in at least one way, since it sure as hell wasn’t in terms of anime produced.) It’s actually fairly easy to see how this happened, especially if you’ve been watching as closely as I have.

1. The massive increase in yuri manga. This is certainly the biggest cause. We’ve had yuri publications like Yuri Shimai and Yuri Hime (as well as Yuri Hime S which is, in fact, supposedly aimed more at a ‘male audience’) since 2003 and they must be starting to catch on. I’ve been seeing a lot of great yuri manga coming out such as Gokujou Drops, Girlfriends (and any other Morinaga Milk works, they are all fantastic), Voiceful, Shoujo Sect, Iono-sama Fanatics, and the manga I’m currently blogging by chapter over at Suspended Animation Dreams, Manga no Tsukurikata (which is actually a yuri manga about a manga artist who is dating a girl to get experience for her own yuri manga which she is writing to cash in on ‘the recent yuri trend’!) All of these, the infinity of yuri one-shots, and more, are certainly lighting a fire and are more importantly pulling completely away from the ‘bullshit’ and ‘tragedy’ elements of yuri literature.

2. All of those damn slice of life shows! I don’t really know why, but in 2007-2008 just about every slice of life/comedy show had to have some kind of slight lesbian leaning. Hidamari Sketch had the heavily implied relationship of Sae and Hiro, Lucky Star had the not-so-heavily-implied but still-wildly-popular pairing of Konata and Kagami, Hitohira has Nono and Mugi-choco, Manabi Straight had Mikan and several of the other girls, Ichigo Mashimarrow had Itou Nobue the lolicon, and even the slice-of-life-ish 4-koma manga of the period that many of these shows were based from had the same treatment (Ichiroh! and S.S. Astro are two examples published by Yen Press which manage to feature at least one lesbian character in them).

yuri touhou

I think the point was finally sold home in one of my favorite shows of 2008, Strike Witches. I think Strike Witches is what finally brought yuri to the male audience and therefor made the genre commercially viable. (Some might also say ‘tainted’, but I don’t fucking care.) Strike Witches’ brand of yuri utilizes the exact same relationships that were only lightly implied in the other slice-of-life shows and simply made them a hell of a lot more implied. It became pretty clear that ‘hey, those girls aren’t just acting that way because they’re good friends, I think they might want to fuck.’

I also think that the reason this trend works is that it lessons the need for male characters in a show. What is your biggest complaint about every harem show ever? The guy sucks. He breaks the girls’ heart, and he’s trying to ultimately get in her pants, which is what YOU want to do, not to see another guy do. I think that the style of keeping a cast mostly-female not only removes the sexual tension/drama (since the moe trend is ultimately trying to murder all drama, it seems, except when it’s deliberately making you cry) and keeps the girls more ‘pure’ in that there’s no smelly dude around them. But that’s all neither here nor there.

Somewhere, between the gradual increase of yuri characters in slice-of-life/moe anime and the gradual increase in popularity of yuri manga, a breakthrough happened. Some kind of fucking marketing genius looked at all of the almost-yuri in shows aimed at guys and all of the full-yuri in manga aimed at women and said ‘shit, let’s kill two birds with one stone, market the fuck out of yuri, and ride a mixed-gender cash train.’ [It’s funny, too, because at the beginning of 09 there was a big trend in ultra-manly shows and then it suddenly flipped into the ultra-yuri trend.]

3. Of course, we couldn’t have ushered in this yuri trend without a few good trial successes. We’ve got our Strike Witches, our random lesbian Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei characters, and our amazing new manga, but there needs to be a great test to see if this can all really work. I think this came in the form of a few shows that came out right around the beginning of 09. One was the 4th season of the biggest full-yuri anime of the decade, Maria-sama ga Miteru, which I have heard was the most successful season yet as it’s fanbase has gradually risen from ‘cult’ to ‘huge’ in the past couple of years.

Then we have Maria Holic – it’s not technically a yuri show so much as a trap show, but there is definitely a female lesbian main character who is trying to fuck pretty much any other girl she can get her hands on. A clever trick, crossing the yuri genre with the trap one, and having it be done by Shinbo and SHAFT who’s shows have been highly popular among otaku in the last 2 years. For good measure, we can also stir in the unexpectedly popular short web-original series Candy Boy that began as a random little independent production and was popular enough to warrant 7 short episodes (and figures!) as well as perhaps Ga-Rei Zero which had pretty popular yuri overtones. (EDIT: OH! And I almost forgot about Saki!!! This must have really been the final nail in the coffin. It’s like Strike Witches but gayer, and was the last big hit before the boom.) Combine these shows with the other test material and there’s no doubt – yuri was ready to take off.

And so, ladies and gentleman, I give you 2009, a year with more yuri-themed shows alone than I think had ever even EXISTED before. Now, I’m not saying that all is perfect quite yet – there’s still a lot of ‘bullshit’ in this group (see: CANAAN, Umi Monogatari, Needless (?), To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, Taishou Yakyuu Musume, Koihime Musou (?), Yoku Wakaru Gedai Mahou) but we even have non-yuri shows that have (straight-up) lesbian characters like Bakemonogatari, Queen’s Blade, and Kampfer; shit, they even finally released the long-awaited second season of would-be yuri anime Kiddy Grade right as this trend is happening – And then, of course, we have the real meat.

Gentlemen, behold! Aoi Hana, Kanamemo, and Sasameki Koto. All three are pure yuri – shows about lesbians and nothing else. None of them is a tragedy, and none of them is a fake. And all three of them, along with every show listed above, came out in just the last two seasons.

yuri aoi hana

The Yuri Ghetto? Sure, if You Take ‘Ghetto’ To Mean ‘Gangsta Paradise’

The reason for this quickly-becoming-huge post is not only that I’ve been meaning to do a post about how excited I am about this trend in yuri, but because I want to reply to this post by 2-D Teleidoscope about how Sasameki Koto is the beginning of a ‘yuri ghetto’ or, in other words, is an ‘exploitation‘ piece.

I want to start by clarifying something: I think exploitation fiction is the fucking best. I love exploitation. Why? Because it is pure. It is pure understanding. To explain to you what I mean, I take one of the best existing exploitation directors, Robert Rodriguez (or, to a greater extent, Quentin Tarantino, though I think he’s going to take longer to write about). When Robert Rodriguez directs an action film, he basically says ‘okay, what is all the shit that you actually want to see in a great action film?’ and makes the movie exactly that. The result is that a fan of action films won’t just enjoy the movie – it will be the ULTIMATE movie. They’ll say ‘holy shit! That movie had EVERYTHING!’ because the director, a fellow action fan, studiously employed everything one would have wanted from that film.

This goes for exploitation in any medium, and man can exploitation be a beautiful thing to behold. I think some of the most legendary and brilliant pieces around are exploitative, like any given James Cameran movie (he seriously says ‘here’s everything a movie should be, now I’m going to make it that way’) or even if we finally get back into anime we can take the entire existing super robot and super sentai genres, both of which have largely become a way to take the tropes of the past from their genres and write them towards the people who remember those things (exploiting nostalgia, too.) Hell, we had a show last year that was specifically exploitative of it’s own franchise! And those Macross fags loved it to death!

Even my recently-admitted favorite anime, Gintama, is extremely exploitative in the most absurd way – it tries to mimic every single trope or story type imaginable, and not even as parody a lot of the time – it straight-up becomes it’s subject matter and if you are familiar with said subject, it is incredibly entertaining.

yuri lucky star

You get my point then, right? I love to see works like these that fully exploit their genre and give you EXACTLY what you want out of it. In fact, most of the yuri manga that I’ve read is exploitation! Those greats I mentioned like Gokujo Drops and Girl Friends are pure exploitation for exactly one reason – the authors are HUGE yuri fans and wanted to incorporate all of their favorite yuri elements into their story, and thereby it became that the story was exactly what a yuri fan wanted to read.

Aoi Hana is everything you could possibly want out of a serious and dramatic yuri anime (that doesn’t become an overblown and oftentimes stupid tragedy in the end) which kind of makes me curious as to why 2DT didn’t post about it as well (maybe he didn’t know how much it, too, was steeped in yuri tropage? Or it just wasn’t quite gay enough?) To further this ideal, the manga-ka’s other (and IMO better) work Hourou Musuko is everything you could ever want out of a serious trap manga (in which there are a seriously suspicious amount of gay or cross-dressing and overly mentally mature elementary schoolers…).

Then we have Sasameki Koto which takes it one step further by being VERY openly gay. And fucking amazing. The first episode of Sasameki Koto was one of my favorite first episodes ever, containing amazing directing and super-painful drama that almost brought me to tears all while girls fall in love with one another~ it’s glorious.

And then we have Kanamemo playing up the other side of the field. Whereas Strike Witches made the slie-of-moe genre less ambiguously gay and Saki made it even-less ambiguously gay, Kanamemo finally flat-out said ‘yeah, slice-of-moe is as gay as it gets’. It helps that the show’s art style looks exactly like that of it’s two predecessors and the show still plays up that definitively male part of the audience, but this time girls are making out left and right and practically just fucking each other in broad daylight. There is no other word to use but ‘glorious.’

So there you have it – we have finally not only gotten two pure, female-aimed, non-tragic, straight-up-lesbian shows on the air as well as permeated the male fanbase with yuri and scattered the ashes of lesbianity all around into the many other shows on TV. I foresee a future in which yuri shows can casually come up several times a year and ‘the lesbian character’ becomes a mandatory, time-honored trope. For fans like me, this can only be a good – no, a GREAT thing.

52 thoughts on “A Definitive Post On Yuri Trends That Will Hopefully Answer All Of Your Yuri-Related Questions (OR Why This Has Been The Most Awesome Couple of Years Ever In Exactly One Way)

  1. Thanks. I’m not particularly thrilled by yuri in general but I appreciate the effort that went into this post.

    As for Macross Frontier fans loving it to death, it’s not true and your claim misrepresents the fandom just a bit. Older fans do not like it as much, and actually dislike the exploitative nature of it. These people treat the original show, DYRL, and + (and Robotech in some cases) like sacred cows.

    Fans who were introduced to the franchise via Frontier though, love it pretty good and explains how popular it still is given the support to the music releases to date (and the movie). And yes, yuri shipping happens all over the place in that show, thanks to the fags.

    • Oi, of course, no fandom can completely agree on one thing, but I think that if even a good portion of a fandom can agree on something, it’s enough to say that the fandom likes it. Even if it’s a fanbase for just one show, half of them are guaranteed to hate the ending or disagree on which characters are annoying or who they wanted to live in what love triangle – but, using Toradora as an example, even if only 30% of the fans wanted Minori to win in the relationship, it’s enough to say that Minorin winning was a popular desire of the fans of the show.

      ‘Those Macross fags ate that shit up!’ sure maybe isn’t the best phrasing, but I think I’d still say ‘the show was popular with Macross fags’ even if not all of them loved it. Obviously some of them did because most of the fags I talk to loved it :p

      (And I’ll note that I’ll count myself in that equation – even if I only saw 24 eps of Robotech about 7 years ago and only saw 4 eps of Frontier last year, I still was going ‘OMG IT ARE TEH REFERENCE WINWINWIN’ the whole time I was watching, lolol.)

  2. I think that one thing people complain about with exploitation is that it limits the audience. But that depends on whether or not the show was aiming for more than the target audience in the first place, I guess.

    I think you’ve overstated the impact of yuri (or what is yuri) in your post a bit, but it’s still fun times. \o

    • I think what can be considered yuri should be the decision of the people with the yuri goggles~ Because if other people try to say ‘that’s not yuri’ but aren’t yuri fans anyway, then who a re they to really say? They don’t understand what it means to be a yuri fan. Even if it’s more of a goggle thing, it’s still true that more anime are being made now that entice the goggles than ever before, and that still means something.

  3. Strike Witches. Yuri.


    I mean.


    That’s just.


    Maybe I was too busy facepalming at the EPIC HORDE OF PANCHIRA (epic hoard of panchira, aheh? :p) to notice. Well, whatever.

    And yes, Strawberry Panic is just dire, and well, Blue Drop is simply hilarious if you compare it with the manga.

    The bit about exploitation confused me for a second. I thought you meant exploitative as in, lesbian shennanigans for the purpose of titillating men. Which is, well, icky, and if not indefensible then at least in dire need of justifications far more convoluted than those engaged in here. But of course you meant exploitative in a different sense, in the sense of… BEING in a genre. Not being but BEING. Not in but is.

    And I have an entirely different set of issues with that.

    …though I suppose they’re more to do with bad fantasy than any sort of general principle. I will say that any work which resonates only within its own genre will never have the same potential for greatness as one that reaches beyond that.

    So. Reading any yuri manga? I find them to be more common than the anime. Girl Friends I like.

    • How could you not have known that Strike Witches was yuri? Seriously? Like, the entire show could be summarized by the words ‘pantsless yuri moe action.’

      As for yuri manga, I am reading a bunch, but I have a very difficult time really keeping up with manga. The only one I’d say I’m ‘actively’ reading at the moment is Manga no Tsukurikatta, though I should really pick Girl Friends back up.

      • Strike Witches… it had, I remember now, a truckload of lesbians (well no, it had girls with crushes on other girls, kinda like lesbians for those without the balls (wait, what?) to go full fat), but they were kinda… incidental. As in, “this show’s about some kind of bizarro moe WWII with aliens” and oh hey, those two Scandinavian lassies over there appear to be welded together at the crotch. There wasn’t any real romance to it, you know? It was actually pretty… chaste, despite the pantsu.

        I guess the vibe I got was Heterosexual Life Partners, not yuri.

        A hard time keeping up with manga? You fair weather otaku you :p

        Though I admit more of these scanlation groups need to learn what RSS is. >:(

      • Reading Girl Friends totally got me into Yuri stuff~ [if you have time…go read it again since it’s about to finish up at ch35 T_T But it’s good~ just the months wait is like torture]

        [Haha I’m a bit offtopic but I want to discuss about yuri with someone xD My friends arn’t exactly the best people to talk about this kind of stuff…some are even homophobic D= So I’m glad to actually find someone who likes yuri as well~ xD]

        I remember my friend telling me about how she didn’t even know Maria-sama ga Miteru [or some yuri series] was yuri because it was so normal and just average highschool life without any yuri tendencies in there at all. xD She told me that she only knew because of some scene in the second season that made her go “wth”. I still haven’t watched it yet but maybe I’ll eventually get to it xP

        I haven’t watched that many yuri anime or read as much yuri manga…but one thing that I dislike about any romance genre is the “Love at first sight” stuff. I feel that it’s too shallow to like a character like that. It’s like saying “I like you because you look hot/attractive/etc but I have no idea who you actually are or what your personality is”. It’s like you like the person because of what they show outside instead of what they truly are on the inside. This happens quite a lot in manga/anime which is why I tend to not watch romance series. But yuri tend to not do that [well…some still do…]. It’s like they’re a couple not because they look attractive or something, they are actually compatible with each other because of their personalities and their interactions. It makes me feel like they were made for each other and no other character can substitute their place.

        Ie. Not sure about you but, I have friends that are like “I want to marry this character” etc. Even if the character is already in a couple, you can substitute yourself in there and become the person that the character like. But in yuri [or the ones that I’ve read/watched], you can’t do so because unless you are exactly the same as the partner of the character you like, it’s near impossible to get the same interaction and reaction out of them. Okay I think what I wrote is a bit unclear…but it’s like, most of the time in yuri, you like the couple because of their interactions with each other [or at least I do]. So without that interaction, the characterization is not fleshed out properly. So imagine Kagami without Konata…I doubt anyone will actually notice Kagami if Konata did not poke fun at her most of the time.

        Oh and another thing about yuri, most of the time the girls are at an ‘all girls’ school and somehow liking girls is the norm within the school [ie. Strawberry Panic and others that I’ve read but can’t remember]. Well it’s either that or I just haven’t read/watched enough yuri to know that it’s not most of the time xD But yea…I’m not sure about real ‘all girls’ school in reality, but if you go to co-ed school, being gay/les is definitely not the norm. You’ll most likely be rejected and become an outcast if other people knew [unless you’re super cool and people still like you…]. So yuri in the ‘all girls school’ situation don’t come off as realistic to me. It feels like hetero relationship in an all girls school and with girls instead. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just I can’t easily relate to with that kind of setting.

        Which leads on to why I like Girlfriends =D They’re put into a setting where being heterosexual is the norm [like in real life]. Yes they’re still in an ‘all girls’ school, but at least yuri isn’t the norm [plenty of characters in there talk about liking guys and even having boyfriends]. There’s just so much more impact when the girls actually have to overcome these norms, figure out that it’s love instead of friendship, and then actually confessing to the one they love even though it may ruin their friendship. And also trying to keep it a secret so other people don’t find out~

        Anyway…basically my conclusion is: Yuri couple romances are usually better than hetero couples because the characters in yuri couples are usually made for each other. Ie. KonataxKagami [Lucky Star], HisaxMihoko [Saki + the rest of the Saku couples], MioxRitsu [Mugi’s yuri goggles are on ;D] and others that I can’t think off the top of my head. Though I’m not saying hetero couples aren’t good, it’s just most of the time the guy is an ass if he’s not awesome/likable ;D

        Also, “must-read” yuri fanfic -> http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4219558/1/Level_Up_Love
        if you haven’t read it already xD And also the HisaxMihoko doujins are epic as well~ They did well in portraying the characters.

        [-back to replying your post-]
        I haven’t watched enough yuri to reply to your info about trends and stuff…but I’m glad it’s becoming more popular xD

        Sidenote: I thought Railgun wasn’t a yuri show, it’s only Kuroko that’s les xP The rest of the characters are…not yuri inclined.


  4. “Mai-HiME (tragic)” I think tragic is a bit of an understatement. Wouldn’t “emo” be a better word? now correct if I am wrong since its been a while since I have seen Mai-HiME, but doesn’t just about everyone Mai loves end up dying? and its a good thing you didn’t say bullshit or BakaRaptor would probably eat you alive. xD

    • Well I didn’t say bullshit because you damn well know how gay those girls are (considering one rapes the other) but yes, everyone dies, but they also all come back to life at the end, so it’s not THAT bad.

          • First: That is sick and twisted and wrong.

            Second: Does this have to do with your “I love hugs and kisses and power of love la la happy endings” thing?

            Personally I’m more a Earn Your Happy Ending sort of guy. Plus I’m of the opinion that if you’re going to milk character death for emotional impact you owe it to the audience for those characters to STAY DEAD.

            Though come to think of it I think I would have prefered it if The Snow Spider ended with Bethan coming back. Though she starts out dead, so I guess it doesn’t really count.

            Third: It’s your post! Derail if you want to. Hell, I am. >_>

  5. Well again this is only if my memory serves me well, but only the student prez was confirmed lesbian, and Natsuki?(blue hair+lol handgun) was only “friendly” towards her. and it funny that since Mai-HiME is one of the first animes i ever remember watching the two things i remember are the student prez sleeping with Natsuki and how awesome Nao?(red hair+spider chick) was. and i also remember when everyone comes back to life, but still when her bro dies wasn’t it like extreme emo+love triangles galore making it even more so?

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  7. “Those greats I mentioned like Gokujo Drops and Girl Friends are pure exploitation for exactly one reason – the authors are HUGE yuri fans and wanted to incorporate all of their favorite yuri elements into their story, and thereby it became that the story was exactly what a yuri fan wanted to read.”

    Gokujou Drops is my favorite yuri manga ever and is the reason I got into scanlating yuri manga. I agree that not all yuri needs to have a clear message. There is no problem with “exploitation” for the sake of drawing in the target audience. Not all yuri, or anime in general, need to have a clear purpose of bettering humanity.

    • Indeed. And extra props if it can further the genre, which I think these shows do, even if not to the extent 2DT hopes for.

  8. Eek… I’m glad I inspired you so, but I just knew those terms were going to be conflated with each other. I really do mean “ghetto” as a focused space. It’s not the same thing as The Fin’s claim of exploitation; yuri isn’t the freak show of anime genres.

    Aoi Hana is indeed another part of the ghetto. In fact, it’s even more so than Sasameki Koto, since it takes even heavier cues from the great matron MariMite. But Aoi Hana’s also quite good, and uses its retreaded ground to maximum effect, whereas the value of the newer show is still up in the air (though you seem to love it, and I think that’s great). A yuri ghetto really CAN be a gangsta’s paradise, but I don’t think it’s quite there yet, not with the shows out right now. We need innovation, and not Simoun innovation. Kanamemo innovation, without all the other annoying parts.

    Manga no Tsukurikata sounds fun, so I’ll check it out. Cheers.

    • I see where you’re coming from, and yes, I’d like to see more, but I think Sasakmeki Koto is a damn good start. I guess as a yuri fan I’m used to VERY slow progress.

    • I was originally going to link to that as a ‘related post’ but forgot. I pretty much finished this post after some completely indeterminate time spent writing and then immediately passed the fuck out.

  9. I am interested in how Kanemono can be interpretted as a yuri show, though. I agree with much of what is said, but I did not perceive the yuri vibes with the exception of one couple. Perhaps I am a little on the dense side, but I am interested to learn how others perceive stories differently.

    • When I watched the show, all I saw was a lot of girls groping or making out with each other.

      Literally, ALL I saw. I was blind beyond that.

      • I saw a story about growing up, about families and friends, and bonds that will sustain one in difficult times. Uhmm… Interesting how one show can be interpretted plationically or sexually when wearing different goggles. How high is your yurigoggle set to?

        That being said… I also consider Marmite not-yuri. So take my opinions with a pinch of salt.

  10. >> it’s a term used to denote the existence of lesbians in an anime or manga.


    Well I’m glad you stated up front, so there’s no confusion what you mean by it.

  11. >> Simoun (bullshit, especially since most of the girls turn into men by the end)

    Uh, there were like, 2 girls that turned into men, what are you smoking.

  12. Finished reading.

    This post is amusing, but is also wrong. Very wrong. In several key places.

    I think it’s safe to say that people can enjoy yuri and still be very heterosexual, male or female. Heterosexuals make up the bulk of the yuri audience. This fact needs to be taken into account.

  13. Human sexuality 101? I mean there’s a huge genre (and associated subgenres) of straight porn for men that is based on girl x girl action. It’s a little bit like yaoi for girls, but for guys. The psychology is different though. I mean, look at the Blue Drops manga FFS. This is distinct from the yuri found in Marimite, which is generally devoid of sexual tension and focused on romance. That is the kind of yuri for girls. The definition is really where it failed hardcore, and it leads to an inability to distinguish what is classically yuri and what is just fanservice.

    Actually digitalboy can probably figure out what is wrong with his post by answering your question.

    • Good thing I checked the spam filter before emptying~

      You know, to be honest, I’m starting to wonder if what I think I typed in this post and what I actually typed and the meaning behind either is the same. When it comes to subject like yuri I have a tendency to just type without thinking…

  14. I think you forgot to mention the influence that the Touhou fad most certainly had in bringing a wider audience towards yuri.
    While it’s true that dicks tend to appear everywhere (and on everyone) in Touhou doujins, the is a considerable amount of pure yuri doujins that are very good (Aki Eda’s works come to mind) that must have worked as gateway for those that previously had not read any yuri

    • Very nice point-out, yes Touhou may have helped, though I tend to think of Touhou as it’s own thing on the side from anime or manga or even video games – it’s an enigma. But that’ a whole other post.

  15. I always got a stronger yuri vibe between Mugi-chocco and Kayo. The beggars can’t be choosers viewpoint of yuri is interesting and something I hadn’t thought of.

    • Aiyaa…. It’s been over 2 years since I’ve seen Hitohira and I can’t even remember who Kayo is. If I rewatch the series, I’ll be sure to get back to you on that~

  16. “I thought there are more yuri anime out there compared to yaoi…”
    Even here, where I live, there’s yaoi rooms in Anime Events, but there’s no Yuri room. When I was in another event, called “Pervocon” (a event that they put together Yuri, Yaoi and Hentai – I dunno why… Well, I know, but I dislike it! =P), the only anime I saw is Strawberry Panic, the rest is all Yaoi or Hentai stuff (sometimes with that Yuri Hentai that’s more Hentai than Yuri, if you think about the “feelings”…), well… So… There’s a loooot of yuris made for the pervs, not the “romance readers”… So, if you think like that there’s Yuri-Real-Orange with feelings (like Shoujo Sect, in my opinion), and Yuri-Just-For-The-Pervs (put something here, ‘cuz I don’t see this kind of stuff!)…
    So… There’s still few yuris, but there’s a lot of hentais and moes… And that’s not what the real yuri fans wish to watch! So, I agree with the post, and everything (except for the part that says that EVERY MOE or EVERY TRAGIC yuri, isn’t yuri at all, or something…). And I really believe that everything is in the “yuri googles” like you said. And I guess that this subject is like the “music type subject”, kinda: ‘hey! this band is new metal!”, and another one says ‘no! it’s not! it’s rapcore!’… Everyone will always complain like they could really stereotype something, just for… I dunno what for! ><)

    • Thanks again for your strong feelings on this subject. Sadly, I don’t think this discussion will be able to continue since this post is almost a year old, heh.

      Also, the reason your post disappeared is because first-time commenters have to get admin approval before their comment goes up.

  17. The fans don’t decide what shows are Yuri and what aren’t. If it’s openly stated and shown, Then it is. If not, then it’s up to interpretations. Meaning it’s never really our place to decide what shows are Yuri’s and what aren’t. There are such things as friendships that borderline romance or anything close. Thus, just because you see a girl holding the hand of another girl, doesn’t excuse anyone flipping their goggles on and criticizing a show for not making them an official couple.

    So to say that their are Yuri shows that try to hide the Yuri is kind of bullshit in itself. We don’t decide what the writers are trying to portray. Japan is a different culture. Holding hands can be seen as many different things socially.

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