So, The Best Show of 2009 Is…!!

…fuck if I know! 2009 has been a very, very strange year for me in terms of anime consumption. 2007 and 2008 were all about consuming as much as possible as fast as possible, which was a great way to start, but by the beginning of 2009 I realized that there was a lot more to anime than just watching it and enjoying it – you had to really savor it, study it, and have your fill. And so if I try to recount what the best shows I watched in 09 were – not even focusing on the ones that actually aired this year – most of what I get is rewatches of shit I’d seen in years passed.

But not all of it – there were still a decent number of shows that I first watched this year, though most of them were things that I’d already been watching before and simply picked back up (such as Darker Than Black) but even then, there are exceptions. The best shows from years past that I started from scratch this year and finished were probably Ranma 1/2, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s, and… fuck if I know, seriously, I can barely remember a lot of it. I know that I watched a decent amount of shows at the start of the year, fell out a lot during the late spring/early summer thanks to graduation, picked back up in the summer and fall, and then kind of hung in limbo. The truth is that there weren’t a lot of shows I actually finished this year – even from the stuff that was old, most of it I just watched a good portion of and then promptly… stopped.

If things weren’t so complicated, I might have done as GL told me to and posted about everything I watched this year, but since it IS complicated, I might as well just talk about the shows I watched that actually aired this year. Which is just as goddamn complicated.

If I told you what the best shows I watched that were airing this year were, HANDS DOWN, NO FUCKING CONTEST, it would be Toradora and Casshern Sins. They are both in my top 10, nothing else is even in my abridged favorites list. HOWEVER! I consider them cheating because both of those shows started in 2008! I already started liking both of them before this year began, and Toradora in particular was the first show that I ever admitted to my favorites list within half of it’s airing. So those two are disqualified.

Well, here’s the thing. I only finished one show that aired this year. No lie. It’s crazy. I mean, look at this list I made last year of all the shows I watched. I considered 2008 to be somewhat of an off year, producing a few shows that I enjoyed a lot, but only one that really knocked my socks off. I still managed to finish 14 shows (okay, some are movies and OVAs, but I don’t even know if I finished any 2009 movies or OVAs) and there are some considerable episode counts on the things I had ‘watching’ or ‘on hold’ – and considering I went on to finish Toradora, Casshern Sins, and most of Soul Eater, I’d say it was a pretty good run. I also had watched at least the first episode of everything that aired, which I can almost say about this year but, alas, can’t.

What happened? What went wrong? Last year it’s true that I never made it past the first few episodes of a show while it was airing – I’d usually wait until the end of a season and marathon the shows I liked during that season. This year started with the winter season, which was incredibly weak for me besides the still-airing shows. The only shows I remember being interested in were White Album and Maria Holic, but even at the end of the season, I marathoned neither.

Next was the spring season, which was actually really decent! It had a lot of shows I was excited about! K-On, Shin Mazinger, Sengoku Basara, Saki, and perhaps more that are slipping my mind. I watched the first one or two episodes of all and finished NONE of them at the end of the season. Not even the ones I really thought I would! I thought for sure that I’d end up marathonig K-On! and SenBasa at least, but it didn’t happen! Shin Mazinger at least I would attempt to marathon later with No Name, and we were 7 eps in when we had to postpone the marathon and have just never gotten back to it!

Then the summer season began and I thought for sure I would watch something! There were some surefire hits lined up for me! Aoi Hana, I loved the manga years back, never even started the show. Bakemonogatari I thought I’d love, watched one ep, didn’t keep watching. Same was true for Canaan, Umi Monogatari, fucking Juuden-chan, only 1 ep each. Finally, there came a point where I actually noticed what was going on. In September I decided to try and catch up on some airing shows, so I watched 3 eps of Kanamemo (6 were out) 5 eps of Yoku Wakaru Gedai Mahou (didn’t continue) and 6 eps of Bakemonogatari (didn’t continue). It was at this point that I REALLY looked and realized that, oh my god, I had not watched more than 6 episodes of any show to air that year (and had only made it that far a week before.)

So I picked up Canaan, which had 7 eps out, and watched those 7 – I got HUGELY into it, loving every minute. Watched and blogged eps 8 and 9, then never finished the damn show. But in the mean time, I had become determined to finish SOMETHING – so I did – I went back and marathoned Sengoku Basara.

Therefor, Sengoku Basara is my choice for my favorite anime of 2009. Sure, it would only rank around, say, 70-80 on a favorite anime list if one existed, but I didn’t watch enough of anything else this year to know if it stood up to it.

Oh, but wait! What happened to fall? Fall was back to the way I was used to – I got really excited about watching and blogging the new shows, watched a lot of first couple of episodes, got real excited – shit, I even blogged three whole eps of Railgun and Kuuchuu Buranko! And then, I proceeded to just not finish them, and will probably marathon most of the shows when the season ends. Ah, well. Better luck next year.

41 thoughts on “So, The Best Show of 2009 Is…!!

  1. 0-o

    Well I have to admit I’ve fallen into the same trap myself. I haven’t finished many shows at all and those I have I waited til they were done or marathoned.

    Though I am keeping up with Kimi ni Todoke and InuYasha this season. I figure anything I miss I’ll just watch this coming Winter Season, since actual winter season looks like total fail at least on the surface.

    Maybe I’ll wait for a few blog posts on shows to see if they are worth my time, but since it all seems to be either harem, fan service or moe I’m not holding my breath for something I’ll find watchable.

    I’m thinking I’ll just go back and rewatch Samurai Champloo or maybe even Macross yet again. I subjected a newbie to DYRL the other night and it got me wanting to rewatch the series yet again. That damn movie is dangerous…

    • Winter looks totally awesome for me. Durarara!! and Dance in the Vampire Bund are both practically guaranteed favorites, So-Ra-No-Wo-To and Hanamaru Kindergarten have me on the strength of their studios, Katanagatari is guaranteed awesome, Seikon no Quaysar sounds hilariously great, and there’s a new season of Hidamari Sketch. Total winsauce.

  2. I wouldn’t worry about it. Watching anime is something basically personal and hugely depends on mood. When the time is right, you won’t have a problem finishing a show :)

  3. wow.

    but who am I to say anything. I have tons of anime that has like 4-5 episodes left but never get around to it. It is either I’m not interested or I just don’t want to knowing that the ending would either pissed me off or made me very angry. Same difference.

    That’s why my progress list is so ridiculously long -__-

    Either way, I think it is not just you. The list of anime for 2009 has been somewhat disappointing.

    • I think that’s how I feel about Canaan. I loved it but then episodes eight and nine were pretty weak and I really was scared of the disappointment after all of the praise I showered the show with.

    • Trapeze is quite good, and I actually do intend to blog the rest of the episodes whenever I do get around to watching them.

  4. Heh, I’m kind of the opposite. I have an obsession with finishing what I start. I think of all the anime I started watching in the past three or so years, I completed all except two or three. Usually I watch them as they air, sometimes I marathon. I always set aside two or some hours before I go to bed to watch the new episodes in my “To Watch” folder, which is how I’ve managed to keep up with everything. The bad thing about this way of watching is that I don’t have time to watch older series I really should watch. That’s something I should do one of these days.

    • The reason I can’t do this is that I am intolerant of shows I don’t like. If I watch the first episode of a show and it sucks, the show is dropped, and if I’m kind of wishy-washy, it’s on hold. That said, there ate at least 100 ‘on hold’ shows that I actually desperately want to finish, so ugh :p

  5. Uhh… lol.

    I consider them cheating because both of those shows started in 2008

    That’s the way it seems to be moving with annual perspectives. Pre-release in December and finalize the year in March (when the Fall double season series end). Still, can’t believe you only finished one 2009 series that’s like… fukken insanity. Maybe you are just so satisfied with those few episodes of each series you did watch, you can’t commit further… idk, lolol.

    Honestly, there’s still time until March, when just about all 2009 series will have completed. Get crackin’

    • Maybe I am satisfied – but the truth is, I think I’m way too used to not finishing what I start. When I first got into anime, Funeral and I could only afford 1 DVD a week, and there were so many shows that we wanted to see that we only ever bought first volumes of series (we didn’t know about fansubs then) – same goes for manga, I’d always end up buying a new first volume (and I still do!) so I guess it’s kind of my things lol.

  6. Sengoku Basara lol good choice XD

    I’m the complete opposite of you. i have managed to finish off everything in 2009 except 3 shows that will be finished within the week XD (and of course except sequels that I haven’t seen the S1 to yet ie major S5… baseball knthx)

  7. hmm, unfortunately, I’m inching ever closer to you. damn you, it’s infectious. stuff of 2009, completed 28, incomplete 61… (excludes 18+ and shows i dropped) wtf. >_> i probably rewatched more old stuff than i did of stuff 2009.

  8. I wouldn’t consider Toradora as cheating, because you can’t say it was a good show in 08 (it hadn’t ended yet). I consider Toradora to be a 09 anime, because it’s completion was in 09, therefore, it was ready to be judged in 09.

    Therefore, Toradora wins hands down as best anime of 2009.

  9. Oh hell, what a blog.

    I’ve been talking to Ghostlightning after stumbling upon his blog, and after making a request for some advice getting a blog of my own up and running, he directed me here; and god, am I enjoying this blog. Even more so because I can agree with at least half of what you’re saying.

    Considering the fact that I’m still in the process of pulling my hair out trying to get an anime blog started up, are there any quick pieces of advice you could give me? I really like your style of writing and blogging, and I’m interested to know what you think.

    • I’m so glad you like my blog!!! Ghostlightning is DEFINITELY the man to go to. I have been running this blog since early 07 and it wasn’t until I met ghostlightning in late 08 that he turned me around and got me on my feet, and it was only this year that I really got big. Maybe he wanted you to look at my progress and go ‘here’s the part you should skip to’ XD That guy’s blog has twice the readers of mine in only 1 year, the bastard!

      Anyway, the best advice I can give is to be yourself and be unconventional. If you want readers, you will have to blog about some thing people want to read and you’ll have to be patient, but if you have a unique voice and do exactly what you want to do and not what you think is ‘right’ for a blog, you will not only have a unique and enriching experience, but you’ll enjoy it a lot in the process.

      Incidentally, if you’re not dead-set on having your own blog, you could always join my team blog, – it’s run by me and my pal MetalSonic700 and we created it to have a place to do really strange and interesting posts that we knew wouldn’t really get read on Fuzakenna and we really don’t mind if no one reads it. I have recruited two other bloggers there, but neither has posted, so I’d love to have more – you can literally post about whatever you want however, and you don’t have to use it as a permanent home – maybe just a way to get a feel for blogging and set your foot in the door.

      • Thanks so much for the advice. It’s something Ghostlightning has been drilling into my head for about a week now–be original, and be a blogger worth reading. I sort of knew that from the beginning, but you guys have really drilled it into my head just how important it is, and I can see how just how much enjoyment comes from writing your own style about what you want just from reading posts from the both of you. It’s gonna take a little soul searching and a whole lot of luck to figure out just what I should focus on, but I can’t wait until I do.

        As for your offer to join your team blog, I’d love to, but I think I’ll have to get involved with that some other time. The main reason being, I suppose, just how much that blog is centered around manga; if it seems like I have enough problems delving into the realms of otakudom when it comes to anime, I have even bigger problems with manga. Even though I could technically blog about other stuff there, I’ll probably stake a claim for myself somewhere out there in the Blog-o-sphere, settle down, and get some experience. Then, if the position is still open, I’d love to take it.

    • Hehe. These things tend to go two different ways – people who are more completionist will finish more, but my sheer number of incompletes will add up to more time. Then there’s the people who have way less complete than me, but way more time because they watch a lot of shounen action shows.

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