2 0 0 9? Fuck That, I'm FRESH FO' 2010 MOTHA FUCKA!!!!

The most representative image of 2009 for me, from drpow: http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=drpow

I could have done a massive post about what happened in 2009 like I did the two years prior, but fuck. The best summary of 2009 is as follows – a lot of fucking shit happened, and no progress was made. It was a year of constant changes, turbulent emotions, Funeral and Zerodyme living with me, graduation, college, and I did zero work on any major creative work in the whole of the year, nor did pursue any purpose. It was only at the end of the year that I finally decided where I was headed in life.

If nothing else, though, it was an incredibly otaku year. The only problem with 2009 was that in terms of what happened throughout the year, it wasn’t so bad, but it could never live up to the greatness of 2008, and the constant changes and failures kept me from stabalizing. In terms of otakudom, though, it was an amazing year. I consumed everything and then gave it all meaning through FUCKTONS OF BLOGGING. I did almost 365 FUCKING POSTS in 2009, which would have matched my post-to-day ratio 1:1. Crazy fucking year and if nothing else, I love it for that.

And that’s it for 2009. I’m FRESH FO’ 2010 MOTHA FUCKAS!!! This year won’t be easy. It will probably be a very slow and steady climb, not unlike 2008, but unlike 2008 it will not go without results. It will be a year of fucking MAGIC.


– Record at least 2 videos a month all year (As promised to my little brother)

– Finish as many of my unfinished anime as possible.

– Wrap up or continue all of my blog series that are just hanging on loose ends such as Don’t Fuck This Up or the Utena episodics.


– Reach Otaku Nirvana

– Write a fucking novel’s worth of content for Dark Dreams at the End of the World. I don’t care if none of it is connected, I need the fucking content.

– Learn to drive within the next 4 months (necessity)

– Get Laid

– Get my fucking friends out of my fucking house before my parents throw them out, and while I’m at it, get my fucking self out of the fucking house!!!

– Get Money

– Comprise my Top 100 Anime of All Time list with COMPLETE AND UTTER CONFIDENCE

– Keep my fucking room clean to at least some extent

– Loose some fucking weight, put on some fucking muscle, and learn to fucking fight. I want to make this dream finally fucking HAPPEN.

– Turn my youngest brother into the God-Level Otaking Prodigy that he is on the path to becoming.

– Keep my little bro on the path to success and make sure he makes it through high school without a problem.

– Show the fucking world what I am really capable of.

I think that about covers it. 2010 is my fucking year. Ain’t no bitch ass motha fuckas gunna get in my way, and ain’t no wall gunna try and block my path. Fuck everything that might hold me down! My mom asked me during our New Year’s bash what my resolution was, and as she did, she unwittingly held up one of the sticky notes that had been on my computer and fell off during transportation. The sticky note read simply: “MASSUGU GO! GANBARU!” I pointed at it and said ‘THAT!’ and it’s exactly what I fucking plan to do. Move forward and do my best – there is no better resolution.

19 thoughts on “2 0 0 9? Fuck That, I'm FRESH FO' 2010 MOTHA FUCKA!!!!

  1. Heh, nice to see you full of confidence for 2010! =D Good resolutions, too. Looking forward to your Anime of All Time list (I’m gonna work on mine as well).

    “- Get Money”
    I need to do this too.

  2. Loose some fucking weight, put on some fucking muscle

    Take a set of “Before” pictures today. “After” pictures whenever you want. Getting in shape is something where tangible progress is a huge psychological motivator.

  3. >>Loose some fucking weight, put on some fucking muscle, and learn to fucking fight. I want to make this dream finally fucking HAPPEN.

    I’m gonna do this too. This post is so full of INSPIRATION, PASSIONG AND COURAGE. LET’S GET SHIT FUCKING DONE.

    Also, seconding what Baka-Raptor said, seeing the difference just inspires you to work even harder.


  4. I’ve got a bit of a random question. More or less another favor to ask, really.

    If I were to write out a submission for a Diary of an Anime Lived entry, would you take the time to read it?

    Cause, you know, I just finished Toradora, and…

    Well, it’s already about a third of the way done. >.>

  5. My, someone is filled with confidence (as usual)!

    I must say, your pace of blogging and anime consumption has unintentionally served to keep me on my toes, especially since we’ll only a year apart IRL. I don’t think I’ll ever suffer a serious hiatus or quit anime, but as long as you’re around, I can’t let that happen! Thanks for reminding the blogosphere of the importance of diligence and passion, I’m looking forward to an awesome 2010 as well :D

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