Finish or Fail 3 – Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

Neuro is certainly different. Even though it’s a horror anime, it has very bright and vibrant colors. Even though it is a detective mystery, the criminal is always blatantly obvious from the start of the episode. Even though it is a shounen series, it is in no way friendly and is in every way disturbing. The many eccentricities of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro are what make it a very fun watch. However, depending on the viewer, they may not be enough to hold the show afloat. Before I even get started, I want to give a shout-out – Baka-Raptor, if you read this, this show is for you. I want to see your thoughts on it.

So, this is a show about Nougami Neuro, a demon from hell who ‘eats’ mysteries (as literally as imaginable) and has managed to eat every mystery in the underworld. In search of more, he heads to earth, wherein he happens to meet Katsuragi Yako. Yako is a high-school girl whose father was murdered in an incredibly horrific way but in such a way that evidence as to a killer was impossible to find. The police were forced to rule it a suicide, but Yako is unsatisfied. Neuro strikes a deal with Yako that if she becomes the front for his detective agency and helps him find mysteries to satiate his appetite, then they will eventually solve the mystery of her father’s murder.

And so the agency was created, and in addition to the two of them there is butt-monkey ex-loan-shark gangster Shinobu Godai who is hilariously victimized constantly. And also, there’s a braid (as in hair) that hangs out of the wall, belonging to a former girl who was… embedded into the wall? But her hair still lives, and can operate a computer to do research for the group. In each episode, they get some kind of murder case wherein the killer is usually blatantly obvious from the get-go. Neuro pulls crazy evidence out of his asshole as to the insane ways that the killings were done, and then the killer looses their mind and visually morphs into any kind of crazy-looking demon. Neuro then takes them into some kind of shadow realm of sorts, wherein he makes them suffer briefly before his head morphs into that of a giant toucan, and with an ‘itadakimasu’ he bites the criminal’s head off. (only not really, he’s just eating the mystery out of their soul or something of the sort.) I guess it makes sense that Neuro’s hair looks a lot like Yugi Mouto’s because the series style harks back to the early days of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.

So this show is crazy, and quite violent, too. You’ll see some truly insane criminals and some very grisly murders, but nothing compares to ‘X’ who is introduced in episode 7 (as ‘phantom thief Sai’) and is a superhuman little boy who can morph his cells and is a killing machine with a voice played by Paku Romi and every single bit of creepiness she can muster. His M.O. is cramming people into tiny boxes, which he does by engulfing them in a whirlwind of himself and mincing them into nothing – which is absolutely beautiful to behold. Sai is a repeating character in the series, though he only shows up once in the first 11 episodes.

Amongst all that insanity, the truly stand-out element of the show is the character Nougami Neuro. He’s hilarious, violent, has no regard for human life, is downright cruel to Yako and Godai, and pulls it all off so lovably that he is instantly a favorite character. A lot of that is owed to his amazing voice performance by the one-and-only Takehito Koyasu. Neuro is an interesting Koyasu role, because he switches between his normal suave and awesome voice when talking to his subordinates and an uncharacteristically light and happy tone when tricking others into believing he is the lowly assistant to Yako. It’s a lot like Jun Fukuyama playing Lelouche in Code Geass, only with the opposite implementations.

Besides Neuro’s endless awesomeness, Godai and Yako are a lot of fun, but they are also pretty shallow and hard to connect to. Yako very slowly develops as a detective, but for the most part defaults to the usual sort of good-girl character – never annoying, but not all that interesting. The one thing that makes Yako stand out is that she is always hungry and eats like Goku from Dragonball. I have a soft spot for food-obsessed characters because I put a lot of passion into the act of eating myself, and I love it when characters get into deep monologues about eating, lol. Godai is hilarious just for being what he is, a gangster whose sole purpose in the series is to be comically victimized.

OH! And I almost forgot about the police officers. There is a police duo who always find themselves at the scene of crimes that Yako and Neuro end up solving. The older one is a silver-haired inspector with very thick eyes who always cocks his head to the side and has a cool voice. His assistant is a young upstart who shows signs of being an otaku. That’s all there is to say about them – their place in the series is absolutely pointless.

…And that’s all there really is to say about the show, which is the problem in and of itself. It’s fun and it’s memorable with some cool characters, but there’s only so far that those elements can carry the show. The mysteries are not usually interesting unless they are particularly bizarre (episode 6 had a barber who decapitates women and dresses their hair with their blood, and he was voiced by Tomokazu Seki, so that was cool) and it’s not like you can solve the mysteries beyond knowing who the killers are because the deductions from Neuro usually come from evidence that the viewer never gets to see. In any episode where the mystery gets more time to develop than time spent with Neuro being awesome, it can get quite boring.

Neuro would have been a great show to watch when it was airing and you could just get a fun hit of it once a week, and if you want to watch it now, you will probably want to blast through it in a straight-shot marathon or else it won’t likely hold your attention long enough to keep you coming back. It’s a show that I feel comfortable with liking but not finishing, because I only came for the attraction. After 11 episodes, I just didn’t feel all that compelled to watch it anymore and had other things to move on to. I’m marking it as dropped, but who knows if I could finish it some day – I like it too much to say I never will, but I don’t see making a point to finish it or anything.

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro – Failed

Not for lack of trying, and not to say that it isn’t worth watching – just that I don’t feel the need to finish it.

15 thoughts on “Finish or Fail 3 – Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

    • Once again, I recommend a non-stop marathon if you want to make it through. That way the good episodes will feel more balanced against the mediocre ones and keep you from giving up.

  1. Aaand I’m back. Again. Big surprise, huh?

    I’m currently working my way through eleven anime, (Don’t ask me how I’m doing it, because I’m really not sure myself.) about half of which were recommendations from you. So, I feel like I’ve got a pretty good start, and I’m already getting the inkling to put my thoughts down about recently released anime I’m watching. So, so as not to lose the chance to blog about those current releases, I want to begin setting things up for a blog.

    But, you see…I’ve got a problem. Again. I always do, don’t I? >.> This time around, it’s pretty simple:

    I have absolutely zero idea how to set up the site and what not. >.< I'm supposed to be learning it in class right now, but the teacher is, well…just a tiny bit useless. It's going nowhere. I've got a seriously bad case of 'adrift-in-a-sea-of-cluelessness, having no fucking idea what to do' lost.

    SO. I thought I'd come bug you, since Ghostlightning is really never on Gtalk, which I downloaded just to contact him/other bloggers.

    You've never mentioned being expert at this sort of thing (which isn't to say your blog is ugly, of course.) but any ideas would be helpful.

    Cause I have absolutely no idea where to start. o.o

    • It’s very easy. Go to, create an account – there, you’re done :D from there on it will be dramatically easy to st things up.

      By the way, make a yahoo messenger account. I am always on there. name: digitalboyreviews

      • I started with an Msn.

        Then I downloaded Gtalk.

        Now I need…wait, what the hell am I talking about? I already have Yahoo Messenger.

        I already have a WP account, though. Suppose I’ve never really had the patience to sit down and work out a setup for a blog.

        On a slightly different note, is it possible to revisit your offer for a spot on Suspended Animation Dreams? The same problem still stands as before–I read almost cero manga–but you’ve described it as more or less anything goes, and I’ve noticed there are at least a few posts pertaining to anime.

        And then there’s Touhou. I can do Touhou. (Well, there are Artist Spotlights. >.> BUT I CAN INVOLVE TOUHOU IN THIS BLOG SOMEHOW)

        But yeah. I think it might be a good idea, considering I really need to slow down just a little with the anime. I’m pretty good at watching multiple series at once, but I feel like I’m missing something in what I’m watching at the moment. Could be because I feel rushed to fit everything in in a certain amount of time, or because I’ve got my head in several different places at once. Either way, I need to cut back just a little.

        On a more random note, do you think there’s anything sad about watching a scene over and over again at 2x speed, and being completely unable to stop laughing the entire time?

        God, Honey and Clover keeps me fucking entertained.

        • I would love it if you joined SAD and you can post about absolutely anything there, it’s just by chance that it end up being mostly manga posts. I’ll go ahead and add your wordpress account to access it.

          Okay, I’ve added it. Now when you’re on wordpress, you should be able to use the panel at the top of the site to access the SAD dashboard. Once there, post away. If there’s anything I want to be changed, I’ll just edit the post myself, lol. Go completely nuts~

          • I just rage’d.

            I open S.A.D.

            First new post: Chu-Bra.



  2. Very interesting website you have here, its great to see someone so enthused about what they watch. This show sounds like a lot of fun, but I can’t seem to find a torrent for it, do you have any idea where I can watch it?

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  4. So I just finished watching this series with a friend. Probably wouldn’t have completed it if I were watching by myself, but it’s kind of fun when another person is along for the ride. You missed some weird ass episodes where you stopped. Sai shows up again in 12-13, there’s a hilarious foreigner in ep14, and everything just gets darker and weirder. There are a couple of nice twists, but for the most part the mysteries remain consistently easy to solve.

    • Yeah I think I’ll probably actually end up finishing this one day just because there’s too much I like about it. Maybe I’ll watch it with No Name cuz he really enjoyed it.

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