Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – A High School I Would've Kicked Ass In

EDIT: Woah holy fuck this show is directed by Shin Oonuma! That literally explains everything!

Just as a note about the screenies in this post (all of which were shamelessly stolen from Tenka Seiha) because of this show’s setting and designs, screenshots probably won’t do justice to how great the show looks. The animation is superb and there is a unique visual style that you might see in the screenies wherein the backgrounds use the dots that you see in comic book shading, which look really cool. A lot has gone into color vibrancy and the kind of style that reminds you why we bother to use computers to make animation these days, celfags eat your hearts out. Anywho…

I'd kick this much ass

I would have kicked ass at this school. Now mind you, I was a ‘D student’ through most of high school. Now, there were classes I could do good at without putting in any effort just because they were THAT easy, but anything that required effort wasn’t something I would be succeeding at. Through 11th and 12th grade I never once did a single homework assignment (though in the latter I very rarely had them) and I slept or paid no attention through most of my classes. I was that guy who spent his years getting lectures from teacher after counselor after parent about all the ‘potential’ I had because I was ‘so brilliant’ but I didn’t give a damn. But man I would have rocked at this school.


Partly because I always got great test scores. Unlike most people who have the hardest times with tests, it was actually my great test scores that kept me afloat in most of my classes. It was partly because tests were easy and partly because a lot of them relied on your common sense way more than actual knowledge, but I was also just damn good at test-taking period. I could use the test itself to help me answer it’s questions, and even when I was stumped I could do some excellent guesswork. The only time these powers couldn’t save me was in math class, which is why I had to take Algebra 2 twice, the first time failing the class with a final grade of 15% and the second time passing it with 90%.

He looks like Sakata Gintoki here, lol

But what’s really important isn’t just my test scores themselves – it’s my powers of manipulation and the trust of my fellow students. Kids in my classes always knew me as ‘that smart dude’ and there were many instances wherein my teacher would have a hard time explaining something to the students and I would actually get up and re-explain it to them in a way they could understand (I like to call it ‘ghettofication’). In Baka to Test, while the girl with the excellent grades is the ace in the hole, the whole plan to lead an uprising of F-class students is masterminded by a guy who seems to be more of my type. With my marginally high test scores, incredible public speaking skills, and revolutionary ideas, I could take the school by storm! I would be the resistance leader of the new world! HAHAHAHAHA!


*ehem* So I loved the first ep of Baka to Test. Great animation and visual style, excellent voice acting (with the exception of pink girl’s mildly grating voice), but most of all it’s just funny as hell. I was cracking up the whole time, but the coup de grace was when the guy who looks like a girl did a magical girl transformation sequence. To put it simply, I laughed my fucking ass off. I greatly look forward to where this show will take us, and I wonder if the red-haired dude will turn out to be a Kamina… or a Griffith(!), hehehehe.

17 thoughts on “Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – A High School I Would've Kicked Ass In

    • yeah that had me rolling, too. He’s like ‘of course I’m joking’ all sympathetic-like and BAM! Glue it, bitch!

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  2. lol, I was laughing the entire time when I was reading this post because I feel exactly the same way you do(except the part about failing math), I would have kicked ass in a school like this.

    But now that I stopped to think about it, that might not be so true. I studied in many places since my mom is a diplomat and I would always have the highest grades in the entire class. In Brazil I got a perfect report card 2 times in a row, except for PE, which I always ditched to watch anime or play games. I’ve done well in the aforementioned Brazil, in Italy and in the USA, but when I came to Canada and joined one of the top 10 schools in North America, and the only school in Canada accepted to american contests, I noticed that the school matters a lot as well. Here I am no longer the best student around but I’m just some smart 15 year old who skipped 3 years and has 85 average. It makes me wonder what’s the level of japanese schools…

    • ya, tough as I was talking, I doubt that Japanese schools have multiple choice tests, so I’d probably be fucked, lol.

  3. I wasn’t sure I would like this, but I actually want to watch the next episode, whereas I won’t even touch certain other series that are out right now, so that is definitely something, haha. The premise is something that seems like it might get old quickly if it is leaned on too much, but luckily the style and humor are being emphasized to a strong extent, so it should at least be enjoyable for the duration. Plus, the trapsformation sequence is pretty boss. I likes.

  4. I really like this school concept it actually gives you motivation to study, can they challenge the teachers to battles (like boss battles) and if they beat the teacher they don’t have to study the teacher’s subject for the entire year ?
    I would have sucked for that first battle since my last test score in math was 9% T_T.
    Through the entire episode I thought that I was watching a SHAFT production.

    • Shin Oonuma is like the commander-in-chief of SHAFT and directed ef, and he’s directing this. The studio doing it has also worked with SHAFT in the past.

  5. Haha, glad to hear you liked it. I’d planned to watch this one as well but hadn’t realized it was out yet.

  6. Looks like more people are digging this show more than i thought they would. It didn’t really reviecve much praise from the summary based on it though

  7. “You, on the other hand, are rough, frustrating, and JESUS CHRIST MY SPINE.”

    God, I can’t wait for the new episode lol.

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