Sound of the Sky – One –

The dream.

The cold and dark remains. A time I will never forget – a person I will never forget, persisting in my every dream. Her inspiration. A flame. The strength to go on… in the sound of the sky.

I know where the road leads, but not what lies ahead. Even if the path isn’t apparent, or if my intuition fails me, I will march on. Today, a new place awaits.

In this town I am surrounded by strangers, but they seem to understand my presence. I’m not sure why they are acting strange but I am warmed by their friendliness. Very quickly, I find myself swept up in the festivities of the town and having a blast. A beautiful but harsh woman soon takes me aside. Though she doesn’t sing with joy like the people around her, she is the first person who acts normal towards me and she extends great kindness to me in spite of her rough exterior.

I rest and bathe at her home before stepping out onto the veranda. This town is beautiful. The woman shows me something interesting; it is an object handed down from her father – a tiny bell that rings in G flat. It is suddenly snatched straight from my hands by a bird, and in my over-excitement I give chase, nearly throwing myself from the balcony! I guess that’s what it means to be ‘blind with joy’! I am sobered by the experience and by my new friend’s loss, even though she casts no blame on me.

I cannot abide this. If I can, I must show her my gratitude and reclaim her prized possession. I head to the cliff-side by which the village stands to search for the bird. Had they seen me there, a worried villager might have stopped me, but the festival was distracting them. I was thankful for the diversion – I knew I couldn’t sleep right until I’d found the bell. My new friend might not think it has meaning to her, but I know that she will regret the loss one day.

However, I am foolhardy in my efforts. The dangerous cliff-side throws me. Were it not for the deep river below, I’d have lost my life. …But at least I have the bell.

Am I a fool? It can be fun to be lost sometimes, but this sucks. Maybe I’d have died there. Maybe it was only luck that saved me. But I had faith in my song, that my cry for help would be heard – and it was. I feel validated. I know that I am a fool, but even now my life and my faith feel that much more precious for it.

When I wake, I am at my destination, and my friend reveals to me that she was the commander and teacher that I had come here to meet. Outside, beneath a sea of pre-morning blue, she plays for me the Sound of the Sky. I am enthralled. I am reminded of why I am alive. Of why I have a goal, and of why I followed the not-always-beaten path to get here. I know that I have a long way to go, but I am proud that I have made it here and headstrong for where I need to go.

-Sorami Kanata

Sound of the Sky episode one was amazing. The art was unbelievably gorgeous and I already love the characters. The voice acting was all-around great and I have to give a special nod to Kobayashi Yuu‘s performance as Kazumiya Rio. I couldn’t stop my fingers from taking a ton of screenshots and I had to watch the episode twice. I am definitely excited to see what this show has to offer.

15 thoughts on “Sound of the Sky – One –

  1. Sound of the Sky is off to a good start. One of the reasons I decided to watch it is because of the nice animation. The music is really impressive too. The designs of the setting and the whole music theme kinda remind me of RahXephon. But I’ve heard people comparing this series to K-ON! because of the music and the way the characters look.

    • the K-On comparison is inevitable thanks to the character designs, the studio involved, and the fact that K-On is hugely popular. They really are skin-deep, though.

      • As far as I reckon, “So-ra-no-wo-to” is made by A-1 Pictures and “K-ON!” by Kyoto Animation, no?

        Why do so many people assume that due to the design similarities, “So-ra-no-wo-to” is also done by KyoAni?

        • A-1 studios was created when Yutaka Yamamoto, who directed parts of Haruhi and Lucky Star, left KyoAni and took a bunch of the staff with him. It’s literally the same creative team who has worked on KyoAni shows, and their first major work, Kannagi, was a LOT like a KyoAni show, so I don’t think most people mentally seperate them yet. Especially when they continue to use the same character designs that KyoAni has used, lol.

  2. This reminded me of Yeats’s “An Irish Airman Foresees His Death.” For ease I’ll copy it here:

    I know that I shall meet my fate
    Somewhere among the clouds above;
    Those that I fight I do not hate,
    Those that I guard I do not love;
    My country is Kiltartan Cross,
    My countrymen Kiltartan’s poor,
    No likely end could bring them loss
    Or leave them happier than before.
    Nor law, nor duty bade me fight,
    Nor public men, nor cheering crowds,
    A lonely impulse of delight
    Drove to this tumult in the clouds;
    I balanced all, brought all to mind,
    The years to come seemed waste of breath,
    A waste of breath the years behind
    In balance with this life, this death.

    … Let’s hope she doesn’t get into any planes. Anyway, great writing.


    I knew I should’ve watched it last night, but I procrastinated…

      • =/

        *Points at SAD*

        I’m just mad at myself because both times this happened, it was because of my procrastination.

        That, and I enjoy ranting.

  4. Hey, Kanata you tell a pretty good story. But, seriously, I was worried that this series was going to be a K-On! clone when I first saw the character designs. After watching the first episode my fears were sort of laid to rest, while the character designs look similar the personalities are very different. Kanata has many moe properties but she differs from your typical moeblob in the key aspects that she starts the series with her working towards her goal on her own, and she’s also self-aware of her flaws and faults. I know that if I could have served with the soldiers of the Time-keeping fortress I would have stayed in the Army instead of leaving.

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