Anime is Madness, or is it Sanity?

In one of my favorite posts I’ve ever written (not necessary for understanding this post), I explained (through Soul Eater) my theory that everything in the human psychology comes back to the pure desire to live and to procreate. I then went on to explain that when you loose the fear of death and procreation, that is ‘madness.’ (there’s more details in the post if you’re interested, but you can understand this post just utilizing these terms.) In our current world, I think that everyone has pieces of madness and pieces of their primal desires – our society has no vision of these things, because we have judged humanity and the world on different terms (good and evil, for example) and we have both demonized as well as justified elements both of primal desire and of ‘madness’ as I put it.

If madness is to lack the fear of death or fear of never procreating, then I have some kind of madness as well as some kind of normalcy, and both of them seem to relate directly to anime. And I can’t really decide if the end result has anime making me more sane or more mad!

How has anime made me mad? I don’t seem to care about anything in life except for anime. It is because I am satisfied with anime that I don’t feel the need to strive for improvement in my life or to go and procreate. Ordinarily these things would be your chief goals, but I am focused only on anime. Moreover, I am convinced that if it were not for anime, I would loose the will to live. Without it, I don’t know what would really be left of me, because I am so consumed by it. If anime as a concept suddenly vanished from this world, I’d be lost like a newborn, and i don’t know that I’d survive the shock. The times in the past few years wherein anime had to take a backseat to other things in life were times where I became severely depressed and often suicidal at the drop of a hat.

However, this also means that anime is what is keeping me alive, right? If I become so depressed the moment I am separated from it, then that means that I’d be even more mad without it. Anime single-handedly pulled me out of a long-standing suicidal depression in 2007, and evidence has continually shown me that it’s the only thing keeping me out of that depression.

So which is it? Is it making me sane because it keeps me alive, or am I insane for staking my life on it? Society would call me insane for caring so much about it in the first place, and I wonder if their definition of insanity is as misplaced as I want it to be.

(Glad to see that the solitude and crazy sleep patterns are finally taking effect.) (By the way I got the idea for this post while replying to this great post by drmchsr0.)

17 thoughts on “Anime is Madness, or is it Sanity?

  1. The sad part is, I actually took the time to reconsider the fact that, like you, I’m really nothing without anime, after scouring the OEG page for an hour. >.>

    In what’s probably going to be the most cliche thing I’m ever going to say in my entire life, perhaps that’s not what makes a man mad or sane, but some crazy mixture of the two, which falls loosely in the middle and goes by the term ‘otaku.’

    I don’t know about you, but it’s not like I’m throwing the entire idea of procreation out the win…well, okay, yes I am, I don’t want kids. But the idea of a relationship still remains. It’s VASTLY unimportant to me, however, compared to an overwhelming drive to watch more anime, and just immerse myself deeper in the culture.

    I don’t know about dieing without it, but even more so, I have no clue what I would DO without anime in my life. It fuels my passion, touches me, entertains me, inspires me, and is more or less just written into my genetic code, so to speak. I could go on being a writer, I could keep playing games, I suppose; But without anime, I would lose friends, inspiration, and oh-so-much-more.

  2. You are not alone. Although I have never contemplate suicidal before, I have my share of depression and the only thing that I cling to to get out of that shit hole is by watching anime, specifically Gintama. After a few dose of that anime, I would feel slightly better and will move on to other anime. Often time I feel like I have been saved by my ‘hobby’ that pretty much is my life atm.

    Having said that, I do think of procreating too ^^”

  3. Interesting concept…hard to say, especially when the lines between madness and sanity are drawn by social populous. Who is to say fearing death makes us completely sane? Would that mean that religious groups like Christianity that believe that life after death is better than life as we know it? Though by the society’s idea of madness this group would definitely fit the book, but try telling them that =P
    We as an individual choose our own madness and sanity. Whatever makes us more content and makes it easier to handle the crap going on around us everyday is all that matters. Just because a mother thinks that anime promotes violence and the goverment believes that lolicon promotes pedophiles it is all a matter of the “majority” the same group of people who decide whats right and wrong, the same people who makes everyone of us question our sanity.
    I hell with the “majority”
    All i can say is, who cares about madness and sanity, only thing that matters is what makes the day go by just a little easier.

  4. It’d be interesting to compare this with Freud. Freud first thought there was one ultimate drive in humans: the libido, sex, etc. But in later years he added a second: the death drive. So it’s sex and death, Eros and Thanatos. maybe he was mad.

    • You know, going back and thinking about it now, I do believe this is the most important part.

      Watch more anime, and life continues to be good.

  5. That’s something I never thought about but is definitely relevant to my life too. As of yet I’ve never actually had to go without anime for a long period of time, but I can imagine how upset I would be if I did. Anime also helped me get through a depressing period in my life and it’s more important to me than other human desires like procreation (I have other reasons for not wanting to procreate though).

    Back in the old days, procreation was really the only things human beings could have going for them in society. But now, with all the freedoms, technology, and inventions since then, the things that people desire nowadays are as various as ever. Being madly obsessed with anything (whether it’s anime or a human lover, like so many poets have written about) has generally been looked down upon in societies. But who’s to say which person’s madness is more appropriate than another’s.

  6. Rofl. I’m glad to see people actually got what the hell I was talking about. Thanks for the spirited replies.

  7. >Is it making me sane because it keeps me alive, or am I insane for staking my life on it?
    The only way I can answer this is by telling my point of view:

    Anime is important to me because I think that: boredom = death
    What I mean is that a boring life is no one worth living
    My primary sources of amusement are stories, any kind of story. Being visually appealing makes anime a outstanding point of interest for me.
    Once I start working I’m sure that I’ll get to hear all kinds of interesting tales, so I may stop depending on anime, but I’m sure that it’ll never disappear from my life.

    • Here, here.

      It entertains me a great deal to hear someone talk about stories in that way; I’ve always felt similarly. I’m a writer, a story-teller, a creator…there’s nothing I love more than a story, real or imaginary. There was a time, as a younger kid, that I couldn’t help but think about how sad it was that my life wasn’t as great a story as some I’d heard before. In recent years, however, I’ve come to realize that the things I do, the challenges I face, and the people who help me through them all come together to make one damn good story.

      I can’t say that I would ever stop ‘depending’ on anime, because it’s the stories in anime that have always resonated the strongest with me, with books being second.

      Either way, it’s a good feeling to find a kindred spirit in this wide, wide world we call the Aniblogosphere. :D Keep being awesome.

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who fears “never procreating.” Spending the rest of their lives alone, perhaps. Lots of people are afraid of that one.

    Relating back to drmchsr0’s post, I blog about anime because writing is the love of my life. Anime just happens to inspire like nothing else. I don’t believe in a soul per se, but without waxing too poetic, a really good anime– watching it, thinking about it, and most importantly writing about it– is as close as anything gets to touching mine.

    I get the feeling you agree. Yes?

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