Finish or Fail 4 – Canaan Teaches Me An Important Lesson About Love

If you’ve been reading me since last September, you may remember that I was fanboying pretty hard about Canaan, and then suddenly stopped. As a matter of fact, as of the first 7 episodes, I was considering Canaan a ‘surefire favorite’. After two more episodes that weren’t quite as great, I was not deterred from loving the show, and yet somehow, I stopped watching it. Ghostlightning maintains that he will ‘never forgive me’ for not finishing the show when I’d convinced him to watch it to the end even though he didn’t like it. Why did I stop? That, my friends, is a matter of love.

Let’s say you have started going out with a girl. It doesn’t take you very long to realize that you are head-over-heels for this chick. I mean, she’s everything you’ve ever wanted – smart, cool, good looking, and almost tailor-made to your interests. She’s perfect! But as you hang out with her more, your friends start telling you how they don’t like her. They say that she’s not as cool as you think she is, and that she’s actually cheating on you! The horror! Of course, you aren’t going to listen to your friends, and you’re going to get pissed off at them. Maybe you’ll yell at them and get angry, maybe even force them to hang out with you and your girlfriend to show them that she really is cool.

But your friends don’t let up – they still insist that she’s cheating on you! At some point, even you have to feel suspicious. You know that your friends aren’t liars, so you wonder if they are right. You start over-analyzing everything your girlfriend does, and soon you become paranoid. In the end, you ruin your relationship – because she doesn’t feel like you trust her, your girlfriend leaves you, and you are never sure if she really cheated on you, or if you just ruined the best thing you ever had.

That was my experience with Canaan. I LOVED the show to death, proclaiming it as the best show of the year and showering it with affection, but then I made a grave mistake – I started reading other blogs (and you’ll notice I don’t do it anymore. This season I am trying to keep up my episodic blogging by purposefully not reading anything anyone says about the shows I like.) Everyone else told me how Canaan was crap, or those who enjoyed it weren’t really into it and just saw it as passing entertainment in a season with better shows. I was alone as the only Canaan supporter. And eventually it got to me – in episodes 8 and 9, neither of which are bad in any way, I started picking out every little negative that happened, and while I didn’t stop liking the show, I got scared. I got scared that the show wouldn’t live up to my expectations and my big talk, and I basically chickened out of finishing the show, letting go of what was, at the time, like the love of my life.

I am full of regret. I now know that you should never listen to people who obviously don’t see things your way in the first place and let them get to you. I should have realized that I was in love, and that nothing was going to change that, no matter what anyone says. If my girlfriend is supposedly bad, then it should be me that finds that out, and not the decision of someone else. Everyone told me how they were disappointed by Canaan – well, here’s my thoughts: IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING! You hear that? It was the best show of 2009. It was the best show of the Summer 09 season (fuck Bakemonogatari). It was one of the most well-directed anime I’ve ever seen. And what’s more, it was one of my favorites. I LOVE CANAAN. If you didn’t love it, I DON’T CARE. I just won’t read anything you have to say about it – because it doesn’t matter.

There. I feel pretty good about getting that off of my chest. Thankfully, anime shows are a lot easier to reconcile with than real women, and as soon as we got re-acquainted, we made sweet, sweet love. I loved everything about this show – that’s not a lead-in to a list, just make a list in your mind of everything that would be considered ‘about this show’ and I liked that. But I do have to give some shout-outs – some very excellent voice acting, and a lot of really surprising roles sometimes given to actors who aren’t usually voiced that way (Mamiko Noto, wow! And you just had to love Miyuki Sawashiro as Canaan.) Great music, some of the most stunning animation (and I mean ANIMATION, not just art, which a lot of people tend to confuse) I’ve yet to lay eyes on from a TV anime. P.A. Works, you rock my world – I know Angel Beats is going to be fucking awesome!

Characters, characters, characters! All of them were amazing. Liang Qi and Alphard are the brand of villain you just don’t even see in anime. They were off the chain. The end of Liang Qi was just a stunning display. By the way, I could make a long list of the scenes from this show that would be on my ‘best ever’ list. Between directing this and Sword of the Stranger, Masahiro Ando has put himself all the fuck over my radar. I can’t wait to see the next insane action romp he gets put to work on! By the way, this show begs to be watched multiple times. There was so much stuff in the early episodes that I only caught after having seen what happens later. The show was really directed to be like a movie, and I can only see watching it as such in the future.

Overall, my biggest regret is that I never blogged this show enough when it was airing and was still relevant, although I don’t know that my words would have been appreciated. This will have to be another one of those ‘Digital Boy things’ where I can post about it never expecting readers. I don’t mind, though. I love this show way too much not to blog it extensively, so you can expect to see many more posts about it in the future.

Canaan – Finished (9.4)

26 thoughts on “Finish or Fail 4 – Canaan Teaches Me An Important Lesson About Love

    • Liang Qi was an amazingly written character, and I had a lot of fun watching her self-destruct. That last scene of hers was just unforgettable. My jaw was on the ground. That scene would have easily been the show’s crowning moment of awesome if it hadn’t been dispensing those from ep 1.

  1. Thankfully, anime shows are a lot easier to reconcile with than real women, and as soon as we got re-acquainted, we made sweet, sweet love.

    Pics or it didn’t happen.

    I could somehow relate with your experience with the show, too.

    • There is absolutely no way you want to see my fat, hairy-ass body fucking my computer screen. Trust me. Especially not with the facial expressions I make when taking pictures.

  2. Glad you got over your Chasing Amy moment. Personally I was bothered by Liang Qi and how she went out, but there’s no denying it was a solid show, worthy of love. And speaking of…

    “(fuck Bakemonogatari)”

    Ahaha! I love this.

    • I take it you don’t like Bakemonogatari much, lol. Tell me about what bothered you about Liang Qi, maybe we can work through it~

      • Bakemonogatari’s fine, really. I never watched enough to hate it. I’m just charmed by the way you said that.

        Well, my issue is this: The Canaan OP makes Liang Qi look very graceful, spinning around with her wushu sword and such. More importantly, it builds the expectation that Liang Qi is eventually going to show off her kung fu. The fact that she was an insane lesbian (unfortunately common combination) I could handle, and her relationship to Cummings was very interesting throughout… But I can’t accept the way she died. No fight, not even one direct confrontation with Canaan. Just shot like a dog.

        I mean, I appreciate the sad irony of it. But it did bother me.

        • Honestly, though, Canaan would have fucked the shit out of Liang Qi. I just don’t think she had the skills to really be fighting her, else-wise she wouldn’t have so often ordered other people to do the job. Even at the end, she wanted Cummings to shoot her vision of Canaan. Anyway I liked Liang Qi as a psychological guinea pig, so I had fun with her following through on exactly what I expected.

  3. “You hear that? It was the best show of 2009. It was the best show of the Summer 09 season (fuck Bakemonogatari).”

    You do realize the hellfire that will engulf Fuzakenna if word of this gets out will reach temperatures of more then 6666 Degrees Celsius, correct?

    Either way, that was just a tad bit unnecessary. I’ve not seen Canaan yet, and I know well enough your opinions on Bakemonogatari; but still.

    • Lol. When Canaan was airing and no one was liking it, everyone was fanboying about how AMAAAAZING Bakemonogatari was. I don’t dislike Bakemono, but I think the hype damaged it for me. That’s why it’s also on my finish or fail list like Canaan~

      • And here’s to hoping you finish it~

        But yeah, like I said, I know what you mean. I don’t blame you, and it’s not like I can comment much on that season, because that was before I started following anime by season and just found Bakemono, but I still felt like that statement could’ve used a bit more explanation lol.

    • I think what bothered me about Alphard the first time I watched was that I have a tendency to get bothered by villains not killing heroes when they have the chance, but as I rewatched I realized that was the whole point – Alphard never wanted to kill Canaan, I just misinterpreted it. And yeah, she was fucking badass. You’d have to be to do what she did in the last ep AND LIVE.

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  5. Y’know, I’m beginning to think it’s impossible to expand beyond the boundaries of our part of the sphere.

    I’ve looked through three unrelated, interesting aniblogs in the past half hour, and not a single one of them are active.

    …Maybe we’re the only ones left alive? o.o


    • There’s actually a very easy way to break out of our corner, and it’s what I’m planning to do. We can talk about that on AIM though.

  6. I loved Canaan too (picked it as one of my top 5 for 2009 actually). I didn’t even know what people were saying about it because I don’t read episodic blogs much. I guess that was a good thing in this case.

    • Wouldn’t this kind of defeat the purpose of a review?

      I went through the EXACT same thing with this show, and reading this just confirmed that I, too, had experienced something beautiful.

      Also, the ending theme for this show was hot enough to fry a fucking egg. I’m definitely rewatching this shit in Bluray for Maximum Effect(tm).

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