Sora no Woto -Three-

Early morning. It’s my turn. I suit up and head down to wind up the clock, then I take to the perch.

I play. You can’t call this the sound of the sky, but I am nevertheless happy to be able to do this. Luckily, I’m far more skilled in the kitchen, so I made a breakfast of miso soup for the team. I was a little worried that my hometown recipe wouldn’t go over well with the girls, but thankfully, they enjoyed it. I suppose if this whole music thing didn’t work out I could… no, let’s not think that way!

As Kureha and I were washing the dishes, Rio-sempai told me we’d spend the whole afternoon training while the others were on a supply run. Yes! As fun as it is to play around, I’m always excited to move forward! We spent the rest of the morning doing chores, from sweeping, to gardening, to cleaning the rifles, getting taught by the commander, and even doing side-jobs that Rio-sempai put up cash for! I cooked a lunch for the team as well – it feels pretty good to be useful to my friends, and they’re definitely making me confident in my skills as a cook!

It was at lunch that I began to notice it – I’m not feeling well. I had wondered why I hadn’t finished my breakfast before, but at lunch I dozed off after just a few bites. Is my breathing getting heavier? No matter… I’ll fight through it!

I can barely hear her... my head is throbbing...

The other girls took off in the jeep, and then Rio-sempai began my lesson. She was great. I, meanwhile, am utterly terrible. Sitting down for a break, Rio asked me why I joined the military, so I began to tell her about my love for music. I started to tell my story, but… I’m so tired… I can’t seem to… hold…


What is this? It hurts. My head is racing. Is that you, mom? Help me! It hurts! Mom… I… I want to eat some snow… like you always…

Someone has appeared… she gives me some kind of drink… I’m not sure… I…

I’m having that dream again. The song. The song of the sky. Back then, how it illuminates the dark. A song of such blinding brilliance… and her, shining so brightly above all. My reason to fight… Fight… I have to fight!!!

I woke to Rio-sempai’s voice humming the familiar song from my dreams. I reached out to touch her, and accidentally startled her into cutting her finger! She’s taking care of me so much… maybe I really am useless. Damn it all… but wait, how does sempai know that song?!

So she took me to the tank. As it would happen, the tank has many purposes, such as playing that song! I never would have imagined I’d hear it like this! She played me a ‘complete’ version – all of the instruments together…  a team. She invited me to that very team, which is nothing without all of it’s parts working in harmony.

She gave me a purpose. To cause her trouble… haha! That’s what she said! Just like she did to her own sempai. To let myself be a problem… and I am so touched, I can’t even be humble! My heart is too full to even deny it! I’ll proudly perform my duty… as sempai’s problem child! Hahaha-haha!!!

– Sorami Kanata

I took WAY too many screenshots this ep, hahaha! I can’t possibly show them all! I love this show to death – I have no doubt at all that this will be one of my favorite shows of the year, and I’m 90% sure it will be my favorite of the season. I’m half-tempted to do another post from Rio’s perspective of this ep. I loved her in it so much!

Resisting that temptation, though, I’m definitely going to do a post on eps 1-3 because while I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing these posts from the diary of Sorami Kanata, I also want to fanboy just a bit on the show~ Look forward to it~!

3 thoughts on “Sora no Woto -Three-

  1. GAH. Such a great episode! I love this series so much! I’m trying to put off the epic duel between it and Hanamaru to determine which is my favorite of the season for as long as I can. Hopefully the five Higher Gods will be able to quell the rage…

    ANYWAY. God, I love this post idea. Wish Kureha had been in it, I wanted to do another one. T_T But try to find someone to do one from Rio’s perspective. They might not’ve gone up at the same time, but if we get a blogger for every character… *Spazzes*

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