Sora no Woto -Four- & -Five-


Playing again… I’m still bad. It’s starting to irritate me. I know I’m trying my hardest to sound like Rio-sempai, but… I’ll keep practicing!

Today I’m going out to do errands with Noel-chan. I must have been acting pretty uptight before I left, since Rio-sempai tricked me into thinking I’d need a handgun! I guess it was just the thrill of finally being on some kind of mission, ehehe.

As we drive into town, I am excited to really be out here for the first time since the festival, and I try to make small-talk with Noel. She’s so quiet… I almost feel like I have to talk enough for both of us! I was surprised, too, when she stopped the car at our destination and immediately rattled off the explanations of everything I’d asked about on our way. Apparently, ‘she was told to drive carefully’ – she really is serious!

It so happens that the shop owner we meet is the same old woman who let me dry off at her house during the festival. Her shop is wonderful! So many exciting glass works… I am especially interested in a beautiful ornament of a creature that looks like a fish. It chimes in A-flat when I strike it… so nice. Noel-chan explains that it actually is not a fish, but an animal more in common with a human that used to live in the sea before the fallout. Imagine! I wonder how beautiful the sea must have been back then.

As we continue to shop around, Noel-chan tells me more about the tank she’s been repairing, and how we’ll be picking up a part for it from the very glassblower who made that animal sculpture. I can’t help but be impressed by her knowledge – to think that she can operate such a complex machine as a tank, while I can’t even play a damn trumpet. When I bring this up, she forlornly remarks that ‘she likes machines because they will never betray you.’ What did she mean by that? I would have asked, but I was suddenly shocked by the amount of money the shop owner said we’d be getting back! What is up with me today? Am I THAT gullible? I need to watch out from now on… The shop owner makes a joke about my trumpet playing… ugh. The pain.

As we are loading supplies into the car, a little boy bumps into Noel-chan, knocking her over. Evidently, he is an orphan boy under the Church’s care. What did the woman with him mean that I had gotten healthy again? Could she have been there when I was sick the other day?! Also with her was the little girl I’d run into during the festival! I guess this really is a small town! Things suddenly got a little more dramatic when the little boy refused Noel’s help up, calling her a murderer and proclaiming his hatred for soldiers before running off. Ouch. A war orphan, huh…

That’s right. We are soldiers. It’s not like I’d forgotten… after all, I have a duty! That’s why I have to get better at the trumpet, like Rio-sempai! But I wonder… could I really… …I’d rather not think about it.

The glass refinery is an interesting place. One of the women working there explains that the boss, Karl, is one of the best glassblowers in the entire country! I can certainly believe it, hearing how intently he discusses his craft with Noel-chan and seeing his spectacular work. Noel explains that the two of them have been trying to create a replacement lens for the tank, but that they don’t fully have the means to emulate the old technology. Just how amazing were the people who came before our time?!

Later, she goes on to explain to me how this glass refinery used to make art sculptures, but that military demand has them prospering from war funds. She tells me about her love for machines, but how she knows that they are used to kill people. That they are scary.

Of course they are scary, but her head is in the wrong place. I explain that it is the person behind the machine that makes the difference. After all, Rio-sempai can make such beautiful music with the same trumpet that I fail to use! And our tank can be made to play the sound of the sky! I’m sure that Noel-chan can use it for good!

I must have been excitedly talking for a while, because Noel-chan fell asleep right on my shoulder. Karl remarked about his admiration for her craft that she goes so far for, even forsaking sleep, and how it is an inspiration to his own work. Both of them impress me to no end!

The technology from the past is really amazing, but Karl’s assistant tells me that his motto goes ‘as long as it was made by regular people, then we should be able to handle it, too.’ I wonder about that… after all, I can’t seem to handle the trumpet like Rio-sempai does, no matter how hard I try. Maybe she’s just more talented than I am?

Karl then shows me the error of my ways. All this time, I’d been trying to force the sound to be like Rio-sempai – to create the same thing – but that’s not my sound. My sound has to come on it’s own! I thank Karl and race from the shop! Under this brilliant sky, I must let the sound flow! I will play… so listen to my song!

And so I play. I won’t pretend that it is perfect, but I am endlessly proud of myself. I have played with my all! This is MY sound!

As it would happen, the lens we picked up finally worked. I’m so happy for Noel-chan! She simply smiles, and I can feel it in her – she is truly a great craftsman. In this tank, she has created her Sound of the Sky. Now I must create mine.

– Sorami Kanata


We started our day off with a tank simulation. I’ve got the position of the loader, which I guess is reflective of my simplicity, hehe. Simulations are fun, but also a little tense. I don’t think I want to experience the real thing…

Today is exceptionally hot, so we have changed into our short-sleeve wear. I don’t know if it’s the uniforms or the warm air, but I feel especially full of energy today! Plus, a letter arrived from my mother, so I’m in a particularly great mood! Noel tricks me into thinking that her letter from ‘the professor’ is in fact from a man named ‘Pro Fessor.’ For the record, Noel is too serious! How can I tell when she’s joking?! Still, I feel like I’ve been had a lot lately… I really need to watch out! At least I saved a little face by pretending I knew it was a joke, ehehe…

Felicia says we’re going on a field trip tomorrow! Alright! It sounds like pure fun! I can’t can’t wait!!!

…and I’ve been had again. At least this time I’m not alone! Rio-sempai tasks Kureha, Noel, and I with finding three mechanical posts out along the mountainous, meadowy region, and testing whether or not they are still active. Also, we have to do it carrying these gargantuan backpacks. I can’t even lift it! Rio-sempai teaches us how to carry them… and my god, does that look painful.

…can’t…speak…can’t…it’s heavy…I…I might die!…

As we march along, I try to take my mind off of the weight, and wind up distracted by a butterfly… and it leads me to find a glorious field of flowers! Right in the middle of it is the first box-like post we were sent to find. The post is almost valiant… protecting us all alone out here. I give it a salute for it’s efforts!

Our next destination is atop a mountain. A can feel… this pressure. This… I… wait, I can do it… that’s right! Hahaha! Who cares about the weight?! The mountain?! Hahahahahahahah!! I could run up this mountain! Haha…haha…ha…ha…

Ah… beautiful. A stream… how refreshing. The three of us take a rest and have some fun splashing each-other around. Ah… truly, after all that backpacking, this is the ultimate peace! After all, this is a field trip, isn’t it?

…uh oh. Our supplies have been ransacked. Everything is gone – even the compass. We’ll be walking half-blind and hungry, though at least there’s no more backpacks. As we continue, I happen to see a tree of bayberries up on a cliffside that would have been great, but the others don’t want to detour. What a shame… I do love bayberries.

We find the second post with relative ease, but we seem to be lost on the mountain looking for the third as it starts to get dark. Noel and Kureha are at wits end. They are on the brink of a fight, and accusations fly… but then I see it! Yes! Hahaha, we’ve made it!

And who would’ve thought where it would put us – right on the edge of what we call our world. The direct border of the No Man’s Land. Felicia meets us there and explains that every soldier to ever be stationed at our base has come here to see this, and carved their names into the post… as well as passed down the knowledge of a hidden hot spring in the mountain’s cave! Inside, we re-group with Rio-sempai, who’s rounded up some bayberries! The relaxation… as Noel-chan says, it’s like being brought back to life!

– Sorami Kanata

Yes, I caught up! I didn’t want this post series to end up like all the others! I have to say, I’m quite proud of myself, but it’s not over till I reach the end! There’s a benchmark coming up in that I’ve never blogged more than 6 episodes of the same show, so I’m pretty excited that I may hit the mark!

I have been purposefully avoiding reviews of Sora no Woto, but it still looks like no one’s really as excited about this show as I am. Ah, well. I guess I can claim it as a persona gem~ it’s still my favorite show of the season, with little competition (Durarara! is a maybe, depending on where it goes, but the shows are so different that I’d have to finish both before I could really make up my mind.)

Both of these episodes were great. I was looking forward to the Noel development and was not disappointed. I also like the kind of awkward vocal performance she gets, that works well for her. And a great scene with Kanata playing her best yet, even if it was quite sudden, hehe. Episode 5 was another great, probably competing with the second ep for my favorite one yet because we got to see more gorgeous locales, and got out of the town and base just in time as they were starting to grow familiar. I can’t wait to see what other great locations this show may have for us~

9 thoughts on “Sora no Woto -Four- & -Five-

  1. I’m looking forward to more Noel development too. :D
    The Pro Fessor joke was both amusing and cute, and I was surprised and pleased to see Noel make it.

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  3. Great diary entries, as usual =)

    Something that stood out to me in episode four is when Noel explains about the dolphin statue and how it resembles a creature that used to exist when the oceans did. Up until this point, we’ve barely been given any information about the setting and time period of the series. That one little line said a lot about the kind of world they live in. Perhaps their world is a future vision of the real world rather than a total fantasy world.

    • That’s what the textbooks in episode 2 seemed to suggest. It’s evident that they are in a post-fallout Japan that is occupied by a newly existent country. I want to put the series several hundred years in the future, personally.

      • Yeah I get some Haibane Renmei vibes from the story and feel in general, but I’ve started to think of the setting as more along the lines of YKK. I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff.

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