Today is Funeral’s 22nd birthday, and for the past 5 days or so, he’s been cramming down Legend of the Galactic Heroes. 25 episodes in, he’s saying that he’s ‘more into it than he can remember being for anything’ and is already considering it among his top favorite anime of all time. When it came time for my mom, who designs cakes and cookies for all of our birthdays, to make him a birthday cookie, he didn’t even suggest any of his other obsessions throughout the year, such as Inglourious Basterds or Green Lantern, but went straight for Reinhard von Lohengramm. The rest, my friends, is legend.

Below, you can see some more of my mom’s anime/music/movie-themed cakes/cookies from years past.

the Gurren Lagann icon.

Fuura Kafuka as depicted in the first Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei ed

Clannad's Dango Daikazoku

The 'No Prawns Allowed' sign from District Nine

Slayer album cover, made for the lead singer of Day of the Beast

Guu from Hare and Guu.

Nathan Explosion and Body Bag from Metalocalypse, made for a guy my mom always called 'body bag'

Prinny from Disgaea

The Legend of Zelda crest




The Lagann... not the best one, lol.

Gears of War emblem

the Gears of War emblem

Cannibal Corpse album cover

Zero from Megaman

I always find it fun to gauge the interests of my family members by looking at their past cakes, lol.


  1. wowzers! your mom seriously rocks! haha

    That Nathan Explosion one is seriously awesome. I love Reinhard too!! (I would have preferred a Yang cookie personally :P) I hate Dango’s but I would SO eat the cake of em! So amazing!

  2. Insane! I didn’t know what “reinhard cookie” meant in your tweet, guess I couldnt comprehend it would literally be a cookie with Reinhard on it… Too awesome.

  3. I was given the same store-bought football cake every year throughout my childhood. As far as presents go, my parents always gave me clothes. Now I no longer celebrate birthdays, or anything for that matter.

    Never take your mother’s awesomeness for granted.

      • I’m pretty sure she literally just carved cake into those shapes. She is a maser of 3-dimensionality. There is unfortunately no pic of it online since this was before digital cameras, but for my 7th birthday my mom actually made me a Charizard cake that was about 4 feet wide and 3 feet tall and had 3-dimensionality on a range of 5 layers. That thing was fucking EPIC.

  4. Thanks for posting these Digi Boy! You got more comments than I could ever hope for!! lol I have thought about scanning some of the good old ones. Poke’mon city (not literally a city, just a ton of Poke’mon cakes). I also want to scan the marlin! The Dango were indeed made from cupcake tops. I poured varying amounts into each cup pan. I wish I could make cakes for all of you! = D Come visit on your birthday and I would be happy to! Especially you Baka-Raptor! That is sad! I suppose it is better than one of the friends that comes around, who’s family does nothing (I try to go the extra step for that one)! I rarely know who the characters are that I am crafting on to the edible canvass, but I try to make it look like the picture I choose. Usually they go over well! Thanks for the virtual ‘pat on the back!’ I appeciate it….a lot! \m/

      • LMAO, that would be funny as hell. Unfortunately, I’ve never had any kind of nickname offline, being as my real name (Conrad) is already different enough. The only time people call me Digital Boy is at anime cons~

  5. WOW YOUR MOM IS AMAZING!!! I never seen such creative and beautifully made cakes in my life!! o_o all the color and art work it must have taken a lot of effort~

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