GUNDAM RX-78 CAKE (and More Anime Cakes)

My younger brother just had his 17th birthday, so more anime cake! He immediately went for the classic RX-78 Gundam, seeing as he’s always been a fan of Gundams but only recently finally saw the original movies. He’s now working his way through Zeta, and for his birthday he got Master Grade Zeta Gundam and the new Char-like from Gundam Unicorn. After this and the Reinhard cookie, you are probably wondering why the rest of my family has better taste in anime than I do, and why you got stuck with me blogging about it :p More pics below!

Here seen with my brother's shiny Master Grade RX-78

My last post on my mom’s awesome cakes also prompted her to upload some pictures of the other anime cakes she’s done that she didn’t have online yet. So once again, I take a ride down memory lane.

My 13 b-day, Hajime Saitou from Rurouni Kenshin

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Funeral's last year, the Behilit from Berserk

If you've seen enough of my profiles, you know this image. It's one of my alltime favorite images, and one that inspired my 'red white and black' style. The reason for the 'sorry dude' caption is that when I was trying to explain how I interpreted her facial expression, I kept telling my mom 'it's basically like 'sorry dude, but I have to kill you.'' I used this image for years before realizing that it was Yumi from Maria-sama ga Miteru LOLOL

Original. Never been able to find the artist.

This is the cover of the Ashes Against the Grain album by Agalloch

Just as a bonus, here's a plush of Sackboy from Little Big Planet that my mom hand-made for No Name for the winter holidays, since his family doesn't celebrate any kind of holidays, lol. She had tried making it out of yarn, but she had no idea how, so after making the head and body she couldn't finish the rest. We still have a rather unnerving-looking head and body of a sackboy laying around LOL.

So there ya go. More of my mum’s creative genius. Just don’t ever let her draw anime girls wwwwwwwwwwwwww.

11 thoughts on “GUNDAM RX-78 CAKE (and More Anime Cakes)

  1. I think the girl with the gun is kind of not even close! Sackboy was made for No Name’s birthday. I have more pink felt if he needs a new tongue!

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