SKILL MY NUTTBLADDER! – February 2010, Plus My Plans For March

^my most listened-to anison of the month.

The month ends tomorrow? Too bad, I’m ending it now. Enough February. Let’s have us some March! It’s the Nuttbladder thing again, which went well I guess last month. That time I talked about some currently airing shows. I haven’t watched but one of those in February, which was Sora no Woto. Yikes. First, let’s talk about some peculiar things.

Last month, I mentioned my protege, Ultra Eternal Blackout. He actually disappeared, and I didn’t talk to him at all in this month. Also, since then, my sleep pattern has largely stabilized. 2-D Teleidoscope is still long and by far my favorite blogger in the scene right now. My popularity increasing came to a predictable stand-still, with my daily hit count remaining the same as last time, but total monthly hits decreasing slightly. I did get my blog’s biggest day ever by far, though, on the day after Valentine’s Day, thanks to my 4 posts on that day (1400 hits, previous record being 1000). Last month I bragged about all the shows I was finishing. This month, after dropping Ghost Hound, I watched half of Shion no Ou before internet trouble made me forget about it. The only ‘finish or fail’ show I completed was Neo-Ranga, and after that I’ve only watched a couple of movies anime-wise, having been more concentrated on things listed below.

I don’t feel like organizing this into a proper list. Let’s just do it semi-chronologically.

Sora no Woto Still Dominates – So much is right with this show, it’s unpossible. I loves it, I just want to watch it and watch it. Episode 6 was a directional masterpiece, and then we got episode 7 where ‘SHIT GOT REAL’ quite famously. I can’t tell you how glad I am that people have finally come to see what I’ve been seeing all along, and great discussion has happened. I’m quite proud of this show, myself.

Erm, it’s hard to speak much for the first half of February because I spent most of it in total catharsis and suicidal depression. Some fun stuff happened like watching all of Neo-Ranga finally and doing some decent posts, but mostly I spent the whole time depressed off my ass. Oh, that is until I made all of those Valentine’s Day posts. Which brings me to…

Flirting With Shance – Shance of Rainbowsphere is a hilarious dude (chick? thing? whatever). He joined my side blog some time ago and at first wasn’t really having any presence. I started talking to him a lot on Twitter starting with a discussion about his gender, wherein he assured me that he had 10 tentacle-like penises [:p] We also discussed the way that his style makes him incredibly hard to understand, co-wrote a post about hair, and then did a lot of really shameless flirting in front of hundreds on Twitter and talked about Touhou stuff. Obviously, Shance and I are getting married. I can’t wait for the honeymoon consummation ;)

SAMURAI SENTAI SHINKENGER!!! – WHO GAVE THIS SHOW THE RIGHT TO BE SO AMAZING?! I decided to watch Samurai Sentai Shinkenger after some articles on Alafista talked about how great it was and showed some scenes from the new Super Sentai show. Deciding I’d gone too long without watching tokusatsu shows, I started Shinkenger, AND IT IS SO AWESOME IT’S HARD TO PUT INTO WORDS. Okay, let’s put it this way. Remember when you watched that super robot show and loved it, but wished it didn’t have so many of those lame episodes? (G Gundam, looking at you) Shinkenger is like a super robot show WITH ABSOLUTELY NO LAME EPISODES. If I had seen this shit between the ages of 6 and 14 it would have RULED MY WORLD.

I Seriously Had A Dream About Becoming A Strike Witch – Which I wrote about and then parodied in the worst way I could think of. This was just one of a few strange but awesome anime-related dreams I’ve been having (must be in the air, since sds is having them too) but this was the most interesting. Mostly because of how it made me think of Strike Witches. I really like SW, having listed it as one of my favorite shows of 2008, and it’s never left my ‘top 100 or so’ standing, but I really noticed that over the past 2 years, I have been really into the sort of ‘culture’ of Strike Witches. I’ve looked at a lot of images (*cough*) watched videos and things and stood up for the show a lot, and I realized that it was somewhat like Lucky Star. The first time I finished LS, I liked it but didn’t put it that highly, but by the time I watched it again I had experienced SO much beyond the show itself that it was much more entertaining. Having this dream made me realize that I cared a lot more about SW than I think I knew, and made me set out to watch it again.

Drawing Pictures – You’ve seen them, and you know that they aren’t great. However, understand that, to me, even though I recognize how bad they are, I did not even slightly know that I could draw as well as this. I have been drawing nothing but stick figures for the longest time because I know I can’t draw (though I do draw a LOT of stick figures) so for me to come out and show this much improvement right off the bat, felt incredible. There was also a hilarious moment the other day wherein my brother was saying how he sucked at drawing, and there was a revelation. For years, my brother has been actually drawing ‘pictures’, and while he’s no artist, we’ve always pretty much considered him to be ‘better at drawing’ than me, since I wasn’t even trying. It was a pretty hilarious moment when we jointly realized that I was much, much better than him.

Business Studies in Anime – Like I said, I was depressed for a lot of the first half of February, but Ghostlightning helped me out of it as always by giving me the inspiration I needed to finally start studying the shit I’m taking classes for (although while I am finally learning, I’m still probably about to fail all 3 classes LOL). So far, I’m quite proud of this series, and I look forward to continuing it throughout my studies! Especially if they will give me an excuse for my dad not to kick my ass when I fail my classes!

Oh, More Touhou – I’d say that I’ve finally come full circle with my Touhou fandom in the last week or so. I’ve been interested in Touhou, particularly the Scarlet Devil Mansion, for about 2 years now, but I’ve never really ‘broken into’ the whole thing. It’s one of those things I was always hoping to get around to but in the meantime just enjoyed little bits and pieces of it. I think it started when Shance showed me some cool jazz arrangements of Touhou songs, and then I listened to a bunch of songs, and one thing lead to another… and before long, all of the games were on my laptop, and I went on Touhou wiki and read the full articles on every single character to ever appear in one of the games. I’d say that constitutes ‘breaking in’ finally.

TumblrScarlet Monochrome makes a lot of things easier. Which is why I’ve been posting there a LOT lol.

Ah… wow, that got long. Let’s wrap this shit up! My plans for March!

March is ‘Favorites Month’ on Fuzakenna!

Yes! My biggest regret at all times on Fuzakenna is that I don’t feel that I talk nearly enough about my favorite shows! The entire purpose of this blog is supposedly the ‘exploration of my favorites in the name of creating the ultimate favorites list‘ so where are all the posts on those shows?! Therefor, in the next month, while I’ll still post about other things, such as my Business Studies, I will try to use this month to mostly post on all of my favorite shows! I know I’ll be having a lot of fun with it, so I hope that you will too!

13 thoughts on “SKILL MY NUTTBLADDER! – February 2010, Plus My Plans For March

  1. Well, I wouldn’t say your popularity is at a complete standstill. You gained at least one new reader this month. Here’s to a good month in March!

    In other news, this is by far the most insightful recap episode I’ve ever watched, er, read.

  2. Mm, I didn’t start reading you until this month either. Or maybe it was last month? It was after the favorite blogs post on Mikotoism. Whatever.
    Looking forward to the March posts. :d

  3. Wait, so you’re about to fail your classes and you don’t give a fuck and keep watching anime and shit? AWESOME!
    I always wanted to devote myself completely to something but I keep worrying about other things and never actually do it.
    By the way, these nuttbladder posts are great.

    • Sure, awesome, until my dad finds out and kicks my ass, forces me to get a job, and rushes me out of the house! It’s inevitable! I’m just pretending it won’t happen! Every time he asks about my grades, I tell him they are great! THE WALLS ARE COMING DOWN MY FRIEND!

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