Hey I'm Adding a J-List Ad To The Site, First One To Bitch Gets Punched in the Balls

(Is there any movie that stoners WON’T synch Tool albums to? Although this scene is a perfect representation of the lyrics, haha)

I added a J-list ad. I like J-list, even though their site design is terrible and I’ve never bought anything from them, but I’ve always felt that if I had ridiculous amounts of money to spend on totally random shit, I’d go there. I also like that they let me choose basically what the ad looks like, and I picked the one most suited for this site. This ad most likely will not bother you, because most of my readers follow me through Google Reader and shit anyway. The ad is unobtrusive and not visible when you first open the page. Your ad-blockers probably won’t work on it, as J-list ads always show up for me. I’m just telling you about it as a heads-up, because I feel I should let my readers know about any way my site would possibly be receiving money.

Now, on to the inevitable whispers of me selling out. I don’t need to even say anything. Tool put it perfectly back in the 90s with their track in reaction to such claims, Hooker With A Penis. It’s directed at a certain boy who claimed that they were ‘sucking up to the man’ and selling out.

“Well, now I’ve got some advice for you little buddy – before you point your finger you should know that I’m the man! I’m the man and you’re the man and he’s the man as well, so you can point that fucking finger up your ass! All you know about me is what I sold ya, dumb fuck, I sold out long before you ever even heard my name, I sold my soul to make a record, dipshit, AND THEN YOU BOUGHT ONE! All you read and hear and see on TV is a product rated for your fatass dirty dollar, so shut up and BUY MY RECORD! FUCK YOU BUDDY!”

And that’s how I feel about it. The only reason I never put up a J-List ad before is because I thought that they contacted you about it. I finally asked someone, and when I found out I could do it, I jumped on it. Making money off of doing what I love? Fuck yes, please! I’ll take any fucking endorsement deal you throw my way. Just take note: I’ll never do it in a way that I don’t like. You can ask Netprice Japan about that. Oh, and by the way, Netprice Japan agreed to send me 10 bucks. FUCK YEAH!

EDIT: Changed the ad, because the other one had Yume Miru Kusuri in it. I like this one a lot more because it has Reimu on it. As well as ‘Futanari Cat Girl Visual Novel’ (I’m tempted myself)

25 thoughts on “Hey I'm Adding a J-List Ad To The Site, First One To Bitch Gets Punched in the Balls

    • nono Netprice just gave me a 1-time pay of 10 bucks for the post. J-list gives you 15% of the profits they make on any product that someone buys if they bought it after following the link from your site. Which is a pretty sweet deal if you have decent traffic. And I have fairly decent traffic.

    • LMAO, don’t worry. I can’t loose my way, because I am Me. I am truly and utterly incapable of separating myself from my actions/words. That’s why I got rejected from writing for ANN LOLOL

  1. First ad I got is for Lightning Warrior Raidy. Classy.

    Then I realized that I’ve seen CG from it all over the place and never knew where it came from. Thus, I have decided that ads can be educational as well! Thank you for providing this amazing complimentary service at absolutely no cost to me!

    • lmao. I picked one of the least classy. But OH FUCK DID I JUST SEE YUME MIRU KUSURI HOLD ON CHANGING AD, THIS CANNOT HAPPEN.

      • Okay, so my ad from a few minutes ago promoted both a Hello Kitty Bento and Queen’s Blade merchandise. Yes, in the same image. Their marketing meetings must be an absolute riot.

        • LMAO you would seriously be surprised at how much the interest in those two things collides. On the other hand, they are covering all bases!

          • I can visualize the meeting in my mind.

            President: Gentlemen, our advertisment has been slacking as of late. We need fresh ideas to really bring in the business. Jenkins! What do you got?
            Jenkins: Well… I figured we should try and market a more to teenage girls…
            President: Good, go on.
            Jenkins: (Go on!? Fuck. Fuck! FUCK!) Um… and then we… cross over and… um, hit the 20-25… male market?
            President: …..You have a gift my friend!

    • lol. Actually, I find that ‘Stepmother’s Sin’ one rather unappealing. Maybe I should see if I can cancel certain ones…

  2. ^^
    “EDIT: Changed the ad, because the other one had Yume Miru Kusuri in it. I like this one a lot more because it has Reimu on it. As well as ‘Futanari Cat Girl Visual Novel’ (I’m tempted myself)”

    • well J-list will pretty much accept just about anyone who submits s long as their site is about anime. As for the Netprice offer, who knows how they found out about me. My traffic isn’t through the roof or anything (I average around 600 hits a day. Ghostlightning averages 1000. So I’m not even the top in our little corner of the sphere) but I don’t know what the average traffic is.

  3. So you actually have to buy something. Darn. I was going to keep clicking the ad and make you some Benjamins. :) I guess they’re smarter than that.

    You work hard for the money, so hard for it honey.

  4. the only “good” clicking ads are google ads. they don’t bring in much money but with 600 views a day i’m sure they’d help a tad more than J-list if you are looking for just some extra random money. I have google ads on my blog and they bring in a tiny bit of $$

    I go around every now and then to other blogs that have google ads on em and click a few to show support. ^_^

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