Fuzakenna Productions Presents: "LUCKY MECHA: ULTIMATE WAR" (IMAGE HEAVY)

3 5 Figmas. 4 Revoltechs. 1 Nirvash TypeZERO. A battle for the ages. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this. GENTLEMEN, BEHOLD!

(NOTE: It is suggested that you take your time in viewing this and do not rush it, for best results. PROTIP: Imagine your own sound effects!)

Producer/Creator/Director/Cameraman/10 Years in Microsoft Paint: 21st Century Digital Boy

Master of Poses: Victo of the 4th Desert

I’m sure that you can guess that we had a LOT of fun making this. My brother Victo and I have been posing and making fight scenes with every manor of action figure since we were tiny, and we haven’t really mentally matured much since then, hehe. In the future I plan to take on a full stop-motion project utilizing figmas and the hundreds of other random-ass action figures we possess, but this is our fun bit for now. It took us all damn day to make, myself having put around 12 straight hours into the project, but it was well worth it. The most fun parts for me were those involving Yutaka who looked brilliantly sadistic, and Victo liked making the girls jump as well as the final battle between his favorite mech and Kagamiku whom he insisted was a magical girl.

As for comments on how it turned out, firstly the quality of any pose is negatively proportional to how much of a pain in the ass the figure was (Konata and Nivash typeZERO taking the cake as ‘huge pains in the ass’.) The pictures all looked better before they made it to the computer LOL. But seriously, we had three damn lamps on those bitches and it still looks like that. I knew we should have created a lightbox, damn it. I worry that the format of just dumping 60 images into a post is too messy, and the images ended up being just small and dark enough to where it’s hard to make out what’s going on LOL. But I really, really like the general idea of just 60 images stacked on-top of each-other, and what is this project but something I like? hehehe.

Anyways, thanks a lot of viewing this thing! I’m sure it wasn’t easy!

(INB4 every imaginable reply)

26 thoughts on “Fuzakenna Productions Presents: "LUCKY MECHA: ULTIMATE WAR" (IMAGE HEAVY)

  1. Wow, that was rather graphically violent, considering the characters and all. Who won dammit? Cliffhangers are lame. Also, the captions for the names are hard to see, particularly Hiyori’s. I look forward to more battles!

    • I would say God Gundam won, since the other two are crushed under his feet in that second-to-last image lol. I’m glad you enjoyed it! As for the graphic violence, hehehe, that’s just my thing.

    • haha, glad you liked it! The Nirvash decap was fun as hell~ you can totally feel that ‘oh, shit’ reaction from Yutaka and then BAM! I felt that the only way to kiss a character as demonically sadistic was to do it as ruthlessly violently as possible~~~~

    • I knew, KNEW you were going to tell me it should have been a slideshow lol. I thought about it, but this was just easier and, ultimately, I’m not that big a fan of slide shows.But glad you liked it regardless!

    • Haha! The Giant Robo revoltech is sadly a bit of a pain because, well, he can’t really do anything. His bulky legs only bend at the knees and his arms move… but that’s it. So I said ‘hey, let’s have him use those big arms to CRUSH HER FUCKING HEAD!’ My brother really wanted to make his shoot off his arm like in the show, but there wasn’t a very practical way to do that. I made up for it by when he is stabbed, there are years coming down his face LOL.

    • :D. Wait till my Canaan figma finally comes in next month. I won’t be able to keep my hands off her~

  2. I was hoping for a Love Love Wedding twist ending for Kagamiku and Lagann the way they were eying each other.

    Then Lagann shot his drill at her.

    • Hey hey, shooting your drill at someone can be the ultimate sign of love, if you catch my drift~ ;-D

  3. XD
    Something about killing off all of the Lucky Star characters (and Kagamiku) is so wrong. But so awesome. ;;;
    I do not care about the deaths of the others. =D

    • I wouldn’t say that too loud, you can’t run 10 feet through here without tripping over a mecha fan! XD Actually, most of these mechs come from shows I like more than Lucky Star~ not that I don’t love Lucky Star~

      But I had a lot of fun killing all of them~

  4. Bahahahaha, that was fucking awesome digiboy. The only thing that would’ve made it better was a giga drill breaker. Not sure how you could do that with figs, though–you’d need either a GIANT drill piece or some really delicate use of forced perspective.


    • yeah, the idea was that in the last images with Gurren Lagann, he is supposed to be using Giga Drill Breaker which is why he takes that stance with his arms straight up, but he only comes with the strong drill. I tried to use the outline effects to exemplify that these were the ‘ultimate attacks’ being used.

      So glad you liked it!!!!

    • :DDD Unit 02 is just way too much fun to cut in half. Actually for a long time that was how I had her posed – a crucified torso with the bottom half severed below her.

  5. Absolutely hilarious! XD I love creative fun with figures and this project is one of the best I’ve seen. Excellent job. When I get more figures and a better camera (and lots of spare time!) I should try a skit like this.

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  7. Nice posing of the figures, I esp like the upside-down jumping ones. And God Gundam ftw!!

    How did you do Hiyori’s leg being cut off shot? Can you detach Figma’s legs?

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