This is Bikko, and You Can Help Us Bring Her To Life

This is Bikko. She’s around 19 years old. Her right eye and left leg were lost in an accident, and her eye has gotten pretty bad since. Even though she has to use a crutch or a wheelchair to get around, Bikko is a guitarist and singer in a punk-rock band. She is also a prostitute on the side, since she doesn’t hold a normal job. However, Bikko is always in high spirits (her love of marijuana helps~) and she has a very bright outlook on life. She usually wears an easy smile on her face and just goes with the flow, wherever it takes her. She likes simple clothes, especially boys clothes and punk styles, and her hair has gone white from the stress of her condition, though one section has remained black. She is a heavy smoker and likes a drink as much as you might expect. Her little apartment is a bit of a mess, and her cats always running around, but it’s very homely. Sometimes, she hangs out with her high-school younger sister, and they have a smoke together. These are the facts about Bikko. These are all we know.

Bikko was the star of an H-manga called Kesson Shoujo by the artist ‘Romantic Fool Since 1995’. Her character became very popular years back when illustrations began to circulate, and many people were inspired to do their own fanart. 2channel was apparently desperate to find information on this manga, however it proved very difficult to find. Luckily, the manga’s author provided some information via his site. Most of it is what you see in the above paragraph, but he also talked about how the inspiration for Bikko was a woman he knew who had lost an arm and some fingers in an accident, but still managed to be an incredibly strong and happy person. I guess he basically dreamed up a way to make her life even shittier, and then draw a character who could still be so strong.

Her sister is often drawn with cat ears.

However, in spite of this info from the author (whom US ambassadors to 2channel have told us that 2ch describes as ‘a very weird guy’), no one has any copies of the manga itself. Neither the Japanese nor American Bikko fans can find it, and we’ve been trying for years. As a matter of fact, Bikko’s popularity has largely come about from when people learned about her from joining the massive search parties for her manga. 4chan, 420chan, and gurochan all have routine investigations, with many ambassadors to 2channel pulling info and always finding that the Japanese are as dumbfounded as we are about this.

Some of her more fashionable attire

The reason is, apparently, that it was only a local print, with very few copies, all of which were sold. We’ve even found ebay auctions from years back of a copy getting sold for a very high price, so it’s perhaps no surprise that no one has been willing to break the binding on their rare manga to let the rest of the world see. No one knows why the manga author hasn’t released it to the net himself, to the point that some have suggested that he doesn’t even have a copy either!

Well, today, the denizens of /a/ decided to take action. After a long-running Bikko thread wherein new fans were filled in on the long struggle, many began to suggest that we produce a new Bikko manga. After all, we may never see the original work, so as long as we are all so obsessed with the character, we might as well create our own canon for her. Quickly, talks began to spark about how we would go about doing this.

The idea is that we will create a script for a one-shot manga, and then commission an artist to draw it. Many people expressed their willingness to contribute to the cost, and when it became apparent that some members were taking it seriously, I decided to take action. Therefor, I directed everyone to IRC. ( #fuzakenna). Once some members arrived, we began to deliberate on what kind of manga it would be, how we would treat the characters, and what the scenario would be. When ideas began to settle into place, I created a document to compile them all. (

So far, we have settled on the feel of story and characters, and we have completed a first-draft chronology of events. We are still waiting to see if others want to add things. A member named ‘ambassador’ expressed his desire to help in writing the conversation between Bikko and her sister, and others are willing to help in whatever ways possible. We are going to campaign further to find people who know how to write a proper and organized manga script. Other anons have stated their ability to translate whatever we write into Japanese in case we decide to contract a Japanese artist, and if we contract an American, than our work is cut out for us.

Threads on 4chan and 420chan have shown that many people are excited about our ideas, and I too am very excited. I’ve been a fan of Bikko for a long time, and I would really love to be able to introduce a solid piece of work around her not only to inspire others, but to grant her access to a wider audience. I believe that we can do it. Great things have come from humble /a/ beginnings before (Katawa Shoujo, anyone?) and that trend shall continue here.

So, you’ve heard my call. Now I want to know – what can you do to help? If you are at all interested in being a part of this movement, please comment on this post or go to #fuzakenna. We will be looking forward to your contribution!

(To see more delicious Bikko, simply search her name on your local image site!)

UPDATE April 7: I have been contacted by an artist expressing enthusiasm in doing the artwork for this project! Once I finish writing the script and layouts, I will be sending them their way. You can view some of the artist’s work here.

UPDATE September 28: A lot of people have been visiting this post lately, so I thought I’d update with how things’ve gone so far. I haven’t finished the script for this nor the sketches, though I sent sketches of the first three pages to the illustrator months ago. They told me that they were working on those pages back in June, but I never heard back from them since. That said, with the amount of support still going on for this, I still want to see it through to completion. I have some parties interested in helping me, but we want to keep it on the down-low until he have more clear plans. If you want to do anything with what we have so far, be my guest. To see the written layouts I have so far (9 pages) click here. You can also look at my sketches for the first three pages, but I warn you that they’re *really* terrible. (1 2 3)

60 thoughts on “This is Bikko, and You Can Help Us Bring Her To Life

  1. Hey, that’s cool. I hadn’t heard about this girl before, but she’s fascinating.
    Eh, well, I hope the project goes well for you all. o/

  2. When I first read the description, I was fearful that this is another attempt to sexualize amputation. As I read the description, though, I see the potential for a story rather than a sex wetdream. How will the overall tone of the manga be? Meloncholic? Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō like? I can somehow imagine it to be in that style.

    • that would be a good comparison. I thin Bikko is a lot like Alpha in personality, but obviously a lot more tragic. But generally it should be very calm, contemplative, and with very little text aside from the dialog parts.

      The sex scene will still definitely be a sex scene, no two ways about it, but it’s in the name of a story.

  3. I read the Google Docs story outline, and I think the setup is great. I wouldn’t change anything and would stick with that. I also like the title “The Life of Laid-back Bikko.” From here, I’d say concentrate like mad on the dialogue. Because of the story style you guys are aiming for, the dialogue (and internal thoughts) will make or break the manga in my opinion.

    However, I don’t like the Bonus Story concept. The tone feels completely off to me. As far as getting revenge goes, life doesn’t always resolve so neatly like that. Plus, I don’t think any more is needed for the manga beyond the main story.

    • Yeah, the bonus story is meant to be a joke, probably to be done in 4koma., with super-deformed art. We added it in because people were saying it would be too sad if there was no retribution even in a comedic way lol.

  4. This character would be so much better if, instead of a prostitute, she just killed everyone. Or she could do that in addition to being a prostitute, but then it might be too close to Tokyo Akazukin, which for some reason this character reminds of me.

    • we actually discussed in making bikko be somewhat close to akazukin in terms of personality, but in the end we decided with a a more laid-back attitude.

    • yah, like Pronas said, we do love Tokyo Akazukin, but that just ain’t Bikko. I’d love to create a story like that in the future with a character like this, but not this time. Also, I think it works better with a loli :D

  5. that second pic makes me think she’s the japanese equivalent of a crazy cat lady :(

    good idea, though. i always like it when groups of people can come together and do stuff (say, like Katawa Shoujo)

  6. Every picture seems to depict her smoking… I… find that almost degrades her character a bit. I find the wheelchair picture beautiful because the cigarette enhances the meloncholic atomsphere — gazing off into the snowy sky, reminescent of the past. However, over using the smoking part may be detrimental. That being said, that’s my two cents and my view is indeed biased as I am anti-tobacco.

    • and remember: smoking cause lung cancer among a lot of other things, but Bikko seems to be kind of girl that doesnt give a damn about it.

    • You look down on people who smoke? Come on now. To each their own. Bikko is a chain-smoker, and that’s just her deal. (I’ll also remind you that a lot of anime bloggers are smokers. Be careful who you look down on!)

      Of course, I have the opposite view. I find smoking insanely attractive.

        • I don’t mind smokers as long as they don’t smoke near, because DAT DAMN SMOKE makes me rage. Other than that, they’re just normal people like us……we’re normal right?

  7. Unsolicited advice time.

    Ideally, each page of manga should have two pages of script: One page for the layout, with the placement of panels and non-paneled drawings all neatly drawn out, and then one page describing the contents within the layout. Regardless of how the dialogue gets produced, perhaps you should have one layout person in charge of visualizing how the raw material gets converted into panels and drawings.

    Art is not cheap. In the best case, you should just find an artist passionate about Bikko and willing to do it gratis. There’s bound to be one somewhere. :) Good luck with everything!

    • I intend to draw up a draft layout myself, seeing as I’ve got a good vision of most of this thing in my head. Thanks for the tips!

  8. This project sounds really interesting. I hope it turns out to be a success for you guys! Just wondering, though, has the original author heard about what you guys are trying to do?

    • No, since we don’t have our ambassador a.k.a the only guy who knows japanese well, but I doubt he would care that a bunch of sick, sick people are making a doujinshi about the character he made based on his female friend who lost her hand (or arm). We actually discovered he made the character designs for nintendo DS game Izuna: legend of the unemployed ninja and it’s sequel, so even if we did contact him and *cought*bribed him*cought* I don’t think he would actually have the will/time to do it for us. In the end it’s his fault for never releasing his work for the internet to delight itself upon, so we tought “hell, let’s make one for ourselves” and here we are.

    • We actually found this out later on, but I decided I still want to think of Bikko as 19. If I have to, I will consider this a time-skip manga.

      • Well, alright. We have to list her as a legal age when we distribute it anyway.

        Oh, and another thing, the catgirl is her older sister, not her younger sister. I’ve seen a few people address her that way.

          • Yup. Well, I’ve only seen maybe 5 pictures of her and whenever she’s mentioned people call her Bikko’s older sister.

            Oh! One last thing, I think. (I’ve been doing some research just to confirm a few things for myself, sorry to spring all of this on you like this)
            Someone did contact Bikko’s creator about the doujin and got a response. He confirmed that he doesn’t even have it in his possession anymore.

            • Very interesting. All of this info is very good to know, and I will definitely take the fact hat Bikko’s sister is older into strong consideration. This drastically changes one of the scenes, so it’s very good that you came forward with the info before I wrote the script, haha.

              • Well it changes their relationship a lot too. I kind of like knowing that Bikko has an older sister that might care for her and want to look after her.
                Good luck! I really look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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  10. Hello,

    I’m a fan of Bikko. To put it bluntly, she’s an inspiration for me to keep on trucking; I think there are still many of us out there. I understand the pressure of a work like this, but wanted to ask if there was any chance it will see completion; but either way, thanks for trying.


    • Well, the plans were never fully completed, and we had an artist who claimed to be working on it, but I haven’t heard from them in months. That said, I recently handed the project over to someone else whose going to see what he can do, but we’re keeping it on the DL until we figure things out. We haven’t given up on this yet.

  11. Ah, such a prompt response! Much obliged. Well, I truly appreciate it; even if it’s being kept on the backburner, the fact that there’s still hope is more than enough for me. The one thing I can do is write, but I imagine that’s not a quality in high demand. :/ So, instead, please let me pass on my thanks, and the thanks of some friends. And again, thank you for the quick reply.

    • Thank you for the interest – I really want this to happen at some time, because I get consistent hits on this post all the time and people still ask me about it, so I can tell demand is really really high. I really like the story I wrote, too, so I definitely intend to finish the planning.

  12. You’re very welcome – what can I say, I had pretty much never expected to hear about something like this, so, hearing that there’s a project, and that people are still invested in it is waking up to find a world more wonderful than before. It’s always a good sign when you’ve got a story that clicks – so I hope I speak for all lurkers, dreamers, and romantic fools when I say we’re rooting for you!

  13. Isnt this like plagerism or something or do you have the consent of the original creator to republish/rework his character?
    I know this is kinda rude but your technically going about this without the original creators word of welcome and therefore your stealing his work for your own selfish need.
    I dont mind that your a fan of Bikko alot of people are clearly but if youve never read the manga yourself how can you know for sure you truelly are a fan?
    Im not saying Ive read it…but I mean this isnt exactly a fool proof plan you people have.

    • Have you ever heard of doujinshi? This is the same thing. We’re not claiming copyrights nor are we aiming to make a profit, and the original character is only an inspiration for what we want to do. We are well protected under fair use, here.

      Also, I personally believe that plagiarism is a largely bullshit concept if we aren’t directly copying something.

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  16. I have a scans of this manga (Kesson_shoujo), but it wasn’t translated. This manga isn’t verry big: only one chapter (19 pages). If somebody wants to download this manga, pleace tell me about that and I shall give him link to this file. Sorry my english, I’m from Russia.

  17. It’s just a part of the original doujinshi. Real manga was a more biger. Romantic fool drow two ore three volumes (chapters). This is one vol. of this manga. Another vol. wasn’t found. We should continied the searhers. PS Piramid_head, thank you verry much!

  18. Late as fuck lol. I was looking through my folders on my computer and deleting stuff when I came across my Bikko folder, god I remember when I first found her. So I searched to see if anyone had a manga out for her yet!! I found some stuff but it wasn’t in English, then I found this. I hope you continue on with this manga, I’d give my arm and leg just to touch the cover!

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t understand, you wrote, that you found something else. I know, that this doujinshi was contained a few chapter. I gave link to one of them. Busujimo upload a few photo of the another chapter pages. If you have something else, please upload it here. It’s no matter if it’s wasn’t translated to english.

  19. I’m making this slice of life manga and after reading about this I’ve been thinking about bikko’s small cameo. Currently I’m thinking on how to apply this to my little story. So why not I’ll just leave the rest of the big work to you guys since you deserve it.

    • Although my Japanese is poor, judging by some of the pages in the manga posted by Piramid_head on Mediafire, yes she is a prostitute.

  20. Bitch it’s been 9 years and I grew a goatee.

    Anyone still alive ?

    We are still trying to revive Bikko at r/Bikko

    Contact us/me if you got this message.

    You can find me on Reddit by u/TobiLain or

    Come back from the dead and give Bikko what she deserves.

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