Characters in Working!! Episode 1 Bring the Heat

Taneshima is so moe it hurts. Those sporadic hand gestures, and that infinite wealth of energy! Asumi Kana is perfection in her voice; energetic without once stepping into annoying, and sticking straight to cute (I’m sure the Yunocchi nostalgia helps.) Her design pulls off ‘loli with boobs’ with utmost gusto, and is an adult? Oh, yes please. That living hair is just icing on the god damn cake. I wanted to grab her right out of the screen and just carry her around on my shoulders everywhere I go. She’s the kind of character that reminds me why I have a 2D complex.

And Takanashi is the perfect male lead. There are two kinds of self-insert leads – the boring kind that attempts to be as bland and non-assuming a character as possible so as not to interrupt the energies of characters around them, and then the total ‘out-there’ kind who only exhibits a facsimile of normalcy while actually being as nutty, if not more nutty than the rest of the cast (Nisioisin has a wonderful habit of consistently producing these male leads.) Takanashi is a pleasantly surprising foray into the later, as portrayed by the always-hilarious (albeit sometimes unintentionally) Fukuyama Jun. His ‘minicon’ fantasies and utterly nonchalant explanations and reactions as filtered through his reasoning brought me to tears with laughter. I love that he seems to honestly believe that he is normal, when such is far from true. Plus, I gotta love his taste.

Working!! episode 1 showed potential to be a really fun series, and there was some real promise among the other characters, especially the girl with the sword and the guy with the hairflip (the manager was cool too, but her design and voice were both highly bland). Your mileage may very – it doesn’t take much for me to enjoy a comedy anime so long as it isn’t repetitive and doesn’t sound like it was written by 12 year-olds. I already have the feeling from Taneshima and Takanashi that the two will be more than enough to sustain my enjoyment in the series.

Best moment of the ep: Takanashi pronouncing ‘it’s more like, I want to be her father!’ I cried manly tears.

5 thoughts on “Characters in Working!! Episode 1 Bring the Heat

  1. Jun and Hiromi are played by the same VA as Shizuo and Izaya from Durarara!!. I’m hoping we get some good banter out of them since that seems to be the point of the casting.

    “Taneshima is the same as Daphnia?” You just have to love how Takanashi reasons things out!

  2. I liked the first episode of Working!!, too. I thought Takanashi was going to be another boring male lead, but once he started all the ‘minicon’ stuff, things got a lot more amusing. But mostly, the humor in show doesn’t seem intelligence-insulting, so that’s always a plus. Hopefully these crazy restaurant employees will continue to entertain =)

  3. Simply… I quoted you, dude, you’re right. Taneshima is… Love. Pure love. Real love. If I ever, for the sake of the Gods, Entropy, Destiny, Luck, Power, and all that stuff… Get to find a girl like Taneshima in real life…
    I’d die. It’s just too much cuteness, perfection simply.
    +10000000000000000000000000000000000 to the very coment.

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