My Otaku Diaries Answers – An Individual Look At Participation in the Amazing Project

The sample group.

I had never heard of Reverse Thieves when I found out about the Otaku Diaries project, but I knew that I had to participate. The idea of the project was to extensively interview a large group of anime fans both about their fandom and about their personal lives and then gather statistics and other fun facts about the sample group. Both myself and best friend No Name participated alongside many others. The 10-part Otaku Diaries project is over now, and you can read every post in the series as well as the replies to every post by Ogiue Maniax through the category search on wordpress. Some very interesting things came up throughout the project, and I very much recommend everyone give it a read-through. However, my goal today is to look at the behind-the-scenes of the project by actually publishing my own interview from the project. This can help to give you more of an idea of exactly what was asked and what kind of replies may have happened.

Now, it is very important to know that this interview happened over a year ago, in early March 2009. As such, while they haven’t been too dramatic, some things have changed since then. I have added notes and changes using brackets throughout, but otherwise this is the exact form submitted to the reverse thieves way back. Enjoy!


Age: 17 and a half [now 18 and a half]

Gender: Male

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Hometown/Where you grew up: I’ve lived in around 18 houses in my life. Most of them were in Virginia, though.

Parents/Guardians: Mom and dad

Number of siblings: 2 brothers

Sexual orientation: Straight

Nationality/Race: White American, but that’s not what i usually put on surveys, haha

Religion: Unclassifiable. I have put myself at the center of the universe and believe that I am god. So i dunno… selfism?

Martial status: Single

Number of children: lulz, zero

Highest amount of education received/currently enrolled in: I’m a senior in high school. My GPA last year was 1.9 and this year is prolly around 2.5 [Now I am a college dropout.]

Profession: I don’t get paid for anything I do

Hobbies (not including anime): I am hugely into music, dabble in video games, and have interest in a wide variety of things

How many years have you been an anime fan
: Approximately 6 or 7



1. What was/is your family situation growing up? Now?

My family situation has never really changed, though I guess my number of cousins keeps rising. We’ve had a lot of people live with us over the years, too, and we have 2 right now (my cousin and a good friend) [friend moved out, cousin still living with us]. My parents had tribulations when I was around 14 that had a pretty big effect on me I think.

2. How would you describe your relationship with your parents/guardians?

I have never, ever met someone who was closer and more honest with their parents than I am with mine.

3. How would you describe your relationship with your siblings if you have any?

Same as above – my brothers and I are extremely close. They tag along with me everywhere.

4. Do/did your parents/guardians watch anime? Do/did they know what it is? Do/did they approve of your hobbies? How have their views changed over time?

My parents are extremely liberal. They pretty much don’t care what I do. They know I own dakimakura, and while I know they think it’s weird, they don’t say anything. My parents don’t ever want to give anime a chance, but I’m slowly trying to introduce it to them.

5. Do you have any family members you would describe as sexist? racist?

Only in my extended family. Like I said before, we are extremely liberal. However, I will say that my dad is a huge homophobe. He will support their rights, but he wants them away from him. This seems to be tied to childhood trauma though.

6. Do you/did you live with parents after finishing your schooling?

As mentioned, I’m still in high school. [Still living with them after dropping out of college.]

7. Have you ever canceled social plans to watch anime? If you did were there any major repercussions?

I don’t really do anything social. When I hang out with my friends, they all come to my house, seeing as I own all the cool shit. Now, it’s true that I often ignore my friends when they come over to watch anime. However, it’s never had major repercussions.

8. Have you ever canceled anime plans to do something related to another hobby?

I don’t have too many anime ‘plans’ but it has happened before I suppose. It’s more because I suck at keeping a schedule, though, than because one thing was better than another.

9. Have you ever tired to get your significant other/children/parents/siblings into anime? In what ways? Did it work?

I try to get every single person I encounter into anime. And it does work sometimes. My brothers are into anime since it’s always been natural for them to copy me. Any friends I have usually have a little exposure and I often try to push them into fandom territory. It’s simply a fact that if you hang out with me, you are going to watch anime, so before long you’ll probably start to like it. My parents remain tough opponents, though.

10. How often do you watch anime with others vs. how much you watch on your own.

I consume anime at a rate that almost no one can compete with. So, while I do often watch anime with other people, it makes up a small percentage of my anime viewing because I simply watch SO much. I do watch with my fellow otaku friends, brothers, and people I think may be interested.

11. How many close friends do you have?

Classifying a ‘close friend’ can be a little difficult. The two closest friends I have who aren’t blood related are 1 living with me and the other over so often he may as well be. My cousin is also living with me and we are the closest of friends, but blood related. I have plenty of other friends, but none who I feel so connected with as those three. My brother’s best friend is also pretty close to me I guess.

12. How have you met most of your friends?

Mostly through school and my own tenacity. Now see, I’ve gone to 15 or so schools in my life, and I’ve had a couple of close friends at every one. It wasn’t until high school that I began meeting people of my own volition, though. I’ve gone to one high school since halfway through 9th grade, and I’d say most people know my name if just because I have a very unique appearance. Since I’ve been in high school, I’ve been very outgoing and drawn a lot of people toward me. You could say I’m relatively ‘popular’. However, my 2 non-related close friends had special circumstances, both of whom I met in Japanese class. My closest friend is a hikkikomori and honestly, thanks to conditions its just about a miracle we actually managed to meet each-other. Without my outgoing nature, we would never have spoken.

13. How big is your social network?

If we narrowed the list of people who know ‘who i am’ down to the list of people who ‘know me’ I’d say there’s at least 20-some people ‘IRL’. I run my school’s Film and Animation club and the 15-20 people who show up regularly all know me pretty well – most of my inner circle is in that club as well, with the exception of a few people from different circles as well as the friends of my more popular friends (one of my close friends has a whole other large circle of people he is friends with who know me by association.) There’s also a few online communities of varying size who know me pretty well, if they count. I’d say that overall my network is big enough that I ‘know a guy’ who could service any need of mine. Plus I am tapped into my dad’s social network by association, and he has a rediculously massive social network, being a GM of a car dealership.

14. How many friends have you lost over the years?

Easily 50 from moving alone.

15. How many nights a week do you go out/hang out with others?

I almost never leave my house on weekdays. My friends and I may go hang out in a forest or go to FYE or something, but that’s with the filter of being at my house already. I don’t ‘go’ to anyone.

16. Do you talk to a lot of people online? How close are your relationships vs. your in person ones.

I talk to a /LOT/ of people online. I am a member of several forums, frequent some IRC channels, and run a blog that has a handful of loyal followers as well as a growing amount of passerbys. My ‘casual’ friends online are more important to me than my ‘casual’ friends IRL because I spend a lot more time with them. I have a few friends online who are pretty close as well. Plus, I am constantly chatting with my hikkikomori friend online

17. Have you ever met a friend online and then in person? Did you stay friends? Did it change the relationship?

I’ve met a few people I knew online in person at the anime convention Otakon. It pretty much just made them more awesome.

18. When you have personal problems who do you turn to?

I tend to bottle my problems inside. I consider myself to have a better understanding of emotions and the world in general than most people, so I trust my own solutions the most. That said, when I’m really distraught, I always go either to my close friends, or to the older people i know on the internet. I often feel that experience is the one thing I lack which leads to my problems.

19. Do you consider yourself a leader in your group of friends?

I am THE leader of my group of friends. I brought most of them together, and I am the life of every conversation.

20. Have you ever set up your friends? Has anyone ever tried to set you up with a friend?

If you mean set up as in ‘date’ then neither has ever occurred. [As for not on dates, yes. All of my friends became close friends with one another through always being around me.]

21. Has anyone close to you ever passed away?

No one particularly close. In fact, I don’t think there’s been a strong enough death to make me cry in my life yet.

22. What do you look for in a person when considering dating? Does whether or not they like anime factor in?

Whether or not they like anime wouldn’t be a factor, but open-mindedness would. And I could get an open-minded person into anime. However, right now, I am not really looking for dating. Which is fine, because I don’t even think anyone has a crush on me >_<

23. Describe your ideal mate.

Oh, man. You better post this whole thing.

My ideal mate would be a petite girl who is very honest, smokes, and doesn’t have a conservative bone in her body. She would be very spiritualist, but have no strong beliefs. She’d be a very peaceful person – one who would rather have fun than anything else. She might be older than me. She’d probably get emotional easily, but she’d always come to me with her problems. She’d be very sexually active (lol, saw that coming) and at some point, I’d love to have a kid with her. She’d have a great fashion sense, but also love to walk around the house naked. And, uh, she loves anime.

24. How many serious relationships have you been in? How long was the longest?
What was the best situation?

Ah, shit. I don’t think any of them were serious. I’ve had 3 ‘relationships’ and all 3 were angst-fests of my 14-year-old hormonal idiot youth. Worse yet, all netships. The only ‘official’ one lasted like 2 weeks and was an epic trainwreck.

25. Have you ever been rejected? Have you ever rejected anyone? Did anime play into any of these scenarios?

I rejected a girl when I was in 5th grade. I had pretty much never spoken to a girl back then, and she had given me a secret admirer note on Valentines Day. When she showed herself, I didn’t even know who she was, and I escaped. I told my friend to make her go away, and he told her I hated her, which made her cry. I think that was the last time anyone ever showed interest in me that i myself detected. I have never asked anyone out.

26. Have you ever been dumped? Have you ever dumped anyone? Did anime play into any of these scenarios?

Going back to those netships, 2 ended by my hand, and the other was a really angsty ambiguous ending. None of which I want to talk about. [But I did anyway in a Diary of an Anime Lived post]

27. What is your internet use daily? How often do you use it to converse? How often do you use it to converse with other anime fans?

I use the internet… almost all day. Once i get home, I get online, and I only stop to go see what’s going on around the house. I’d say I minimally use it for 4 hours a day, and at max 8 to 10 hours. I spend almost all of that time talking to anime fans.

28. Have you ever used an online dating service? Did you list anime in your profile?

No, but I suspect anime would be all over my profile, XD

29. Have you ever dated someone you met online? How did you meet them online?

See above. As for how I met them, all in forums.

30. Have you ever been attracted to someone outside of your race?

Oh hell yes. First off, I loves me some Asian women. I also love black women. Shit, i just like women in general. If she’s attractive, race is never a killer.

31. Have you ever dated outside of your race? Was there any negative reaction from your family/friends?

Never dated outside my race, but I think my family and friends would be more proud of me.

32. Have you ever hit on anyone at an anime con?

No, but I plan to next year, I promise XD I will be cosplaying as a pretty boy, so I hope that helps.

33. Have you ever dated someone you met at an anime con?

No, but I won’t mind it happening!

34. Have you ever had a con-quest? (Also known as a hook-up at a convention.)

WTF?! con-quest?! XDDDD

35. How much sexual experience have you had?

I have fucked, uh, my hand, a pillow, a bed sheet, and various other things…

36. Are you sexual attracted to anime characters? What fetishes do you subscribe to?

Haha, of course I’m attracted to anime characters. I watch quite a bit of H anime and read a lot of doujins. My biggest attraction is petite girls. I could easily say ‘loli’ but I don’t necessarily want the girls to look young. I just like short girls with small breasts. Same is true for real girls. However, when it comes to anime, I have an assload of fetishes. I’m just a freak, haha. I even look at guro.

37. Do you have any fetishes you wouldn’t casually tell someone?

I am an open book, so no, but I have fetishes most people wouldn’t casually tell someone.

38. Has your sexual orientation changed since you started watching anime? Are the two related?

I wouldn’t say so. Back when I was 14 I thought I was bisexual, but I got out of that. Then for a while, I thought I was supposed to be a woman, who was also a lesbian. That’s because I could only enjoy yuri porn. However, I grew out of that, too.

39. Have you ever been attracted to a character that was outside your norm? (i.e. you are a gay man but were attracted to female character.)

Hahaha, well I do love traps. I don’t think there’s any area that doesn’t have at least one attractive character. Sometimes I like big breasted girls (Kallen from Code Geass <3) and sometimes cute guys (that kid from Nabari no Ou, I wanted to rape him.)

40. Have you ever watched anime while performing a sexual act?

On myself maybe.

41. Do you watch pornography? How much, if any, is anime?

I watch quite a bit of porn, and I’d say 95% of it is anime. That said, I’m very picky about what I’ll watch. I can’t stand rape, and it happens in most anime porn. The reason I watch so little live action porn is simply because it all feels so fake. [See: this post]

42. Have you ever watched porn/hentai in a group? With your significant other?

Actually, I’ve done something kind of like that. I think I’ve watched a porn or two with a friend or two.

43. Have you ever role-played/cos-played during sex?

Obviously, no.

self image

1. Have you ever identified yourself as an otaku online? To your friends? To your family? To your coworkers? Why or why not?

I identify myself as an otaku to everyone I meet. I thrive on honesty. Considering that my life just about entirely consists of anime and music, I don’t really have much else to discuss anyway.

2. Have you ever been disgusted or ashamed of yourself as a fan? Of your fellow fans?

Hahaha, well, I do fucking hate narutards. Actually, I am frequently disappointed in fans as a whole for liking ‘x’ show or et cetera, but nothing enough to loose faith on otakudom as a whole. I think I’ve disappointed myself a couple times, but most things I take as a learning experience.

3. How much do you watch anime to escape reality?

I wouldn’t say I do that at all. I’ve never really wanted to escape reality.

4. How have you changed as a fan since you have started watching anime?

Immensely. I began as someone who pretty much just liked action in any form. Over the years, I evolved into a different person and got back into anime because of moe and similar elements. I strove long and hard to eliminate all my bias, so now I watch pretty much anything.

5. Were/are you part of any clubs/sports?

I have only been a member of one school club, the Film and Animation club, which I started this year. I had thought about making an anime club, but didn’t want to attract a bad crowd, so I stuck with film and animation. I also played baseball back in elementary school and was a member of the cub scouts back then, quitting both by middle school.

6. What type of student were/are you?

It’s been a roller coaster. When I was a little kid, I was a perfect student. However, when I was in 3rd grade, they put me in a ‘gifted’ school wherein I was overworked and my grades got a little worse. Through middle school I was an A-B student with maybe 1 c a report card. When I got into high school, I was an A-C student with the occasional D through 9th and 10th grades. In 11th grade I stopped caring entirely and had a C-D average and actually failed Algebra 2 which I’m taking again. Right now I’m back to an A-C average. [I managed to graduate.]

7. Did/do you enjoy going to school?

Never, ever have.

8. Do you consider yourself smarter than the average person?

I consider myself worlds beyond the average person.

9. Do you consider yourself more personable than the average person?

No. I’m a sucky person to be friends with, I think. I am extremely manipulative and lazy, and I always want my way.

10. Do you think you have any skills or talents that set you apart from others?

I am a decent writer, but mostly I am a director. My cousin and I recently began taking our directing career seriously. [Bullshit.]

11. Were/are picked on in school? Did/do you ever bully anyone?

Up until l high school I was bullied mostly based on my appearance. I wore glasses until 7th grade and have always had long hair, so I was a huge target back then, and I would never do anything about it. In 3rd grade, a mix of bullying and bad grades made me attempt suicide. It stopped in high school though.

12. Describe your ideal job.

Directing, which I am already doing. Though ideally, I’d be directing animation.

13. Do you enjoy your job?

Directing? Hell yes. But I need to get a regular job soon since I am perpetually broke.

14. Is your current job what you went to school for? If you are still in school, what do you think your chances are you will get a job related to what you went to school for?

I don’t go to school for anything, man. I do plan to go to film school next year just because I don’t want to loose the opportunity, but I’d be a director with or without it. [I ended up going to a visual arts center, then to business classes, and finally dropped out.]

15. Do you consider yourself good at your job? Better than your co-workers?

Does not apply, I don’t think.

16. Do you see yourself in this same job 5 years from now?

I plan to direct forever, man.

17. If someone were to describe you in one word what would it be?

“Villain.” And it’s something I want to talk about. I seem to be vilified by most of the people I know. My parents always said that I ‘had replaced my heart with a second brain.’ which I’m sure I came up with long ago but they sure stuck to it. My brother thinks I’m evil and always portrays me as a villain in anything he writes involving us (himself always the hero.) My mom always says that bargaining with me is ‘making a deal with the devil.’ My friend who lives with me never wants to do anything for me because he always assumes I have a dark purpose or am trying to use him. Personally, I don’t like to be treated this way, but I am not sure that I deserve better. As I said before, I am a manipulative bastard, and people have taken that and made it into my only character trait – they just assume I always want something from them. I can’t even call my brother’s name without him assuming I want something from him. I just want people to start recognizing all the non-evil things I do. I am a very nice person when I need to be and I’d like to think I’ve been extremely helpful in many ways. I only ever get recognized as a villain, though. I’d say only my cousin and best friend see me as something more.

18. Would you describe yourself as attractive?

Not anymore. If I shaved and lost 40 pounds, I’d be extremely attractive, but that’s not happening any time soon. I have very pretty features though.

19. What is your general state of health?

I am going to die in about 10 years. I am probably the most unhealthy person I’ve ever met. That said, my youth has kept it from taking effect.

20. Do you have any outstanding medical conditions? Do you take a prescription for anything?

No, but I get strep throat bi-seasonally.

21. Do you exercise on a regular basis?


22. Do you watch what you eat?

Recently, I stopped getting fries with my lunch. But really, none of the foods I enjoy are healthy. At this very second I am eating Ritz dipped in peanut butter and drinking Mountain Dew.

23. Do you take vitamins?

No, but I have before?

24. Have you ever been to a psychiatrist/psychologist?

I have always been interested in going, but I haven’t. However, I know more than enough about the subject that I can easily psychoanalyze myself, as I have. [I started visiting a psychologist about a month ago]

25. Would you say you have a temper?

I am pretty good at keeping cool. When I get mad, I am usually putting on a show. Only my brother knows how to truly piss me off.

26. Do you get embroiled in drama frequently? Do you get pulled into other people’s drama?

Not anymore. I used to be total trollbait online which would cause drama. I also easily get into arguments with people who have strong beliefs. However, these days I don’t take anything seriously enough to get dramatic.

27. How often do you find yourself being a mediator between people?

Occasionally, I suppose. I get really into everyone’s business, so if I’m a mediator, the whole thing is going to end up about me before long, XD

28. Would you say you procrastinate often?

Oh my god, I ALWAYS procrastinate. Which is funny, because when I do something, I do it with insane speed and proficiency, it’s just a matter of when I do it.

29. How much do you consider yourself a forgiving person?

I am probably way too forgiving. I keep a lot of people around who have failed me too many times. [Not true anymore, the only people around me are my closest pals.]

30. Do you tackle your problems head on?

Depends on the problem, I guess? I’d say I do, seeing as I am a very blunt and honest person.

31. Have you done any body alternations related to anime (ex: dye hair, tattoo, etc.)?

No, but I may get ‘Momento Mori’ tattoed on my back, and anime taught me that phrase.

32. Have you ever taken up something (ex: martial arts) because of anime?

Back when I was new to anime, I started up Tai Kwon Do for a while just because of anime. These days, it would be for my films.

33. Have you tried to learn Japanese?

I took 3 years of Japanese in high school, but all three were years that were utter chaos and I ended all 3 with a ‘D’. I did pick up the basics, though, and anime has taught me some stuff to add onto that.

34. Has anime ever helped you?

Anime is always helping me. Anime pretty much gave me direction in life. Literally, it inspired me to become a director! Anime pretty much means everything to me.

35. Name an anime character that is most like yourself.

Probably Madarame from Genshiken, since he’s a huge otaku and quite the proclaimer. [This comparison has only grown more true over time, lol.]

36. What is the anime character you admire the most? Why?

Claire Stanfield from Baccano. The show is rife with immortal characters, and yet no one is a better fighter than Claire who is not one. Claire believes that he is god, and that everyone is a part of his dream. He has the confidence that he can do anything, and therefor does whatever he wants, and it works for him simply because of the sheer power of his confidence. This is the kind of person I am and am striving to be more of.

37. Has your anime fandom ever been an obstacle in your life?

I’m not sure I could say that… my anime fandom IS my life.


1. What was the first anime you saw? Did you know it was anime at the time? Would you still watch that anime today?

The first anime I saw was probably Pokemon. I didn’t know it was anime. I still watch it. I’m a Pokemon lifer.

2. Do you pay attention to anime directors and who directs what you watch? Who is your favorite anime director?

Oh, HELL yes. I am the king of celebrating directors, and in fact it’s what I look for the most in anime. My favorite director is Akiyuki Shinbo (most SHAFT anime, Yamamoto Yohko, Tenamonya Voyagers, The SoulTaker, Le Protrait de Petit Cossette, etc.) He was the biggest influence on my becoming a director.

3. Do you consider being called an otaku a badge of honor or an insult?

A badge of honor. Otakudom is all that I am.

4. Would you be more or less inclined to be friends with someone who called themselves an otaku? Would you be more or less inclined to date someone who called themselves an otaku?

If they know what it means to be an otaku and genuinely are one, then they are more likely my comrade.

5. Have you ever gotten into an argument over the use of the word otaku?

Not an argument, but I’ve had to explain it to people.

6. What is your opinion on lolita? shouta? yaoi? yuri? hentai?

I am open to everything. Shit, I’ll watch everything.

7. How much anime do you own?

I own probably just over 100 DVDs and just over 100 tankouban.

8. Do you purchase anime without knowing more than what’s on the box?

I did back when I was new to anime, but not usually anymore. I’ve heard of pretty much everything anyway.

9. Do you watch more anime than any other type of entertainment?

I actually probably listen to music more than I watch anime, but that’s while talking about anime online anyway so it balances out I think.

10. Do you watch raws?

Occasionally, when I feel like challenging myself.

11. Do you watch fan-subs?

I kind of have to.

12. Do you watch streaming anime?

I actually watch most anime streamed because I watch a lot of it on a whim and don’t have time to wait for a download.

13. How likely are you to buy a show you’ve already watched?

I mostly buy shows I’ve seen so I can see them again. And again. etc.

14. Have you ever downloaded to own (ex: iTunes, Funimation) anime?

No, because the whole point of paying for anime for me is my collection.

15. Ever downloaded anything you were too embarrassed to buy?

No. Once I turn 18, I intend to buy my favorite H anime on DVD. [I have yet to do so, as i have not come into any money since turning 18]

16. Have you been to a con? How many? How often?

I’ve only been to one con so far, which was Otakon 2008, but I plan to start going to more this year. [Later went to Otakon 09 and Nekocon 09]

17. What is your opinion of cos-play? Have you cos-played? Ever been hit on while cos-playing? Ever cos-played outside a con?

i haven’t cosplayed yet, but I love it and want to do it. I plan to cosplay as Boogiepop this year, and if I get hit on by someone who knows the character, it will be the awesomest thing ever. [The Boogiepop cosplay never happened. I am not planning to cosplay Katsura from Gintama.]

18. Have you ever done an absurd amount of research on someone from the industry? Tried to find them?

Oh yes. I am known for doing large amounts of fanboying on anime creators and have researched some to the ground as well as checked out shows based on creators.

19. Ever participated in 4chan? Helped in online activity of the Anonymous? In real life?

Yes, I love /a/. I don’t do /b/ though. I dabble in /u/. My friends are 4channers so we use a lot of memes in everyday life. Oh, and I just lost the game.

20. Do you leave the house with something anime related on your person (ex: cell phone strap/background, button, etc.)

Well, I bring manga to school a lot… I really don’t like to wear accessories so I don’t buy them I do wear a FullMetal Alchemist hoodie a lot though.

21. Do you own anime related clothing?

I used to have a few when I was newer to anime, like a Kenshin and Inuyasha shirt, but these days I think the only one that still fits is my FullMetal Alchemist hoodie, which I actually bought years back but it was huge. [I now also own the Lucky Eva t-shirt and one of the Eureka Seven t-shirts. Still working on expanding this one.]

22. Do you have something anime related at your office/workplace/locker?

I don’t use my locker at all, so no.

23. Does you religion effect your anime watching?

Hahahahahahaha, no.

24. How much time do you spend at work doing something anime related?

does not apply.

25. Ever tried to get a job in the anime industry?

Once I hit it big as a director, I am hoping I can pull a Tarantino and get some animators interested in doing stuff for me.

26. Have you ever gotten into an argument about anime? In real life? Did it get physical?

Shit, probably.

27. What is your opinion of modern anime fandom?

I think anime fandom is an amazing thing, but that’s what I’d say is true about any fandom. I love the community aspect.

28. How has fandom changed since you started watching anime?

It hasn’t much as far as I know… just gotten much bigger and easier to access.

29. What do you think is the future of anime fandom?

Hopefully, the future is just to keep growing!

30. Do you think it is a fan’s duty to support the industry?

Yes. If you like anime, help it to exist!

31. Have you ever bought or read doujinshi?

I read a lot of doujins, and I bought two of them at otakon. I intend to buy more.

32. Have you ever written or read fanfiction?

I used to write a lot of fanfiction, and I’m trying to get back into it. Most of the fanfiction I’ve written was erotic. [I’ve written a few fanfics since.]

33. Have you ever been a shipper?

No, and I’m not even sure what one is. [I know now, hence my ship list (dated)]

34. Have you ever watched an AMV? made one?

I love AMVs, and I want to make them very badly. My friend and I have plans to do one eventually.

35. Have you ever written for an fanzine, magazine, or blog?

I run a blog and have been a member of team blogs before. I’ve also written for a couple of anime websites. Never offline, though.

36. Have you ever been part of an anime club? an officer?

The film and animation club does screen anime, but isn’t’ an anime club. I am the president and founder. [My inactivity caused the club to shut down. It started back up the next year without me, but shut down again due to inactivity later in the year.]

37. Have ever participated in any other type of fan made activity?

Plenty of times. There’s nothing I love more than expressive fandom.

38. What do you think that fan made works contribute to the hobby as a whole?

I think that they help people get a deeper appreciation for anime and how strongly people can feel about it.

39. Have you ever experienced anime burn out?

A couple of times, never with positive effects.

40. Do you quote anime? Have you ever quoted it to people who don’t watch anime?

I quote anime all the time, and when I do it to people who don’t know anime, I usually tell them how I wish they’d watch more anime XD

41. What is a deal breaker for a show? (i.e. I can’t watch a show, no matter what, if it has A)

I don’t like politics in general in anime. I also hate when people yell each-others names incessantly. Drama too early in a show or too much focus on plot over characters can be deal breakers too. And I generally hate love triangles and tsundere.

42. Is there any type of show you will always watch/give a chance?

I give most things at least a chance, but I will watch anything by certain studios, anything psychological, and most things with mechs.

43. Are there any genres you won’t watch?

Not really, though like I said I dislike politics.

44. Do you still see yourself watching anime 10 years from now?

I see myself watching anime forever.

45. Why do you watch anime?

It is the definition of my existence.

OTAKU DIARY – OPTIONAL [The idea here was to wait a week and then answer these questions.]

How many hours of anime did you watch each day?

I spent most of the week at concerts and sick but I managed to pull off around 10 eps of anime total. [I think I was trying to restart watching Toradora at the time]

How much anime did you download each day?

None, I streamed or watched DVDs.

How much time did you spend looking at anime related materials on the internet each day?

Any time that I wasn’t at a concert, haha. I mean I didn’t time it… lets just say ‘a fuckload of time’.

What days did you purchase an anime related good(s)?

I didn’t. I have no money.

(All images in this post are official Ichigo Mashimaro art by Barasui, with the exception of the Genshiken at the top.)

If you want to read more about anime’s affect on peoples lives, check out the Diary of an Anime Lived series.

15 thoughts on “My Otaku Diaries Answers – An Individual Look At Participation in the Amazing Project

    • Hehehe. At the time I was planning to cosplay Boogiepop who would have worn a lot of makeup. Katsura (who I now plan to do) does not have the makeup, but is nonetheless still a pretty guy~

  1. I read about half of could definitely get a govt job as poster child for how young people should NOT give out personal info over the net…geez…’re done with college?!

    • Lol. What is someone gunna do with my info? Hunt me down and rape me? Stalk me? Tell people my secrets?

      There is nothing they can do to me that I wouldn’t do to myself lol.

      And yeah, I dropped out unceremoniously lol.

  2. Wow, what an impressive Q & A list. I wish I had known about this Otaku Diaries project – I would have liked to participate. As usual, you always give such open, honest answers =)

    These questions really do cover just about everything you’d want to know about an anime otaku. I may answer the questions myself just for fun – it would be a good self study exercise.

  3. This post is just so big that it broke the vertical dashed line that separates the columns.

    But anyway, I wish I had found out about this when it started. Too bad I only watched Naruto and One Piece back in 2008, and if I did found out about it then, I would just ask myself “what’s an otaku?” and then proceed to download more 40Mb RMVBs of One Piece…

  4. Oh ho ho, this takes me back to those soul baring surveys people used to do on MySpace all the time! I kind of want to do it but never post it, just for funsies~
    Though, no more college? (sorry if you’ve been asked that a lot already)

    • Haha I thought of making the post title a reference to those myspace quizzes, but then I figured people wouldn’t want to read LOL

  5. Man I really would have loved to have been a part of this, even though I wasn’t even half the otaku I was I year ago, probably couldn’t even rightly have called myself an otaku then. Still woulda been kinda cool.

    And this, “I thought I was supposed to be a woman, who was also a lesbian.” Put that on a shirt.

  6. “(that kid from Nabari no Ou, I wanted to rape him.)”

    What a coincidence. I was just thinking about him this morning. Specifically the scene in the first episode where he says, “That hurts, sensei.” Chuckling at air while sitting at the office is looked upon as rather odd, as it turns out. :)

    • That scene made me laugh hard – kid was a grade-A troll. Incidentally, I wonder what the hell made me bring him up in the survey since I’m sure the show wasn’t airing or anything at the time… must have had just seen a reference or something.


      >>“(that kid from Nabari no Ou, I wanted to rape him.)”

      What a coincidence.<<

      Stop here for greatest effect XD

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