Top 10 Nut-Clenchingly Awesome First Scenes of Anime

5. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

I believe that starting up Haruhi was the first time I felt actual fear upon starting an anime. I was freaking out, wondering if I was watching the right show, or if I’d been a victim of some massive troll, and I was confused as all fuck. Then I started to realize what was going on, and I was simply in awe. Haruhi takes the cake for the most mind-blowingly WTF anime beginning, and managing such a thing took titanium balls.

4. Futakoi Alternative (first 4 minutes of above video)

I once declared Futakoi Alternative to have the second-best opening episode ever, and this extends to the opening scene as well. It all starts when the opening video blows a massive hole in expectations by being the zaniest, most action-packed opening video in existence, and then it immediately launches into two and a half minutes of ridiculously well-animated and godly choreographed fighting with a pair of adorable lolis packing serious heat. Before you have time to pick your jaw off the floor, little girls are covered in white goo and shit is blowing up again. The best part? The entire scene is totally irrelevant to the show. UFOTable brings it god-level here.

3. Taishou Yakyuu Musume

After about a minute of rather unassuming dialog that would lead one to the astute assumption that Taishou Yukyuu Musume was a slowly paced slice-of-life series, all of a sudden the lead character breaks into a zany and utterly hilarious musical number. I don’t think anyone can say that they didn’t finish the first episode after witnessing this!

2. Rurouni Kenshin Tsuiokuhen

Tsuiokuhen takes off with one of the most brutal, violent, and thoroughly intense anime scenes I’ve yet to witness. A young Kenshin (then Shinta) watches as the various women being sold into slavery with him are slaughtered mercilessly by bandits, and then those bandits being mercilessly slaughtered by a passerby swordsmen who just happens to cut one of the men into fucking fourths. The passerby then tells Kenshin not to bother begrudging those men as they are dead, and his companions avenged. The sheer cutthroat brutality of this scene has long made it one of my favorites, and made it unforgettable.


1. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied has the most famous opening scene of any anime for a damn good reason. After a gorgeous opening video, for seven straight minutes we watch a nude woman with a helmet over her head wander around a facility slaughtering 50-some anonymous hostiles in the most gruesome ways imaginable. Sure it’s trash. Sure it’s completely ridiculous. Sure it’s largely pointless. But I’ll be damned if this isn’t the most memorable opening scene of any anime in existence.

That covers my top 10, but I’m sure that there are some great opening moments out there that I haven’t seen yet. But maybe you have – share your favorite opening scenes in the comments section below. Bonus points if you link to a video, and extra bonus points if the moment happens in less than 1 minute of the show beginning!

28 thoughts on “Top 10 Nut-Clenchingly Awesome First Scenes of Anime

  1. I think NGE has to be in this list, and Ghost in the Shell (are movies allowed?)

    You should do a worst list, but only include starts that prevent people from discovering the eventual gold in the show (e.g. Lucky Star).

    • I’m 90% sure someone is going to add Lucky Star to the best list with no irony (Patz loves it, for one). Don’t just say what has to be on the list, detail it! I find the very beginning of Evangelion not even slightly deserving of placement, so you better explain!

      And no, movies are not allowed, hence my not including Akira (but giving a visual homage).

      I like the worst list idea though.

  2. I don’t know if it’s one of the best, but I liked the pure, simple WTF of Mouryou no Hako’s first scene: Just two dudes chilling on a train, one of whom is talking to a box he has on his lap. After a noise comes from the box, the crazy guy is all, “Oh, you heard it?” whereupon he opens the box and there’s a fucking disembodied inside, looking around now that it is actually free to see something and making generally unintelligible noises. That scene nails a great atmosphere of waking up and seeing some really god damn weird.

    Giant Robo’s beginning had me hooked from the start (so much fun), and you’d have to be soulless to not love Haruhi’s opening.

    • I couldn’t remember how Mouryou no Hako started is why I didn’t include it, though it’s one of my favorite first eps ever. Now that I remember, it was great moment though~.

  3. For the time being, I’m going to just dispense with objecting to the whole concept of “top X” lists or saying “why was this included? / why wasn’t this included?” aka the only discussion that can ever really result from these things. I’ll let all that slide this time since rather than just write “how could you forget the opening scene of the Read or Die OAVs, man?!” I want to delve on a slightly different point:

    I understand the desire to try and make one’s articles interesting to a reader. But in so doing, you run the risk of going overboard, where enthusiastic hyperbole just becomes flat-out nonsense. The “top X” list style of article is particularly vulnerable to this, since you’re trying to put forth an argument that such-and-such is among the highest ranked of all there is. So when you say something like “Elfen Lied has the most famous opening scene of any anime for a damn good reason,” it gives me pause because the most famous opening scene of any anime…is one I couldn’t even remember.

    That was indeed my first reaction: “wait, what was the opening scene to that again?” And I’ve seen that show! I don’t think my reaction is an anomaly either. Elfen Lied certainly had a bit of a following as it was being fansubbed, enough that it got released on DVD in the US and did OK, but it didn’t set the world on fire (because it’s not very good). Once it was off the air, it was pretty quickly forgotten about. At least, I don’t see people at conventions or online still talking about it, aside from the occasional praise for its violence. It’s some cool violence, but alas it’s overshadowed by moe/incest type stuff which dominate the series running time.

    Regardless, this isn’t about one’s thoughts on Elfen Lied either way. The point is that even if you like something, how do you convince readers that a show from 5-6 years ago which relatively few people have seen has the most famous opening scene of any anime? That’s a totally different beast from just saying it’s “your favorite” or “the best.” “Most famous” is far less subjective a claim. There would need to be some sort of evidence presented. Surely something that’s “the most famous opening scene ever” would be more…well-known? The title graphic for this post is from the opening scene of Akira…which isn’t even include on the list! I understand that hardly any anime fans in 2010 have seen Akira, but that’s still remembered after 22 years, you know? Had you said the opening to that was “the most famous” opening anime scene of all time, I’d probably accept that on those grounds.

    You probably just got caught up in the moment while writing the piece, which is what tends to happen when writing these lists. You have to continually top yourself as you get to number one. While I’d prefer people do away with this list stuff entirely, that’s sadly not going to happen. So I’ll just advise that in the future it might be better to just omit the need for ranking them. Just do “ten” instead of “top ten.” I know, I know, doing so deprives you of the discussion and page views you’d get from the Internet Anime Autism Horde. But you’ll be better for it in the long run.

    • Name a more famous opening to an anime then?

      Elfen Lieds opening I’d heard about long before I knew anything else about the anime. It’s mentioned in 90% of reviews of the series and mentioned quite frequently when talking about OTT violence in any anime. Honestly, if someone had asked me the same question of what was the most famous opening to any anime, I’d have given the same answer

    • Daryl, nothing on this site makes any attempt at being objective. If you had ever read me before, you would know that. I am not trying to be definitive because I don’t give a fuck about definitivity or even anyone’s opinion but my own. At the start of this post I said “These are my Top 10 Nut-Clenchingly Awesome First Scenes in Anime.” the keyword there is ‘MY’.

      Do not judge the things I write without understanding me as a writer.

      Furthermore, my judgment about Elfen Lied’s opening scene is not wrong. Maybe you don’t see it talked about because you are focused on a hardcore anime scene. However, Elfen Lied is common knowledge to casual fans as well. I have met scores of people who know of Elfen Lied, and in my experience of reading hundreds of favorites lists, I have seen Elfen Lied in shit tons of favorites list, plus I’ve talked to many non-anime fans in my own hometown who have seen Elfen Lied. My judgment is not without basis.

      I know where you’re coming from, Daryl, because I feel the way you do, but don’t confuse me with every other blog doing a list like this. I am not every other blogger.

  4. I’d never forget the first episode of Haruhi, but thanks for refreshing my memory about the beginning of Bakemonogatari, Eden of the East, and Elfen Lied. Unfortunately Eden of the East didn’t shock me that much because I had already read a short summary of what happens in the first episode. And for Elfen Lied, even though a friend already told me how violent it was, it was still shocking. It would probably shock me again if I watched it again.

    What about the first episode of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni? That’s definitely one of my most shocking anime first scenes.

  5. The only other one I’d say really deserves to be on here is Gurren Lagann. Captain GARlock is a fucking legend. Sure, it never actually happened in the series, but DAMN was that opening scene amazing.


    • I considered entering TTGL but I don’t really think the scene made me think ‘this is already the awesomest show ever.’

        • I would post a link to the clip, because I do think it’s great, but youtube only seems to have it dubbed >_< anyway, it certainly is in the top percentage of anime beginnings.

  6. Tsuiokuhen and Giant Robo ftfw! This is a good list, but way too easy to personalize :)

    I feel the problem’s always existed. For every awesome opener there are 3 decent ones and five lame ones. And worse, it’s no indication of the quality of the overall show, although when I was younger it seemed to be :)

  7. One of the most memorable things about the Elfen Lied opening is its wonderful treatment of the comical dojikko stereotype. The way it handles the comical dojikko stereotype character is a marvel to behold.

  8. The Kenshin OVA opener really ingrained itself into me, mostly because that was one of the first shows I’ve ever seen and one with that high level of ultra-violence. Definitely unforgettable in every aspect, especially once Hiko comes in to save the day with his badassery!

    • Hell yes. That opening scene made it my favorite show ever at 13, haha. Hiko cutting the guy into 4ths is just classic.

  9. I must say I was surprised that Higurashi wasn’t included. The main character slaughtering two girls in a room with a baseball bat is pretty memorable; especially given the fact that all three are seemingly alive as soon as the opening finishes :p.

    Good choice for the ones there though. Can’t say I remember Haruhi’s opening scene, but I didn’t like the show so that’s probably my fault xD.

    (as for what was said above about Elfen Lied, it is still pretty well known. I mean even some of my friends who watch very few anime had seen it… And they showed a few episodes of it at Polymanga on Sunday evening, so it isn’t completely absent at conventions either)

    • The thing about Higurashi is, I think a lot of people didn’t know what the hell was going on at that scene. I’ve heard many people say how they ‘watched the first ep of Higurashi and thought it was just a cutesy slice-of-life show.’ I always want to ask these people if they somehow missed the opening scene. I did consider including it anyway, though.

  10. Samurai Champloo I though had a sweet first scene with Mugen and Jin already captured and about to be executed. While it wasn’t exactly the first scene, but when in Xam’d when the bus gets bombed. Tower of Druaga when Fatina gets captured by the ropper.

  11. Have you listened to the original enka version of that Taishou Yakyuu Musume song?

    Apparently it was really popular in Japan just before the time period when TYM takes place. I call that real love for the source material. :)

    Since somebody mentioned it, I do remember the start of the ROD OVA quite fondly.

    • Do I…… WANT to hear it?

      *listens* god damn it, I am going to favorite this, and then my brother is going to listen to it a million times.


  12. Speaking of Futakoi Alternative — I am not sure what to think about it. It started completely rediculous with wtf factor set to 11. Then episode rolled around. Despite being psychiadelic, I thought it was surprisingly meloncholic and mature. I suppose if I am watching this currently I will just say that the studio can do both great comedy and great drama.

    Also, so that is where UFTable practiced clay animation for the glorious Mikan Straight ED.

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