A New Form of Blogroll, Dedicated to Irreplacable Posts

I grow weary of blogroll convention. You give a list of blogs, and it’s basically just a shout-out to friends. You give an annotated blogroll, but who really cares? How much can you really say in your one little paragraph that actually gives people a sense of the blogger? Not fucking much. I grow weary of this shout-out style of blogroll. I love you guys – you know that. There’s no real meaning in my linking to your blog and trying to say something about it if I don’t really read your blog.

It’s not like my admitting to not caring about your blog means I don’t care about you as a person. I happen to take reading anime blogs quite seriously. I don’t read anime blogs just for the hell of it, I read blogs that actually effect me or my perception in some way. So, I’m quite picky – while it’s true that I read posts on blogs I don’t normally read sometimes, either because I am linked or because I receive a trackback, there is honestly only a tiny handful of blogs that I really read. These are the blogs where I read every post regardless of what they are about. These are the blogs that I go back and re-read posts on, and write response posts, or long comments in reply.

I think that a blogroll should not just be a friendly handshake to every who’s name you know, but actually celebrate the blogs you truly care about. And that’s why I’ve decided to take my blogroll to a new level. I am not just linking to a blog with a description of what they do, but I am actually going to show you why I love them so much. I am going to link to all of my favorite posts from each blog, and then link to the posts I have done that were directly influenced by that blog. This way, you can actually see how I view each blogger as a part of my world, and how I take them in to influence myself. That is to say, these posts are so integral to my anime blogging, that reading them could be considered an extension of experiencing my mind. Being as I try to cover all bases in explaining why I feel the way I do, I definitely think that listing these posts is important.

This blogroll will be seen on the like-named page in the left-hand column of the site, but I figured I ought to announce it in post form anyhow.

Why I have not listed my favorite posts from Ogiue Maniax, Eastern Standard, Why So Hostile, or Zero Punctuation: These sites are all more just generally awesome. While they have stand-out posts here and there, most of their stuff is good either just for the way that the author writes, or because of the interesting things they discover/points they make.

Posts I’ve deliberately written in their style? While I’ve only listed a few posts as ‘deliberately’ imitating the styles of 2DT, AK, and sds, in cases where a conscious effort was made to that end, it is safe to say that my style as a whole has been greatly influenced by these authors. That is, in fact, why I did not include any posts as ‘deliberately’ written in Ghostlightning’s style – his influence has been so huge on my writing that I’d have an easier time picking out posts that didn’t have some of his influence.

2-D Teleidoscope – 2DT is my favorite blogger on the scene right now. He writes succinct, frequent posts that always fuel thought and discussion, and help to point out interesting little tidbits of anime and fandom. 2DT is one of the nicest people I know online and brings a very cheerful, fun attitude to blogging that is quite magnetic.

Favorite 2DT Posts:

Toradora and the Dilemma of Masculinity

A Personal Note 3: Anime Blogging as the Cure for Loneliness

Hourou Musuko and the Transgender Trap

Thinking About Blobs: KyoAni and Social Impairment

Hourou Musuko and the Love That Dare Not Speak It’s Name

Diary of an Anime Lived: Coping With Video Girl Ai

A Personal Note 7: This Sensei Life

The Cutting-Edge Music of Hanamaru Kindergarten

Durarara!! Party Time in the Heisei Generation

Sora no Woto: Dead Languages and Traumatic  Memories

Cultural Feminism: Database Animals and Chu-Bra!

A Personal Note 9: The Advantages of Having Tainaka Ritsu on Your Desk

Diary of an Anime Lived: Toilet Shy With Sora no Woto

Superflat Dimensionality and the Mahou Shoujo: Decrypting Masculine Animation in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Posts I’ve Deliberately Written In His Style:

Epic in an Instant: Creating the Casual Fan

Night of the Servants OR How Anime Ingrained the Awesomeness of Maids and Butlers Into Our Minds

Baka-Raptor – Baka-Raptor has no competition for the title of ‘funniest anime blog’ and while it can be hard to take him seriously since he at times strives to be blatantly offensive or biased, if you worry less about your own opinion, you’ll be able to have a ton of fun with his blog.

Favorite Baka-Raptor Posts:

I Double-Endorse Queen’s Blade

Yuri is a Lot Like Mecha

Time to Go Train in the Mountains

Onani Master Kurosawa: Finally a Character I Can Relate To

Midterm Grades: Fall 2008

The True Meaning of GAR

Kaiji vs. Kaiba: An Objective Analysis

The Ultimate Guide to Picking Summer Anime

The Perfect Way to End A Series

Posts I’ve Deliberately Written In His Style:

Blog Post of the Week: Baka-Raptor Midterm Grades Fall 2008

Digitalboy’s Shipping – Anime Relationships I Support


Clannad – Fuuko Arc – The Hardest I’ve Ever Cried During an Anime and Anime Moments That Briefly Made Me A Woman

Cobra vs. Chu-Bra: An Objective Analysis

Eastern Standard – ES is primarily the blog of Andrew Cunningham, who is my hero. He is an outstanding translator who has worked to bring the Boogiepop franchise to America as well as some other Japanese novels of merit. ES is where he and his buddies, Joe Iglesias, Derek Guder, David Goodwin, and Wally Xie talk about pretty much any interesting things they discover and share them with the world. I recommend this blog as highly as I can.

girl cartoons – This is a brand-new tumblr blog from author 8c, and it has instantly cemented itself among my favorite blogs by having three mind-crushingly amazing posts immediately upon inception. Definitely the big new blog to look out for, and the best part is that he’s dedicated to intelligent discourse on so-called ‘moe anime’ – something we need a lot fucking more of.

Favorite 8c Posts:

Repost: I Liked Endless Eight

Time in Hidamari Sketch

K-On!! Growing Up, And the Heart of Slice-of-Life

Posts I’ve Deliberately Written in His Style:

Responding To Some Amazing Hidamari Sketch Posts By 8c (Part 1)

kritik der animationskraft – This is easily the most fun I have with a blogger. Anime Kritik will tie anything into philosophy and huge theories that, whether or not they make sense, are presented so well that they become a blast to read every time. If you’ve seen or read any of the shows or manga that he blogs, then you owe it to yourself to read his posts. He’s also a huge fan of mine, and I love the guy :D

Favorite Anime Kritik Posts:

Why on Earth Do You Watch Anime? (frowns)

Tokyo Akazukin and the Dark Side of Surrealism (nsfw)

How Mad is Soul Eater? (And Perverse, and Schizo, and Neurotic)

Give Me Doujinshi or Give Me Death!

I don’t know.

Esoterico-elemental Artistry

Cats and Emperors

Of Course Faye Valentine is Moe!

Micura Asahina Regina Otacorum

While We Wait For K-On! Episode 2, About Ritsu’s Face

K-On! 2 – There Is A God

Kyon X Itsuki Complete Each-Other

End of Spike Spiegel

Spiritual Progress of Faye Valentine

Okama – Aesthetics (ever so mildly nsfw)

An Auto-Vivisection of the Aesthetic Sense (nsfw)

My Anime Harem

The Shadow World of Doujinshi (nsfw)

Posts I’ve Deliberately Written in His Style:

Actually, in this case, I created an entire side blog dedicated to trying to ape the general style of Anime Kritik, entitled Suspended Animation Dreams. It was made at a time where my blog seemed to be moving in a mainstream direction, but I was growing jealous of AK’s ability to post about weird shit, so I decided to open up a side blog and basically only tell him about it until it would sustain itself through getting onto Anime Nano. I went all-out with it, too – I actually created a supplementary persona (metalsonic700) and posted both as myself and as that character, just for the hell of it. I have recently declared the blog dead, however, because I totally destroyed any semblance of ‘mainstream’ on Fuzakenna already (and because SAD was fast becoming a parody of itself.)

First, I will list the posts from S.A.D. that most copied him (even if just in spirit), then the ones from here.

Nightmares of Nyan Koi in Negativity by Numbers

Imagos Esoterikos – Hanzaki Jiro Art – Woman in Jacket Beneath Hot Sun (NSFW)

Cynthia The Mission Chapter 1 – Sick Showdowns in Stylistic Setup

Cynthia The Mission Chapter Two – Chrome the Fetal Mirage

Dreams of Nyan Koi 2 – Desperation and Disappointment

Soul Eater ch. 66: Ookubo’s Been Watching Action Movies!

How Mad is Soul Eater, Indeed?

(HIGHLY NSFW) Art by Ponz – Drugs and Sex and Then… Nothing

Soul Eater ch. 67 – The Delightful Quick Pace Keeps Up, but How Do You Fight a Clown?

Projected Responses to Backstory Sex in K-On!

Kampfer ep. 1 – Bullet Bitches

Shin Mazinger’s Epic Ancient Classical Art Style

Kuuchuu Buranko ep. 2 – HNGGGGG

Kuuchuu Buranko ep. 3 – Psychosis of the Obsessed and Compulsed

Mistakes of Youth – Wildarmsheero is an asshole among assholes, and everyone knows this. Also, he hates me. However, his webcomic is hilarious, and when he’s not fagging it up, his blog has a great wealth of interesting information and anime research. I owe a lot of my fandom to WAH, so as much as I can’t stand him, I have to give him props.

Favorite Wildarmsheero Posts:


The Kaitai Shinsho

Sometimes I Fail to Understand Certain Otaku

Demon City Akihabara

The Guns of SHAFT (1961)

Shitsuji/Tora no Ana 4: A Hayate no Gotoku Only Event 05/06/09

Kannagi UFOTable Cafe

The Modern Anime, Man

Don’t Get Mad At Your Japanese Cartoon Because It’s Made In Japan, Man


Omokage Lucky Hole is Perhaps the Most Ironic Thin I’ve Seen Come Out of Japan


OGIUE MANIAX – Exactly as the name suggests, the author here, sdshamshel, is a huge fan of the character Ogiue from Genshiken and goes out of his way to find fujoshi in manga to talk about. OGIUE MANIAX is always a fun and interesting read, and luckily it is updated very frequently. The author also knows Japanese and talks a lot about cool stuff he finds out that can’t really be found stateside. I also envy him a lot.

Posts I’ve Deliberately Written In His Style:

Once again, I have actually created an entire side blog dedicated to imitating Ogiue Maniax’s style, this time to an extreme extent. NOBUE MANIAX is brand new, so there isn’t much there yet, but my idea is to blog about the coodere archetype in the same manner that sds writes about fujoshi. Besides that site, though:

This is A Wonderful Set of Character Art

The Ever-Embarrassed Ogiue Teaches Me About My Own Reservations

Pontif.us – I don’t have much of anything to say yet about Pontifus, actually, because I just started reading him. As I work my way through his backlog, I’ll add more of the posts I enjoy to this list, but so far I’ve only just begun. I’m including him because he has already written one of my favorite posts since I started reading him.

Favorite Pontifus Posts:

On Turning Female and Gay

We Remember Love – And here we have the big one! My mainest of main men, Ghostlightning! I can’t even tell you how much I love Ghostlightning. Long and by far my favorite anime blogger, with a great attitude, unbounded friendliness and love, and best of all, despite being in the blogging business for way less time than me (and being about 3 times as popular already) he has taken me under his wing to train me in the ways of… everything! GL is as cool a guy as you’ll ever meet, and I can’t tell you enough how much it’s worth reading his blog shrine.

Favorite Ghostlightning Posts:

Hard Luck Woman

The Choices of Commander Rossiu

Toradorably Together: Anime Love Brings Us… Well, Together

Someone’s Showing a Bit of Character: Faye Valentine

Thank You Mr. President (Interview With The Sachou of Toei Animation Philippines)

Finding the Self in Selfless Love

Steps in Anime Production

Almost Famous: Demon King Takumi of Trapnest (Nana)

What We Buy When We Declare a Show a Favorite: An Image to Sell or, How Anime Fans Create Themselves as Brands in a Social Market; a Theoretical Speculation by Ghostlightning; Told in the First of Possibly More Than One Blog Post

Falling in Love With Eureka Seven

The Prince of Tennis Can Suck My Balls

Eureka Seven Gives Me A Big Moment to Remember Love By

Holland Novak Shows Bits of Characters: Remembering Love For Awesomeness

The Recency Bias and How It Effects Anime Appreciation

Remembering Love as Homage in Anime: Eureka Seven x Mobile Suit Gundam

Feel Good Story Feels So Good (Onani Master Kurosawa)

Loneliness and a Lifetime; An Exploration on a Turn of Phrase in Honey and Clover

The Anime Blog You Should Read Right Now

Anime is Serious Business Because Guilt is Serious Business

Moments of 2009 – One Summer Night, Senjougahara Gives the Sky Away

Moments of 2009 – It Takes an Otaku – Onani Master Kurosawa Chapter 25

Victory and Authenticity in the Student Council Saga of Revolutionary Girl Utena

Lies, Murderous Intent, Remembering Love Gone Wrong, Whose Responsible This Black Rose Society Arc of Revolutionary Girl Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena – A Diary of the Akio Car Arc Lived

On Enjoying Works You Don’t Like, and Liking Works You Didn’t Enjoy

To Be So Smooth: Seduction and Betrayal in Revolutionary Girl Utena’s Akio Car Arc

Acknowledging Our Guilt For Our Choice of Heroes – Code Geass – Lelouche Lamperouge

Posts I’ve Actually Written On We Remember Love:

Finding Your Starter Moe Anime

Well Well, Someone’s Showing A Bit of Character! Stoner


Why So Hostile? – Run by Cymbaline, this blog doesn’t cover anime anymore, mostly music and video games with movies here and there, but it’s good stuff. Just know that all of it’s really, really angry. Cymbaline is the kind of guy who is mostly there to point out the weaknesses in a game even if he likes it, so be ready for biting criticism at all times, usually rife with very strategically-placed profanity.

Zero Punctuation – I’m sure you’ve heard of Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw, the game video reviewer who works for The Escapist. ZP’s videos are the best mix of ‘hilarious’ and ‘ingenious’ and a laughing good riot for 5 minutes every Wednesday. It’s always great to take his reviews with a massive grain of salt, and just have fun with what you hear, even if you disagree strongly.

/a/ – It’s 4chan’s anime board. Inexperienced users are NOT advised to go there.

Me and mah blogger friends~


24 thoughts on “A New Form of Blogroll, Dedicated to Irreplacable Posts

    • >>I can tell your brain doesn’t even function anymore after the show.<< My comment.

      Not exactly a compliment, right? lol.

      Anyway, the post was okay, but it's kind of a tired shtick (even I did it before ) and yours wasn’t the best. Still funny, though.

      If it makes you feel better, I shared it with my little brother as a ‘word of warning’ lol.

  1. I like this style of blogroll, even though it’s a massive flood of text and links. I agree that it’s kind of pointless to link to a blog that you don’t read yourself. If you don’t know the content, then why the hell do you endorse it? That’s why the new page I put up on my own blog only includes blogs I or my writers actively follow.

  2. This is perfect! Seriously, I’ve never read WAH before and just now, thanks to many of the posts you just linked to, I am now a big fan of his. In other words, your blogroll just did what other blogrolls almost always fail to do: introduce me to other blogs that I may enjoy. You have succeeded brilliantly!

  3. Oh dear. Somehow this is a little embarrassing. But thanks so much!

    “I don’t read anime blogs just for the hell of it, I read blogs that actually effect me or my perception in some way.”

    And affecting perception happens to be the main reason I write. It’s a lovely match, if I may say so myself. ;)

    YOU’RE the author of Nobue Maniax? I had no idea! Somehow it seems like a totally different voice. And I completely neglected to click the link in your “about” page, too. Mea culpa.

    • ROFLMAO yes, it’s me XD It sounds different because I have gone to great pains to exactingly recreate the experience that I have reading OGIUE MANIAX hehehe

      • Don’t stretch yourself too thin when doing it though, alright? :P

        On this topic, this idea is awesome. Too bad I don’t have enough time to do something like this as well. :3

        • Ehehe, yeah, sadly I think I’m the only one who will change their roll like this literally overnight. Took me about 10 hours…

          • I’m still amazed at how often you attempt to write in other people’s styles. Every so often I get the urge to do that for fun, and sometimes as a joke, but never decide to go with it since I feel like I wouldn’t do them justice. More props to you on having the confidence to do it and succeeding on it.

  4. This is pretty cool.

    You may want to rearrange the images in this though because they are killing the reading experience as they stand now.

  5. I’m surprised that none of your picks surprised me. (Maybe it’s because you comment enough that I knew what to expect?) There are several posts I’d rank higher than the ones you listed (K-ON, Naruto Filler, EF – A Tale of Lesbians, pretty much any post in which I draw a crappy sketch), but all the ones you did list are posts I liked a lot myself.

    • I actually didn’t include some because I was too lazy to click on all of them, and also I didn’t go back far enough to get to naruto filler, or I would have included it.

  6. Pingback: A Personal Note #11: Wherein I Congratulate Myself and Sing of My Success « 2-D Teleidoscope

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