You'd Think That I Couldn't Be Surprised by Anime Anymore, and Yet Here I Am Watching 'SD Gundam Romance of the Three Kingdoms'

And it rocks. I mean, this shouldn’t be that surprising. How many times has anime completely turned expectations on their head? Before anime, if you told me I’d love a show called ‘Princess Tutu’ I’d have laughed at you, and if you told me I’d get more emotionally attached to little girls and their everyday lives than to any ol’ samurai, I’d have looked at you funny. However, the truth is that anime has surprised me so often that I tend to be incredibly optimistic. I don’t understand people who still manage to think that all of a new season’s shows look like shit when likely half of them will be surprise jewels. So when I found out that there was, in fact, an SD Gundam Romance of the Three Kingdoms, there was not a shred of negative expectations.

Nevertheless, I was surprised. I was honestly surprised. Even though I’d read a brief review that told me that it was probably something I should have pretty good hopes for, I was surprised because the art in this show is astounding. Right, I knew the rest was coming – decent writing, a completely serious tone, and, oh, did I mention that this is Romance of the Three Kingdoms as told through SD fucking Gundam? It is, in fact, set in ancient China. This is not some alt-universe version – it is Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but where all of the humans have been replaced by mobile suits – the heroes by Gundams. It’s a little toned down for kids, BUT STILL.

Yes, it’s good. The episodes are only half-length so it feels like a nice little piece with really excellent pacing. My only complaint is that Yuuki Kaji sounds kind of wimpy as the young Liu Bei (Gundam). While the movement of characters is kind of clunky (for obvious reasons), the art is gorgeous, and kind of reminiscent of the background art in Sengoku Basara. Also, some cool music. So… go watch it.

14 thoughts on “You'd Think That I Couldn't Be Surprised by Anime Anymore, and Yet Here I Am Watching 'SD Gundam Romance of the Three Kingdoms'

  1. More than anything, I wonder what this means for future installments of Dynasty Warriors Gundam. I mean, Gundams based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms in a game about Gundam based on a game about the Romance of the Three Kingdoms…I have a meta-headache now. But, admittedly, I’d totally wreck some whiny Gundam protagonists as Guan Yu Gundam, if given the chance.

    • It’s probably getting subbed because a third grader could probably easily follow it. Anyway, there aren’t any epic battles in ep 1, but I’m sure there will be. Not that it matters, I know you’ll love this show anyway.

  2. this is sitting on my hd unwatched because I’ve been trying to finish disappearance of haruhi before I catch up on individual shows sitting around

    also I still have to go watch ghost dad

  3. The art’s really good yeah, didn’t expect if from something like SD Gundam. Good thing they’re only 10 minute episodes though, I can imagine that watching gundams acting as good people fighting against bad villains could get annoying if you watch too much xD.

  4. Mmm… Is this a bad time to admit that I’ve never quite understood the appeal behind Romance of the Three Kingdoms? Only to say that I’m probably going to give this a pass, and that I feel somewhat bad since you like it so much. But those screenshots are quite crisp and nice-looking!

    • I’ve never cared about Romance, either. In fact, I know nothing about it. I’ve only seen fringe views of some works based on it, and I can’t even really grasp what the story is. All I know is that Red Cliff has the best large-scale battles I’ve ever seen, Souten Kouro has the manliest action scenes ever, and I fucking hate Dynasty Warriors LOL.

      I’m pretty sure that this series has pretty little relevance to the actual 3 Kingdoms story, and the images in the ending video suggest that it will diverge from the plot rather heavily with everyone teaming up to fight some great villain or something, lol. That said, if you still skip out, I don’t think you’ll miss much.

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