SD Gundam Sangokuden 2 – Gundams Are People

SD Gundam Sangokuden continues to be entertaining, but I have to admit I was just a bit distracted when watching episode 2. I couldn’t help but notice the extent to which in this show, Gundams are, in fact, people.

See Gundam wake up.

See Gundam eat a god damn riceball (he really puts it to his faceplace and fucking eats it, I swear) and then get rice stuck on his face.

See Gundam angry (okay, maybe you’ve seen that before.)

See Gundam cheerily frolic with his new pals, Zeta (red) and ZZ (green). (Using the model names to address everyone but Liu Bei because I have zero capacity for memorizing Chinese names.) (Also, I am pretty sure that the models of the Gundams have little to do with the specs of their UC counterparts.)

Anyway, the Gundams, and every other sort of mobile suit for that matter, are people in this show, which begs to question whether the series has anything to do with either Gundam or Bromance of the Three Kingdoms at all. Actually, the truth is that those two names are why this show has such an insanely high budget in spite of being a children’s cartoon with an entirely original plot. Can’t say I’m not glad for that fact.

What we do get, though, is a little bit of an uncanny valley effect, because it is impossible to block out the fact in your mind that THOSE ARE FUCKING GUNDAMS. And it gets really weird when you have mechs like this thing showing up.

It doesn’t even have a face! I’m not even thinking about how weird it is that this is a person, cuz I’m too busy being impressed at how well the animators conveyed it’s evil rage just by moving the god damn edges of it’s helmet!

4 thoughts on “SD Gundam Sangokuden 2 – Gundams Are People

  1. Yes, the Chinese names get really confusing, and there are a fuckton of characters in the goddamn book. And yes, Gundams here have nothing to do with mainline canon specs~

    • Indeed. I think I gave up on names in R3K when I found out there was a character named Cao Cao as well as a character named Cao Pi, and a bunch of guys with silent x’s in their names.

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