Baka-Raptor Is My Destined Rival

Baka-Raptor is my destined rival in anime blogging. We stand on opposite sides of a battlefield – a lolicon against an upstanding citizen; a man who demands ‘plot’ against a style hound; a self-depreciator against a self-aggrandizer (hint: I’m the latter). And yet, we are great friends, always offering inspiration and competition to one another.

…or so I believed.

“I respect your blogging, but it’s not the kind of blogging I want to beat. Remember how surprised you were at how long it took to write an Objective Analysis post? That’s how all my posts are, if not longer. Updating three times a day at your word count isn’t something I can do, nor is it something I want to do. I like to polish my posts as much as possible and maximize the impact of each sentence, even if it means I’m working longer on my posts than most of the other bloggers out there.”


Ouch. In other words, I am not good competition for Baka-Raptor, because my posting style is too shallow…

…unlike Baka-Raptor’s, which is deep.

Baka-Raptor doesn’t see anyone as having a similar style to himself, and his only goal is to become like Maddox. He claims that other bloggers don’t influence him because they aren’t like him. However, what Baka-Raptor doesn’t realize is that regardless of whether or not he is influenced by me, I am influenced by him – hell, I’m influenced by Maddox as well! After all, what is a man but (A MISERABLE LITTLE PILE OF SECRETS) the amalgam of all of his influences?

Baka-Raptor sees himself as Duke Togo in terms of blogging goals. Just as Duke only thinks of accomplishing his next mission in the most efficient way possible, Baka-Raptor is only focused on creating fully realized posts and pursuing an ultimate goal of reaching Maddox’s level. However, I am a Lupin-type blogger.

Lupin is a genius of technique who will look at the big picture of a situation and make sure that he walks home with everything he wants. Just as Lupin is a master of disguise, I am able to emulate and pull on the styles of other writers in order to create my own. Suffice it to say, I have NEVER written a post that wasn’t in some way influenced by Baka-Raptor and Maddox, because I allow their styles to become a part of my own.

It is pointless to make another author your goal, because that author already exists. A real goal worth pursuing is taking their style and pushing it to a new level. Evolving it. But I guess Baka-Raptor wouldn’t understand evolution, since he’s still a dinosaur.

You just got KNOCKED the FUCK OUT!

If I wanted to, I could do what Baka-Raptor does. I have read all of his posts (and all of Maddox’s posts), and I fully grasp the style – I could become ‘the next Baka-Raptor.’

But I don’t want to. Baka-Raptor thinks that this means we can’t be rivals, but he’s missing the point. I’m always thinking about how my posts are comparing to those of other bloggers. When I write a post justifying moe and slice-of-life anime, I always think ‘is this post going to convince a person like Baka-Raptor? Am I writing in a way that he will respect?’ When I’m writing about a show and trying to find something in it that isn’t necessarily intended to be there, I think ‘am I doing this as well as Anime Kritik does it?’ I’m always making sure that I live up to my influences; And with a bit of mountain training and practice, I know that I can conquer those self-imposed expectations.

An accurate depiction of myself training to live up to my influences

Whether he likes it or not, Baka-Raptor is my rival. So is Anime Kritik, and so is 2-D Teleidoscope, and so is Ghostlightning, and every other blogger that I love. Even though they all are my friends, I still write with the intention of one day kicking their asses.

So, Baka-Raptor, as well as the rest of you – I’d like to see you take this as a challenge. Meet my desire to overcome you with your own desire to overcome me. If you give in, I will overtake you and eliminate you. You must always evolve and become better, or else I will eventually progress beyond you and take away your very purpose. My ultimate goal is to be the greatest anime blogger of all time, and it’s up to you to make sure that I can’t reach that goal easily.

And if all that tough talk isn’t enough to get you to face me as a rival, Baka-Raptor, then kindly turn your attention to this slanderous photo of you.

(For those of you with no idea what the hell is going on, this is a reply to Ghostlightning’s 300th post, which is all about having a rivalry with your fellow bloggers, even if they don’t feel the rivalry the way that you do. Specifically, it is a reply to Baka-Raptor’s comments on the post. The style of this post is meant to emulate Baka-Raptor, and most of the images are edited versions of images from some of his best posts.)

42 thoughts on “Baka-Raptor Is My Destined Rival

  1. I would be curious to see the result of you writing a post without thinking of your inspirations and whatnot at the same time. Just to see what it would be like.

    Oh, the joys of terrible photoshopping. <3
    Yours seem to be a bit better than Baka's though…xD

    • I use MS Paint, mang.

      I don’t think it’s possible to separate someone from their influence – after all, as I said, a person is nothing more than the amalgam of their influences. Our mind, our thoughts, our actions, all are based on influences. I’ve never had exactly one or two people whom I try to be like – I try to be like everyone, and this is true for everything in my life. I can sing in any pitch and style, because I am influenced by so many different vocalists. I can write stories from all kinds of genres because I like so many kinds of genres. Everything I do is, ultimately, influenced by something, and I am a man who tries to wear his influence on his sleeve.

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  3. Well, you certainly have grasped Baka-Raptor’s style, but the tone is pretty wrong. Your post has an “I am so awesome and I can do anything” tone(which I am too lazy to think of better words to describe), and on the other hand almost all of Baka-Raptor’s posts have a witty, sarcastic tone. Also, your diction still doesn’t match perfectly with his. So no, I don’t think you could become ‘the next Baka-Raptor’, but you’d become something less than Baka-raptor and not enough digiboy, meaning crap that makes no sense.

    • Obviously I am not trying to completely copy BR here or else my post wouldn’t make it’s point. Not to mention, this post is meant to be in the style of BR posts like this one:

      Wherein he is actually more about making a point than he is about being funny. BR also is meant to have a ‘so awesome’ tone because that is Maddox’s entire shtick. If you don’t think there are ironic tidbits in my post, then you think to lowly of me. I mean come on, who would really going around saying that they were the ‘greatest anime blogger of all time’?

      I’m also not so arrogant as to think that I am already on BR’s level. He’s been doing this for years. I’ve only been doing it for 6 posts or so. I said I COULD because if I went the route of always doing this style, I could become it, and quickly. However, I don’t want to.

  4. I believe it safe to assume that it is, in fact, “on”, as the kids say.

    On a related note I deeply hope that you and Baka make it to the finals of the Aniblog Tourny so you can eviscerate each other.

  5. I think the notion that raptor and you might be at opposite ends of something is intriguing. even more intriguing is the fact that you take this to mean that each must overcome (swallow?) the other. Are you reading Hegel or something?

    This brings up the possibility that a third blog could arise and whip both your butts. Of course, that’s all only if you buy that framework. Raptor could simply think there’s nothing he can take from your own style and that actually “confronting” you would mean a devolution.

    I just read an essay by O. Wilde defending exactly what you are always saying I’m always doing (“The Critic as Artist”). Ex:

    “ERNEST. The highest Criticism, then, is more creative than creation, and the primary aim of the critic is to see the object as in itself it really is not; that is your theory, I believe?

    GILBERT. Yes, that is my theory. To the critic the work of art is simply a suggestion for a new work of his own, that need not necessarily bear any obvious resemblance to the thing it criticises. The one characteristic of a beautiful form is that one can put into it whatever one wishes, and see in it whatever one chooses to see; and the Beauty, that gives to creation its universal and aesthetic element, makes the critic a creator in his turn, and whispers of a thousand different things which were not present in the mind of him who carved the statue or painted the panel or graved the gem.”

  6. If you want me to acknowledge you as a rival, all you need to do is write a post that makes me think to myself: “I wish I wrote a post like that.” For the record, I rarely, if ever, have that reaction in the blogosphere. There are some great posts out there, but they’re not the kind of posts I want to write.

    I like what you did with this post style-wise. Make a point, throw in a picture, repeat. It’s done cleverly. Unfortunately, it’s meta, so it’d never give me the “I wish I wrote a post like that” feeling. There’s a chance I might care if you wrote this way about anime…

  7. Fuck I just watched Undisputed 2 and hen read your post. I am now thinking of anime-blogging as MMA…
    It’s knda cool.

    On a second thought it sn’t because you can’t kick like Scot Adkins.

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  9. I approve with the furor of a thousand Krausers raping a thousand and one Tokyo Towers.

    I tend to think of the bloggers I respect as my glorious rivals. Even if I don’t write much like most of them. And I’m less competitive than Akari Mizunashi. None of that matters! Healthy rivalry is healthy.

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