The Ultimate Love-At-First-Sight Scene in Kemonozume Ep. One

Kemonozume’s opening scene kicks off by introducing us viewers to a race of man-eating demons called the Kemonozume, who take the form of human beings and lead normal lives apart from the fact that they subsist on eating people. After the OP, the first scene (which feels like a total sendout to every two-guys-talking scene from any Tarantino or Guy Richie film) is a dialog between two man-eaters on the subject of eating people itself, beginning with one of the guys stating that he ‘only eats cute girls’. The conversation is brilliantly written in that it is ground into real conversational habits and lines that make the inhuman subject matter wholly relatable.

It also teaches us a lot about the way the Kemonozume think – eating people is primarily subsistence, but different people have different tastes, and the act of eating someone can be more than just an act of consumption. The guy who eats only females makes it quite clear that he takes incredible pleasure in doing so, and that there are some definite sexual reasons for it. He talks about a girl who he had met that was ‘totally his type’ and states…

Implying a certain lack of control that comes from the sheer ecstasy of being around someone so sexually enticing that he couldn’t help himself but to eat her. These facts just seem like a fun characterization of the monsters at this point, but they actually lay an important groundwork for the things we will see later in the episode. He goes on about the awesomeness of the experience and just how much he loses control in the process.

This guy is soon captured in the introductory sequence of the real characters in this show, a band of swordsmen whose job for centuries has been to capture the Kemonozume to keep them from committing their ‘evil deeds.’ Our story’s main character is a member of this squad, and as we learn through the episode, he is by all means more than qualified to succeed his father as the head of the clan, except for the fact that when he gets into an actual battle, he always (literally) shits himself and can’t go on. We learn a whole lot about his life, which is rather loveless and currently in turmoil. There is actually a cute girl who wants his cock pretty badly, but he shows continually that he feels nothing for her and tries to turn her away. After a fight with his brother, who wants to modernize the clan and eradicate the Kemonozume instead of capturing them, he goes for a soul-searching walk on the beach.

It is there that he happens to end up in the right place at the right time to sight a beautiful woman landing in a parachute on the shore, having been skydiving. And he is, well…

Captivated. It isn’t long before she takes notice of him as well.

…and she seems to like what she sees…

She and the main guy only get to exchange a phrase or two before we hear a car pulling up to the side. We don’t see it though. The camera never leaves her face. The voice from the car seems to be that of a boyfriend or something, asking why she was out here, seemingly worried about his girlfriend’s probably habitual dangerous interests. She walks over to get into the car, but the camera is still on her face. There’s probably not much happening in the main character’s head as he watches this, but man, there sure is a lot going on in hers. At first she looks totally distracted and lost in thought as she seemingly picks up her parachute. As she starts walking to the car, she looks… depressed?

Of course. Fun loving girl like this, with a stuck-up sounding guy? I doubt she’s really into it. The girl who skydives alone at night is not the sort of girl who’d want to be tied down like that. She turns her head only for a moment…

…but then she sneaks another quick, excited glance at the main character!

Even as she reaches the car, she still can’t stop looking back at him.

Finally when she gets in, the boyfriend shuts the door and roars off, but the main guy isn’t even sure what the fuck just happened. He’s still replaying the scene in his head for what is apparently hours.

…and repeating the name he heard before. When he finally snaps out of it, he heads back home but… well, maybe he hasn’t snapped out of it at all – everyone he looks at has Yuka’s face!

He’s no fool – he knows what’s happened. He’s in love. He doesn’t want to be – he can’t be! He’s got a job to do! But his resistance is utterly futile – she appears everywhere until he freaks out and, consumed by his NEED to see her, he runs back to the beach, using all of his strength to race and race, through what has become a torrential downpoor of rain. And when he gets there, who should he see running down the other side of the beach?

Of course. Those hints weren’t for nothing – she felt exactly what he was feeling. There is no need to hesitate now. Both of them know what they went through all day, and for them to both have arrived – well, there was only one possible conclusion. Words are not needed. Trying to get enough breath after their intense runs, the two slowly get closer…

…and then they start making out – I emphasize so that there can be no confusion – this ain’t no fucking kiss.

The scene then instantly transitions to the two of them making out in the shower.

And not just because the water transition effect looks cool. It’s more likely that these two don’t even remember anything between these two points. It’s amazing that they even made it there – I’m sure it was in a wordless daze between constant making out. They haven’t even taken their clothes off yet on the way to the damn shower. Though our boy makes quick amends of that.

For inquiring minds, yes there is nipple in this scene, though I avoided it in the screenies. Not that the designs are particularly attractive, though I must say the scene was overall very hot.

We then move to the bed for some hot, passionate love-making.

But with each flash of lightning through the large window, a terrifying truth is revealed.

Our girl is a Kemonozume.

Each time she starts to transform, she fights it back, shaking her head, pushing the urges beck down…

…and for the viewer, the conversation from the beginning of the episode all comes rushing back. The way that Kemonozume feasting tendencies can be sparked off by sexuality. The way that even though the guy had met someone who was ‘totally his type’ and ‘didn’t want it to be a one time thing’, he had been unable to resist and ripped her to shreds. At her most passionate, love-filled moment… our girl is ready to tear our boy to motherfucking smithereens.

She tries to suppress it is as best she can, and what we see is that her face actually starts to drain of passion, and to fill with fear. She doesn’t want this – she doens’t want to end up killing him. So she tries to resist… ever-so-sadly.

Well that sucks.

…and the episode leaves off with that.

I had intended to marathon Kemonozume tonight, but when I saw this episode I just had to post about it. Love at first sight and the whole Romeo and Juliet setup are, well, as old as Romeo and Juliet, and nothing is going to change that, but spectacular animation, brilliant directing, and a scene that simply speaks without words can make the whole thing worth seeing again. At first I was just wrapped up in the scene itself, but it was in those last moments of fear that called back to the great opening scene that I realized just how well this episode worked as a whole. Love it!

16 thoughts on “The Ultimate Love-At-First-Sight Scene in Kemonozume Ep. One

  1. i remember when i watched this the part where she flashed into her Kemonozume mode i was excited and scared. I really like the male lead in this anime a lot and their story was super fun to watch! enjoy the rest :D

  2. I watched the entire series twice now! The anime world needs more work like this instead of the pitiful derivative stuff coming out seeming every week these days. I hope this guy (Director) becomes a super star in the anime world!

    • Don’t give me this shit. Stop saying that all the anime out there is shit, just do a little research and you’ll see there are a ton of shows like this out there. Fuck, there are 3 artsy shows airing just this season, RAINBOW, Tatami Galaxy (which I believe has Kemonozume people working on it), and Arakawa Under the Bridge, plus stellar productions like Durarara!! and Giant Killing that would whet anyone’s appetite. Also, you may not like them, but series like Angel Beats and Heartcatch Precure and Seikon no Qwaser and B Gata H Kei and even Heroman soar above average as excellent and worthwhile anime. And all of that is this season.

      So don’t give me that dribble about derivative stuff. It’s perfectly okay to like Kemonozume without being a stuck-up prick, so try it.

      • I pretty much gave up on going LOL ALL SHIT because all I ever have to go off of anymore are chartfag’s charts, and they’re no indicator of whether or not I’ll like something. If it’s something that doesn’t sound compelling, I won’t bother with it, but I’m not going to use it to engage in infinite bitch works.

    • It only looks right when it’s moving. The lines constantly move, so if you capture a still frame, they look awkward.

  3. You should do so for every single episodes, it’s a brilliant anime (at least the first half is); definitely different than your run of the mill series ^_^

    • I can’t make any promises – I’ve never blogged more than 6 episodes of any show individually lol. I also have a much higher tendency to get excited like this about first episodes. But we’ll see.

  4. I don’t think Kemonozume quite reaches the heights hinted at in the first episode, although I do agree that this is a hell of an episode with which to start off the series. This nails the whole Romeo and Juliet-type plot as well as anything I’ve seen in any medium.

  5. I gave Kemonozume a pass the first time around. Now, I’ll at least be checking out the first episode. :) Cheers.

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