Please Enjoy My Pain And Embarrassment As Ghostlightning Reads One Of My First Posts

It’s amazing how much a writer can change in just a few short years – a point that Zzeroparticle and Pontifus decided to drive home with their Aniblog Readings project. The idea was that a group of willing and capable bloggers would toss their name in a hat, and each would be randomly assigned a blogger to read. The reader must choose from one of the author’s earliest posts, preferably in the first ten, and then proceed to read it in an audio or video clip. Each reader had to say exactly what was written, pronouncing spelling mistakes and everything – however, they had the option of reading it in any voice of their choosing. Then, once they had created their clips, they would send them to the blogger whose post they read, and that blogger would have to post the clips on their own blog. By some stroke of divine perfection, my frequent co-conspirator and good friend Ghostlightning was assigned to read one of my posts. He did so. Three times.

The post in question is entitled “Anime in a Day,” and, without over-explaining it, was a… review? of Futakoi Alternative. In terms of it’s place in my history, this post came in early 2007 when I first began as a quasi-episodic blogger talking entirely to myself. Chances are, if you started reading my blog before fall of last year, then you know I was pretty bad. I’m embarrassed to read anything that I wrote in 2007 or 2008 and a lot of 2009… but even if you knew I was bad, you couldn’t have known that I was this bad. Ladies and gentleman, Ghostlightning will now present to you the blogging equivalent of my naked baby pictures. Three times. (And yes, you must watch all three, as they all have their own style, hilarious videos, and easter eggs.)

In this first video, I was told that GL was trying to ‘sound like me.’ Being as he’s spoken to me on Skype and seen my videos, he certainly would know, and by god he captures the spirit of my conversation to as full an extent as his accent allows. I should just die.

I guess this was the annoying chirpy fanboy voice and is, to be honest, probably the voice that most people heard in their heads when they read this tripe. The world should just break.

And finally, almost as if in reply to the pretentious pictures of myself that I put on facebook, GL enacts the final killshot in this unbearable, painstaking monotone reading that had me gouging my eyes out and begging to die.

There you have it, folks. If I did need a reminder, then now I will surely never forget – I was the worst fucking blogger of all time at some point. And chances are, even as I move into the future, I will continually look back on my old posts with contempt, regret, and suicidal thoughts.

If you can’t get enough of these Aniblog Readings, then follow Eye Sedso for the next few days. I’ll be reading one of his old posts (though strangely enough, I actually like a lot of his old stuff better than his current stuff, but I did bloody find one I could use.) Fans of Glo the Legend won’t want to miss my brilliant British accent, so be sure to stick around~

35 thoughts on “Please Enjoy My Pain And Embarrassment As Ghostlightning Reads One Of My First Posts

  1. Is this why you were running through my archives the other day?

    ghostlightning had way too much fun with this. It leaves me with only one question…

    HAPPY DESU NEE?!?!?!

  2. I lolled hard at the second, but even more so on the third one. That’s the way to read a digiboy post for maximum lolz!

    First one wasn’t too far off with what I’d expected from ghostlightning’s normal voice so that was pretty awesome to hear (and this is my first time hearing the GL voice from the internetz) =D

    • Lol. Every time someone tells me that they haven’t heard mine or GL’s voice, I can’t help but get a little sad knowing that they didn’t watch our epic videocast :(

  3. I haven’t listened to them yet, but I can understand the embarrassment. Even way back when I started I had no real idea how to write to an audience (no doubt that still holds true), but my early posts are probably complete throwaway objects. Actually I think going back it would show just how much I’ve completely regressed as a writer this year.

    • Alright, I finally listened to the first one. Can understand why there’s pain and embarrassment there, but at least it is coherent. Second, GL sounds a lot like I expected him to. Nothing else to add really.

  4. I like the smooth baritone of GL’s natural voice. Assuming that first video is pretty much GL’s natural voice. :)

    This is an interesting project, but I’m glad I didn’t get wind of it until now. I don’t think I could handle the embarrassment of having one of my first entries read back to me.

  5. Talk about having too much free time! LOL

    I dunno which one is the best (probably the Rei one, but showing Lelouch at the “crazy ending” part had me rolling). I die every time GL says “and I mean comedy in the drama sense.”

    Happy…………. desu nee?

    • yes he and I talked about that; quote himself ‘if happy desu nee was the kona-chan, comedy in the drama sense is Kagamin’

      actually I have no idea what the hell he meant by that, but he sounded excited.

  6. I wish I COULD participate. Sadly, I can only do so in an unprofessional fashion. Maybe I’ll do a reading of one of db’s newer posts that I like. Probably nothing long, though, my voice is shit lately in the length department.

  7. I can not WAIT for this. I hope you used the spelling one…if you can say all of that I will shit my pants. I just finished omo’s post…I’m going to send it in a bit.

  8. These were great, and the second one does sound like digitalboy’s voice to me, so a good job.

    I’m just wondering if GL has watched Futakoi Alternative yet, since it is indeed awesome. :P

  9. ahahahha #1 I liked it when ghostlightning had to stop himself from laughing after saying HAPPY DESU NEE XD #2 and #3 were pretty awesome too but the voice in #2 drove me crazy haha #3 fits with that picture perfectly XD

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  13. This thing zzero set up has been a lot of fun to follow. Ghostlightning’s voice is kind of what I had imagined.
    Hearing someone read your posts though is so much different from just reading. El Oh El…

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