Amazing… This Is Getting Exciting!

For weeks now, the Aniblog Tourney has raged on. It’s been a great ride, rife with truly intense matches, and many of my brethren have fallen. However, I still stand, and intend to go the distance. The trouble is, I haven’t had a real match yet – all three of my opponents went down with almost no contest. I was beginning to wonder if I was getting a free ride…

…until now. For the next two matches, I finally have worthy opponents! That’s right, I said the next two matches – it’s not as if I’ll actually lose either match, but I’m excited to finally face a pair of blogs that I actually care about. Let me introduce them!


I’m going against Hashihime right now, and the votes are currently in my favor, but I hope you fools haven’t been voting blindly! Hashihime is no lightweight blog – I daresay that it’s one of the only blogs that puts even more research into writing their posts than I do. The only reason Hashihime has fewer readers is that the blog is solely focused on voice actors (or ‘seiyuu’), and only female ones at that. Many people don’t pay much mind to seiyuu, so they might be forgiven for overlooking this blog, but if you have any interest in seiyuu, then there’s no better place! Hashihime fills it’s niche to perfection.

A lot of the posts are focused on things that the seiyuu post on their blogs, often rather inane activities, but which allow the reader to feel a greater understanding for the actors. Knowing about how an actor is in real life can add depth to your perception (see that?) of their performances. For instance, learning that Miyuki Sawashiro has an extreme sense of professionalism, but also might be a little heartless in her performances, focusing more on the technical side (basically, she’s the Dream Theater of seiyuu, only less pretentious) allows me to think about why she might have performed a role the way she did. I definitely consider Hashihime to be a valuable resource of knowledge, and therefor an opponent worthy of contesting me. Plus, their season previews are intense.

Listless Ink

Art by Yi.

Listless Ink is still battling with GAR GAR Stegosaurus right now, but I think it’s pretty obvious which blog will come out on top and face me in the next round. Listless Ink is run by Yi, one of my frequent commenters and hardcore yuri fangirl. For starters, Listless Ink is one of the best-looking blogs in the sphere, decorated with Yi’s original art, including the best twitter and RSS feed icons that I’ve ever seen. The blog mostly focuses on Yi’s yuri obsession, which is great for me, because I also have a yuri obsession! She has extensively blogged the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo yuri game series, which I would not have been able to play if not for her helpful post on the first game (look at all those comments!) Yi is also the only person who cares about Canaan as much as I do. Basically, Yi is a worthy opponent, because how do you compete with lesbians? You don’t. Unless you’re me.

I hope that you’ll all genuinely consider each of these blogs before voting for me, then voting for me at work, then telling your friends and family to vote for me, then posting about voting for me on twitter and facebook, then handing out flyers with instructions for how to vote for me on them. Unlike the first three matches I fought, I wouldn’t cry if I lost to Hashihime or Listless Ink – not that there’s any chance of that happening!

20 thoughts on “Amazing… This Is Getting Exciting!

  1. thank you, I just added Listless Ink to my list of subscribed blogs. Definitly needed some yuri fans of the female gender and non straight persuasion to read :3 (otherwise I feel lonely)

    I’ve really liked the tourney so far as an opportunity to discover more blogs!

    also that comic is hillarious XD

  2. “Basically, Yi is a worthy opponent, because how do you compete with lesbians?”

    By this logic, and Baka-Raptor’s post, I should have crushed him. :D

    • You’re too ambiguous. I wasn’t even sure you were a lesbian. Actually, I’m still not sure you’re a lesbian. You’re one of those people I can’t trust!

  3. Congrats on getting this far. You still have my support~

    “I haven’t had a real match yet – all three of my opponents went down with almost no contest.”

    My two matches so far have been the opposite; I only managed to win by one vote in the first and four votes in the second. My next match is tomorrow…how much longer will I be able to keep it up? 0_o

    • I really have no idea how glo kept so close on your tail. You are easily twice as good as he is hehe

  4. I wished I would not have to choose between Fuzakenna and Yi. This is the only branch left in the tourney that contains no giant episodic blog. And by next round there will be only one left. I’m kinda sad.

  5. We all could join forces with other bloggers to pro-campaing you, i mean, now that all your brethren has fallen, they all could come back from afterlife to get their flamming revenge, joining a massive coalition to make you win this fucking tourney.

    That shitty Sea Slugs deserves to be crushed for good >:)

    You can count on me, although i wouldn’t do as much as i did for Baka-Raptor, i could well earn you a few *precious* votes ;)

  6. Baka Raptor’s out…..Canne’s getting smashed to pieces…..Yi and Anime Yume are the only blogs remaining from my top 5! Pretty much (for me) whoever wins between Yi and GAR GAR has my vote, sorry to say. I have voted for you every round so far (including this one) though.

  7. I look forward to our match! I like to think that we’re almost polar opposites in personality, so this should be really interesting. ^ ^

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