Shaking Hands and Trading Jerseys: Congrats, Yi!

So, today my run of the Aniblog Tourney came to an end. It was quite a shocker, too, because I was keeping a pretty wide lead for nearly four days, totaling around 450 votes, which is close to the amount of votes I had in all my other matches combined XD. But Yi made one hell of a comeback and took the win, and I’d definitely like to hear about how she did it. It was a fun match for me, and put an end to a fun tourney (since now I don’t care about who wins any of the matches :p), and overall, I was glad for its existence. Sure it was both a massive circle-jerk and a crybaby drama at times, but I still think it brought the community together as much as it will ever actually come together, and I know a lot of people discovered and rediscovered blogs from it. (Hell, I rediscovered Listless Ink!)

Also, brofisting.

My awesome run in the last match had nothing to do with myself. It was actually all my dad’s doing. My parents have been constantly keeping tabs on this tournament, being as they’re incredibly competitive people who’d love nothing more than to see a signifier that my blog is actually worth a damn. My dad campaigned hard through his Facebook account, with the powerful assistance of some guy with 5,000 friends who was also telling his own friends to repost the link. According to my dad, he hadn’t pulled out all the stops just yet. He wanted to save some of his campaigning for the next two matches, and was confident that we had this one in the bag, but he shouldn’t have turned his head away when it counted. That’s how great empires have fallen!

Anyway, I’m glad I lost to Yi. It’s a lot better than losing to Kurogane or Sea Slugs, neither of whom I read at all. (Star Crossed wouldn’t have been so bad as a final match, but still not as fun as going up against someone who actually reads me, and whom I read back.) I definitely hope that Yi can keep up that momentum and win the next match as well. She’s obviously got a lot of tricks up her sleeve, and after making such a massive comeback, I wouldn’t think we’ve seen the end of what she can do ;)

EDIT: And while I’m being meta anyway, I think I’ll give a heads-up. You may’ve noticed that there haven’t been many posts coming down the pipe lately. This is probably going to continue for a while, because right now I’m trying to write my first novel. I don’t know how long it could take, but I’m off to a great and very confident start, so you may not see much of me here. I’m still going crazy on Twitter though, lol.

27 thoughts on “Shaking Hands and Trading Jerseys: Congrats, Yi!

  1. This was definitely the hardest match I’ve had yet, way harder than even Random C.

    “But Yi made one hell of a comeback and took the win, and I’d definitely like to hear about how she did it.”
    I let the match run for most of the first three days and kept up relatively well. I did have the poll at the bottom of my sidebar on and off depending on my mood. On the fourth day though, I woke up and was shocked at the difference created overnight. I realized I needed a huge push. I decided to post the poll in my most popular posts and my recent posts. Some friends also tweeted and retweeted their support, which was really very touching. With this, I have gained considerable grounds. Finally, with a few hours remaining, I started tweeting myself as well and also asked my friends and fans on plurk, most of them are from a different community (Chinese RPG’s/ anime) to make a final push.

    Anyways, this was really a very very amazing match and even though I lucked out with a few votes, you also deserve to be top 4 position. ^ ^

    Good luck with your novel and I hope you continue to blog once in a while as well!

  2. Congrats on getting this far in the tourney. I like Yi too, but I voted for you because I read your posts more often =)

    I agree that the tourney is a great way for people to discover new blogs even though winning the tourney comes down to popularity. I’m glad I was able to get as far as I did.

    Good luck with your novel!

  3. Well, that’s boring. Admirable, but boring. You’re seriously not going to throw out any death threats?

    On a more positive note, I’m relieved that the results of an online tourney won’t send you into a depressed spiral.

  4. If this was the case, I really should have started going through all the channels that I know of. But I wasn’t sure how fair that actually was. I guess we’ll see if we can do stuff like this as well next time. \o

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