Otakon Day 0 and My Tentative Schedule

Baltimore, bitches! Otakon, niggaz! Anyway so it’s the end of ‘Day 0’, and I keep waking up every 2 hours, so I figured I may as well write a post about the day and get my schedule out there to the world.

This year, my Otakon group includes only people who live with me, being my 12 year-old and 17 year-old brothers and my cousin Funeral. Sadly, No Name, who went the last 2 years, couldn’t afford to go, and Patz of Insert Disk, whom we roomed with the last two years, had obligations to his buddies.

This worked to my advantage in that we were very organized this time, and by far the most prepared we’ve ever been for Otakon. Besides clothes and food supplies, we made badges for ourselves, brought every imaginable provision (Nintendo DS, iPods, other entertainment. And a laptop for once!), burned 4 anison CDs (and Galneryus Resurrection), and I even cleaned my room, which was a disaster before yesterday. I’d learned my lesson when the last 2 years in a row, my room had been a huge mess at Otakon time, and as a result, I couldn’t put up any of my new stuff when I got back. Lesson thoroughly learned.

So we headed off on our 4-hour, 6 Mountain Dew-can journey from Virginia Beach to Baltimore, and arrived at literally the same hotel that Funeral, No Name, Patz, Baka-Raptor, and I shared in 2008 (talk about extreme nostalgia trip! Especially since in ’08 I got up at 2 AM and explored every inch of the hotel and surrounding area and still have it all fresh in my mind.)

For the past few days and the drive up here, we kept warning my baby brother that the reg line was going to be this insanely long wait through painfully beating-down heat, since we’d had a 2-hour and 4-hour wait in ’08 and ’09 respectively. This simply was not true today. We got in line rather early before it started moving, and after a couple minutes, I suddenly had to take the most violent shit of my adult life (you had to know) from eating cold Spaghettios (we of course assumed the hotel would have a microwave – it didn’t.) After 10-15 minutes of that, I came back to the line to find my brothers already almost at the door – we literally moved nonstop up through the building and got our reg in under 20 minutes total. We were in complete and utter shock – high fucking five to Otakon for somehow becoming about 8 times more efficient this year. Good fucking job!

So we got our badges (me and baby bro chose Hayate the Combat Butler, bro chose Gundam 00 because it was Gundam, Funeral chose FullMetal Alchemist even though he’s never seen any of it just because he hadn’t heard of almost anything else. (There were, in fact, 2 Hetalia badges. Axis and Allies. Which just meant less variety for the rest of us >.>)) and then headed back to the hotel. I’d have gone to hang out with people I know, but most of them are over 21 and I know they like to go drinking on Thursday night, so I figured I should just go to bed (and fat lot of good that did me!) I don’t really want to meet people in big groups anyway, since there’re always a lot of people I don’t know, and would rather run into everyone individually.

So anyway, here’s my tentative schedule (or more like, a list of events I’m interested in and when they begin and end.) If you know something I don’t (like, X panel is gay, skip it, or, Y panel rules, don’t miss it) then please tell me. And let me know where our schedules line up~ I’m putting *s next to the stuff I’m especially interested in (for mine or my baby bro’s sake).


*9:00-11:00 Otaku no Video
9:30-10:30 Japanese Mahjong (will attend if we can’t make it to OnV in time)
11:00-12:00 No plans (prolly wander around taking cosplay pics or something or just get in line for the dealer’s room)
12:00-?? Dealer’s Room (I wanna get in early to hit up Hen Da Ne ASAP)
12:00-1:30 Madhouse panel (not crazy about this after what I saw last year)
1:00-3:00 Opening Ceremony
*1:30-2:30 Vocaloids Sing! (this is for my baby bro, depending on how it is I’ll prolly go in-between this and the opening ceremony since they’re close together anyway)
3:00-?? Dealer’s Room (if anyone has better ideas, shoot.)
6:00-7:30 Funimation Industry Panel (not crazy about this either since I’ve seen enough of their damn things and I’ll find out about it all later anyway)
7:30-8:30 Evangelion: You Don’t Know Anything (sounds fun)
*8:30-9:30 Yoshida Brothers Live
9:30-11:00 No Plans
*11:00-12:00 Portrait of a Fujoshi
*11:00-1:00 Learning to Draw Yuri 18+ (will so have to run to catch the later half of this lol)
12:3-1:30 Visual Novels 18+

Then I go back and sleep~


9:00-10:00 noitaminA (we may not actually show up this early, but just in case)
10:00-11:30 Dealer’s Room
*11:30-2:00 Welcome to the Space Show (really hoping this turns out nice, if not, I’ll leave for the next one)
1:30-2:30 Years of GAINAX
*3:00-4:30 Space Show Creator’s Panel (Hopefully comprehensive enough that I can miss some of these guys on Sunday)
3:00-4:30 Masao Maruyama QnA (in case I get  bored of the other one)
*5:00-6:00 Phenomology of Shinji Ikari (sounds fun)
6:00-9:00 Karaoke Round One
*9:00-10:30 Bandai After Dark
*9:30-10:30 Touhou Panel (this is the hardest scheduling conflict, though worst comes to worst, I don’t really need to know anything about Touhou, and I could just send my brothers to it)
*10:30-1:00 Karaoke Round Two (somewhere between the rounds, I’ve got 3 damn shows to put on lol)

Then I go back and sleep~


10:00-12:00 Dealer’s Room (last run~)
12:00-1:30 Koujina/Masunari/Ochikashi (will leave to see HMK, hopefully they’ll cover a lot in the space show panel)
12:30-2:00 Home Made Kazoku Live
2:00-3:00 Last rounds of the Dealer’s Room if necessary

And that concludes my Otakon 2010 schedule~

Looking forward to seeing you there!

10 thoughts on “Otakon Day 0 and My Tentative Schedule

  1. You’re gonna be the Otaking!

    Depending on how much you write about some of these panels, I might have to bug you for more detailed information. I’ve never been to a convention and there are only about two I know of in Arizona (one in Phoenix and a smaller one in Flagstaff). Sadly, I’ve got too much Real Life(tm) to deal with as usual to go to cons for quite some time.

  2. I actually know a few of the guys who’re doing the Touhou panel. There will be tourneys in UNL and PoFV.

    Oh, and what does Baka – Raptor look like IRL. My bet is on a skinny white kid.

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