Otakon 2010 Post One: The Haul

I’m gonna be segmenting my Otakon coverage, partly because the thing as a whole is so massive, and partly because I want the sense of accomplishment from writing an Otakon post tonight without the incredible amount of work it’d take to do it all at once. So first up, I’ll start with the easy stuff: my haul.

Here's all of it together~

I’ll take care of these in the order I purchased them, so here we go~

Two Misaka Mikoto doujinshi (To Aru Majutsu no Index)

First are the two Misaka Mikoto doujins I picked up from Hen Da Ne, my favorite booth in the universe. In 2008, when I bought my first doujins, I got two good but disappointingly short ones. This year, I made a point to buy doujins that were on the thicker side. The book to the left, called Choudenjihou no Aishikata by Takumi Namuchi, is one that’s been on my Fakku favorites list for about a year and a half, and I knew that it’s pretty lengthy and great. The other was one that I hadn’t seen before but immediately recognized as the same artist, and upon a look-through, found to be excellent.

Izayoi Sakuya-centric Touhou doujinshi

Also from Hen Da Ne came, sadly, the only Scarlet Devil Mansion-related merchandise I could find at the con. I was desperate for anything with Remilia in or on it, but among the few Touhou figures and merch I found, I had no luck. I expected to at least find some Remilia-centric doujinshi, but got nothing, even having shown up early on the first day of the con. The closest I came was this Sakuya-centric doujin which starts off with some intense Remi-on-Sakuya upon Remi’s bed, and then switches gears into Sakuya-on-China. It’s very nice-looking and has a great air of the Mansion about it, so while I’m sad to not have more, this is still a satisfying purchase.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni "sound novel" and D.C. II oppai mousepad

I knew from Friday that I wanted to buy Higurashi, but thanks to Otakon’s screwy ads and maps, it was hard as hell to find the MangaGamer booth, so I couldn’t buy it until Saturday. While it doesn’t bother me too much, Higurashi seems to have been released very cheaply. My copy’s case was missing one of the prongs that holds the cover on, so it comes off whenever I open the case (this only doesn’t bother me because I’ve broken every single CD case I’ve ever owned anyway, so I’m very used to it). The cover slip is just a single sheet of glossy paper and there’s nothing in the case, but hey, I doubt there was any more to the Japanese release regardless (Higurashi wasn’t exactly a professional release, was it?) Anywho, MangaGamer threw in a free oppai mousepad with my purchase, which kicks ass. I’ve never watched any Da Capo, and the mousepad is kind of awesomely bad because, as you can see above, the girl’s right arm is clearly a part of the hump on that side, giving the strange illusion that her left breast is *way* larger than her right. But anyway, so far the mousepad is surprisingly comfortable. MangaGamer also gave me a huge tote bag to carry this stuff in, which was nice, too.

Good Smile Company figure of Alphard from Canaan

At $130, Good Smile’s Alphard figure takes over Black Rock Shooter’s spot as the most expensive single item in my collection. I went into this con with the intent of buying anything I could find from the following franchises: Raildex, Touhou (with relevance to the Scarlet Devil Mansion), Kara no Kyoukai, Canaan, and Hatsune Miku if I found something I *needed* (I was trying to avoid this, however, because I own enough fucking Miku merch.) I had no luck whatsoever with Rakkyo, and Raildex + SDM only turned up the above doujins, which just left Canaan. Upon finding Alphard, I searched down every last inch of the Dealer’s Room for Canaan, since I knew that if I bought Alphard then I couldn’t afford anything else, and would hate myself if I passed up my favorite character from the series by accident. However, I could find nothing that I wanted more than this incredibly badass Alphard figure, and I also knew that had I bought Canaan first, I’d have been less likely to ever buy Alphard, whereas if I bought Alphard, I’d owe it to myself to eventually buy Canaan (find an image of them together and you’ll understand why having both is the best way to go). Here’s a bunch more images of this sexy beast.

Moving along~

Shimada Humikane Art Works

Lastly, we have Shimada Humikane’s Art Works. This caught my eye with it’s attractive mecha musume cover art, and upon opening it, I instantly recognized it as the Strike Witches artbook that Yi of Listless Ink posted about a couple weeks ago. The book is full of many Strike Witches illustrations as well as a plethora of other scantily-clad mecha musume (if you’ll believe it, the Strike Witches girls actually wear more clothes than almost anything else Humikane draws.) All of the art in this book is gorgeous – you can see Yi’s post for a lot of the Strike Witches samples, whereas I just took a picture of one random page that I liked below.

And that did it for me~ Look forward to further Otakon 2010 reports soon!

33 thoughts on “Otakon 2010 Post One: The Haul

    • My brother bought $400 worth of robots (he had a part time job just to save for Otakon), but he still has to build them all. For conversation’s sake, though, he bought (these are master grades) Shin Musha, Musha Mark II, Unicorn (full psychoframe), Red Astray (already owns Blue), I think something I don’t remmeber that might’ve been from 00, a Gurren Lagann not-Revoltech-but-similar diecast thing by Bandai that weilds a Giga Drill Breaker, a transformable Skull Leader valkyrie (which is apparently a pain in the ass to transform, so he said he wouldn’t be fucking around with it too much) and a set of miniatures from the Brave series, GGG inc. He bought so much from Bandai that they gave him a free stand thing as well as two GitS SAC Tshirts (one’s black with Batou on it, which he kept, the other is a white shirt with the Laughing Man symbolon the back, which he gave to me because he only wears black, and because I love the quote.)

      • Oh, I used to have a massive collection of mobile suits back when Wal-Mart carried them way before SEED came out.

        • Yeah, my brother actually owned most of the Walmart Gundams back when they were sold, until he literally bought out our local one. Most of those fell apart and stuff, though, since they were cheaply made and we used to play with them.

    • Oh, and as for my baby bro who had $100, he bought this cool samurai sword, a Soul Eater wallscroll, a K-On! random-box figure (got Mio making a silly face, which he’d hoped he wouldn’t since the face is, well, really silly) and a cheap Gundam model kit of some red generic from Gundam 00.

    • And while I’m at it, Funeral bought two big statues from Devilman, a full-color volume of the fist of the North Star manga, and some random-box figures of Yu Yu Hakusho and the Go Nagai collection.

  1. Wait , if this is post one, we can expect another post on Otakon then?

    Anyway, nice loot,although I would have bought a heck load of doujins instead ._.

    • Honestly, I seriously considered spending all of my money on doujins, but that would’ve been *really* hard to explain to my parents. As well as parts of my conscience that still exist.

      There will be a bunch of other Otakon posts, yes.

    • Indeed~ Esp with the Canaan combo in the meantime, I’ve feebly tried to have her face off with my Canaan figma, but even with the stand, the figma is just too damn short lol.

  2. Nice haul~ Very cool Alphard figure!

    I don’t think I’ve ever bought doujinshi – I spend all my money on figures, artbooks, DVDs, and miscellaneous character goods. For the four times I’ve gone to AX, I always end up spending about $200 on anime stuff in the dealer’s hall. But wow, your brother really spent $400? I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much on anime stuff at any one time (actually, that was what it cost me to stay at a hotel for three nights at AX ’08, LOL)

    Anyway, looking forward to hearing more about your time at Otakon =)

    • Last 2 years I had $500 to spend at Otakon, so I bought a ridiculous amount of stuff those times lol. This year, my dad was like ‘you’re 18 now, your birthday’s not worth as much’ (though really, he just had other expenses to worry about)

    • I think Hen Da Ne may have carried that one pictured int eh middle – it looks familiar, anyway. But yeah, these are amazing doujins. I was hesitant at first because I felt bad about not going straight for yuri with Railgun, but these two are just that amazing.

  3. I am jealous of the Shimada Humikane. I have no doubt they will not have anything that great at the only con I go to every year.

    That Alphard does look pretty awesome, though I haven’t seen Canaan yet.

    • Check out Canaan please. If you enjoy it, I’ll have the much-needed more people to talk about it with, and if you don’t like it, then you can join the mass of my friends who I can’t talk about it with lol. Yeah the Humikane artbook is fantastic. It’s sadly pretty short at just over 100 pages, but it’s probably the sexiest thing I own.

      • I’m actually torrenting it right now. Racing to finish as much anime as I can this summer. For some reason, I thought it was more than 13 episodes. Don’t know why.

        If I remember correctly, it has multiple illustrations of the miko Strike Witch. She is the best [in design, to me]. :3

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  5. Shimada Humikane really is a master.
    I didn’t realize Alphard is that expensive. She’s lovely. Anyways, that’s an awesome haul.

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