Digiboy's Character Database of Love – 9. Yamada & 10. Saten Ruiko

This is the fifth post in Digiboy’s Character Database of Love.

9. Yamada – B Gata H Kei

Seiyuu: Tamura Yukari (Performance: 5/5)

Character Design: (Designed by Yahiro Yuuko, based on designs by Sanri Youko). Straight-up, Yamada is sexy as fuck – I’d go so far as to consider her one of the my 10 hottest anime babes. Her design is interesting, because it feels very 90s, almost like she’s what a 90s character design would look like if combined with modern animation styles. What’s great about her is that she’s dense enough to play well with the humor in the series, but hot enough to make the steamy scenes amazing. I’m not a huge fan of her hair with the three ahoge in the front, but it’s not enough of a turnoff to keep me from considering her among my favorite designs.

Personal Bias/Moe Traits: If I haven’t made it apparent in this database yet, I’m a huge fan of sexually open women. Yamada is sex-obsessed, in spite of the fact that she’s afraid to actually initiate anything – I don’t blame her, since I’m about as sex-obsessed as you can get and have a hard time even talking to attractive women. (Shit, Yamada manages to *SPOILER* go all the way by the end of high school. I’m 19 and I haven’t had my first kiss. *END SPOILER*). She’s an all-around fun character, and I loved her from the first episode for her manic energy and one-track determination. She reminded me of an older, sex-obsessed Sana Kurata from Kodocha.

Distortions of My Imagination: Back when I did a post on B Gata H Kei, my buddy Taka pointed out that one sign of childhood sexual abuse is having compulsive sexual desires, but shrinking away when the time comes to act on them. As this was extremely true of Yamada’s character, I considered it in the context of the series. How come Yamada, a high school student, apparently lives in an apartment with just her middle-school sister? Why is the sister possibly even more promiscuous than Yamada? It’s probably just because I love analyzing the psychology of sexually abused children, but I can’t help pondering this kind of backstory for Yamada.

Crowning Moment of Love: Yamada’s greatest moment has to be when she finally manages to initiate in episode 11 during the ojou-sama girl’s party. She and the guy are on the bed, and it’s clear that she’s still very scared and not entirely sure what to do, but she pulls herself together and gets her man to finally massage her bare breasts. She was ready to go all the way and got interrupted, but I was already impressed that she got that far. It probably shouldn’t be that big a deal, since it was her goal from the beginning anyway, but I guess I could understand her troubles and was that much backing her ambitions.

Title: Come On Over (Turn Me On)

10. Saten Ruiko – To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

Seiyuu: Itou Kanae (Performance: 4/5)

Character Design: (Designed by Tanaka Yuichi, based on designs by Haimura Kiyotaka). Of the four main Railgun girls, Saten has my least-favorite design, just because I’m not big on long hair in general and because she’s the tallest of the bunch (though I’m sure she’s probably like 5 feet at most – this is Japan, damn it!) I do love the little flower in her hair and those mischievous eyes. It’s those eyes that help to sell her small deception in the first arc, while at other times reflecting her slightly twisted energetic personality. All in all, she’s not a design that particularly attracts me, but she’s a design that works.

Personal Bias/Moe Traits: Saten is a fun and fashionable gal who doesn’t like to take anything too seriously. What’s more, she’s a reliable friend and generally good person, who faces disappointment in herself for not being strong enough to do more. I liked Saten from the start, mostly for her interactions with Uiharu and the fact that I’ve been following Itou Kanae’s career, but it was later in the series that I really grew to enjoy her (despite the fact the she’s mostly useless in the actual plot arcs). After coming to terms with her lack of power and realizing that the only way to get through it was to stop bitching and work her ass off, I felt like I could respect her more.

Distortions of My Imagination: As I mentioned when I talked about Uiharu Kazari on the second week, I like to imagine that she and Saten are gay lovers. Saten makes this imagination a lot easier than Uiharu does – sure, maybe she’s only obsessed with women’s underwear (especially Uiharu’s, especially while she’s wearing them) because she finds flipping skirts to be fun, but I dunno. The way she acts and talks makes my gaydar go off even moreso than your average ambiguously-lesbian anime girl. Going back to my Uiharu fantasy, I like to think that Saten’s constant fake-out advances might actually become real advances one day, and that Uiharu might just go for it.

Crowning Moment of Love: Saten’s best moment comes in episode 15, wherein she and the other kids who used the ‘level uppers’ are made to attend a special class on powers. The other students spend most of the time complaining and making excuses for themselves, while Saten remains introspective through most of it. At the end, she’s shown giving it her all to the physical training, somehow feeling like she just couldn’t give up. After some speeches by the teachers and herself, she comes to realize that rather than angst about her lack of powers, she should work hard to improve and be proud of herself for never giving up. That’s an attitude that I can always respect.

Title: Panty Shot

10 thoughts on “Digiboy's Character Database of Love – 9. Yamada & 10. Saten Ruiko

    • I’ve gotten a surprising number of them done.

      – Record at least 2 videos a month all year (As promised to my little brother) – This didn’t even happen once because our camera was being a fucknugget.

      – Finish as many of my unfinished anime as possible. – This is completely subjective.

      – Wrap up or continue all of my blog series that are just hanging on loose ends such as Don’t Fuck This Up or the Utena episodics. – Admittedly and sadly not even started.

      – ACHIEVE HIGH-ASS MARKS IN MY COLLEGE CLASSES (BECAUSE OTHERWISE EVERYTHING IS FOR FUCKING NOTHING) – the classes I was talking about then I dropped out of, but i’m making As now, so it’s all good.

      – Reach Otaku Nirvana – I wrote this post without even remembering that I’d made this resolution. That’s how you know it’s true: http://fuzakenna.com/2010/07/24/i-have-reached-otaku-nirvana/

      – Write a fucking novel’s worth of content for Dark Dreams at the End of the World. I don’t care if none of it is connected, I need the fucking content. – Not quite, but I did a good bit so far. Year isn’t over yet.

      – Learn to drive within the next 4 months (necessity) – Fail. But it also stopped being a necessity.

      – Get Laid – YOU JUST WAIT AND SEE

      – Get my fucking friends out of my fucking house before my parents throw them out, and while I’m at it, get my fucking self out of the fucking house!!! – Friend 1 was gone shortly thereafter. Friend 2 should be out by the end of the year. I’ve sort of been going out more.

      – Get Money – I have 80 bucks.

      – Comprise my Top 100 Anime of All Time list with COMPLETE AND UTTER CONFIDENCE – GETTING SO CLOSE

      – Keep my fucking room clean to at least some extent – done.

      – Loose some fucking weight, put on some fucking muscle, and learn to fucking fight. I want to make this dream finally fucking HAPPEN. – I’ve lost a lot of weight in the past few months, and I’ve restarted my training, so this should be done by year’s end.

      – Turn my youngest brother into the God-Level Otaking Prodigy that he is on the path to becoming. – Working.

      – Keep my little bro on the path to success and make sure he makes it through high school without a problem. – Double-working.

      – Show the fucking world what I am really capable of. – Definitely working.

  1. Yamada and B gata H kei more or less collide with a bunch of adolescent insecurities and uncertainties, all of that wrapped in silly perverted comedy for all of our enjoyment. That aspect is kinda hard to see in the anime (since a lot strange of scenes got cut out), but are better portrayed in the manga; Yamada by her part will start to self question herself a lot of details about herself later in the series, which makes her quite the Amazing character all in all.

    Saten is probably one of the most well written level 0s from To aru, even if you count Touma and Himegami in that group (kinda ties with Aogami, har har), that alone makes her cool enough.

  2. It’s interesting how both girls in those pictures have defined lips. Not in a pouty shoujo manga way, but… curvier, somehow.

    Rather than Uiharu, I kind of liked the idea of Saten getting to know that other Level 0 guy in the episode you mentioned. It’s the evil hetero agenda again. ;)

    • Fucking heteros trying to take easter away from lesbian Jesus.

      Anyway, I don’t even remember what guy you’re talking about. The only other level 0 I remember is the awesome bancho chick.

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