Announcing Digiboy’s Acadime Awards! (And How You Can Make Them Awesome)

Not the Oscar I had in mind. Art by kayu

Being as I watched most of what aired in 2010 (and plan to finish some of what I didn’t in the coming month), I thought it’d be fun to do an Academy Awards-style ceremony to celebrate all the great elements of 2010 anime. Rather than talk about what I’m gonna do, it might be more helpful if I just showed you my list of categories:

  • Best Actor in a Leading Role
  • Best Actor in a Supporting Role
  • Best Actress in a Leading Role
  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role
  • Best Animation (Movie/OVA)
  • Best Animation (TV)
  • Best Animation Direction
  • Best Art Direction
  • Best Breakthrough Performance
  • Best Character Designs
  • Best Director
  • Best ED
  • Best Female Character (presenter decided)
  • Best Fight Scene (Human)
  • Best Fight Scene (Robot) (presenter decided)
  • Best Male Character
  • Best Mecha Design
  • Best Movie (presenter decided)
  • Best On-Screen Couple (presenter decided)
  • Best On-Screen Team
  • Best OP
  • Best New Series
  • Best Original Soundtrack (presenter decided)
  • Best Original OVA
  • Best OVA For An Existing Franchise
  • Best Series
  • Best Writing (presenter decided)

So basically, it’s like a fusion of the Academy Awards and the MTV Movie Awards, since while I love all the serious categories, I also care about all the non-serious ones. (If you have any suggestions for other categories, please leave a comment.)

I intend to do this up real big and run it through the whole month of February, with one award given out daily.

As for what gets the awards, the decision will ultimately be my own. This is meant to be a fun activity, not a serious one, and besides, I never agree with the Academy Awards, so fuck all ideas of “quality.” I will, however, be taking a lot of different peoples’ thoughts into consideration. And that’s where you come in.

For each award, I want to have a “presenter.” I’ll start off the post by announcing and saying a little bit about each nominee, and then introduce a guest to announce and talk about the winner. The idea here is that the presenter would be someone with a personal interest in that particular category. For instance, someone who knows a lot about seiyuu could help with the Best Actor/Actress awards, while someone who cares a lot about anime music can help with the Best OST category.

Here’s my request: if you would like to participate in this event, then contact me via email ( or instant messenger (gtalk same handle, AIM DigitalboyDB, YIM digitalboyreviews) and let me know which categories you’re interested in. I’ll then give you my list of nominations, and we’ll decide together what should be the winner. After a couple of weeks, I’ll post again with what categories still need a writer.

This series won’t begin until February, so we have plenty of time to set everything up. Whether you decide to participate or not, I hope you look forward to it!

23 thoughts on “Announcing Digiboy’s Acadime Awards! (And How You Can Make Them Awesome)

  1. Sounds pretty fun. I’d consider joining if you needed me, but I guess I’d rather wait and see if you run out of other people.

      • I just think it would be easier to choose after some of the categories have been taken, hehe.
        I don’t think it will either, but you never know. :3c

  2. Cool idea! I would definitely pick the Haruhi movie for “Best Movie” and “Best Animation.” I would also pick Shichika and Togame from Katanagatari for “Best On-Screen Couple.” I don’t feel qualified enough for many of the categories and for others I’d have to think hard.

    And I’m a bit confused with the difference between “Best New Series” and “Best Series.”

  3. I want best robot battle remember, schneider did the one on WRL. and best on-screen couple. By on-screen couple, I don’t mean damned ships and Ranka x Alto x Sheryl crap like that (never mind I’m bitter about Kuragehime) and also rules out my favorites such as Panty x Brief and Banagher x Audrey — who is (or could be) a variant of one of the best couples ever: Jinto x Lafiel.

  4. “Best Female Character”
    Mikoto Misaka.
    I am pretty objective.

    If I had finished more than ten series this year, I would have loved to participate. But I didn’t. shit.

    Also, what original OVAs were there this year? I can only think of Legend of Koizumi, Hen Zemi, BRS, and Cat Shit One (ONA? OVA?)…

  5. Consider me in! I…. don’t know what you nominated but can probably work with whatever you give me. I primarily use AIM but am also on Skype, so toss me a line since I only use one username and one username only. Looking forwards to this!

  6. This should be fun! I’d love to participate, but I’m not sure what category I can do. I’ll definitely keep up to date with this.

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