Positions Needed For Digiboy’s Acadime Awards

It’s been 2 weeks since the Acadime Awards were announced and there’re 2 weeks remaining before it kicks off. A lot of people have come forth and been a great help, and more have stated interest, but said they’d wait for more positions to be filled. That’s the purpose of this post: a status report and call for those interested to fill the remaining positions.

Current Confirmed Contributers: ghostlightning, taka, zzeroparticle, lolikitsune, 2D Teleidoscope, mefloraine, schneider, Chii, drmchsr0(?)

Write-ups that I’ve received so far: Best Fight Scene (Robot), Best ED, Best Female Character, Best Movie

Dates I need write-ups by for other categories: Best Actor in a Supporting Role—Feb 3; Best Character Designs—Feb 5; Best Actress in a Supporting Role—Feb 6; Best Original Soundtrack—Feb 8; Best Movie—Feb 9; Best Breakthrough Performance—Feb 11; Best On-Screen Couple—Feb 14; Best Mecha Design—Feb; Best OVA For An Existing Franchise—Feb 15; 16  Best Villain—Feb 20; Best Original OVA—Feb 21; Best Actor in a Leading Role—Feb 22; Best Actress in a Leading Role—Feb 24; Best Writing—Feb 25; Best Male Character—Feb 26; Best Series—Feb 28

Categories which do not yet have a presenter (and dates I need write-ups by):

Best Animation (Movie/OVA)—Feb 7
Best Animation (TV)—Feb 2
Best Animation Director (If you even know what this entails, then you’re my wo/man)—Feb 10
Best Art Director (same as above)—Feb 13
Best Director—Feb 18
Best Fight Scene (Human)—Feb 12
Best On-Screen Team—Feb 23
Best OP—Feb 1
Best Scene—Feb 17

Thanks in advance for your help, and thanks again to everyone who’s contributed so far!

8 thoughts on “Positions Needed For Digiboy’s Acadime Awards

  1. With all those anibloggers, at least a few more must be willing to do this.

    But then again, digiboy probably lost half his audience after getting rid of the name “fuzakenna”

  2. Not knowing what the person will have to write about is kind of annoying. Even if someone’s willing to write about something, maybe they don’t like your choice, and then they still have to write about it because refusing at this stage would be kind of awkward. And then there’s the fact you have a pretty different view on anime, and like stuff that a lot of people hate. And the person may not have seen the show you chose.

    This was a good idea and I’m looking forward to it, but I think you’re going to have a lot of trouble finding people willing to help you, and I can’t help but think there must be a better way of doing this.

    • Plenty of people have refused at that stage and I’ve also told people they couldn’t write for the category because they didn’t like my choice. I don’t want to release the winners publicly because it’ll spoil the surprise. Thus far, everyone who’s contacted me has had a very easy time – we quickly converse and make a decision and it’s done without hassle. I’ve been told I’m extremely lax and easy to work with. I promise that once you get behind the scenes as a contributor, it works out a lot better. Especially because my readers tend to know what kind of choices I’m going to make and have an idea of what they could be writing about.

        • Actually, isn’t it kinda pointless if you don’t? It’s hard to write up on a character arbitrarily appointed to you, especially if you’re supposed to sing his/her praises. That solves the problem of not liking/knowing the character.

          • You are misunderstanding the situation. The people writing about these things are people who care about the subjects and agree with me about them. We intensely discuss the nominations and winners. For instance, Taka is doing 6 categories, all of which we agreed on and which he’s very passionate about.

            The idea is, if you are someone who cares about that subject, you will know enough about it that it doesn’t matter what I pick.

  3. If I had watched anything from last year’s seasons, I would be interested in taking part in this. But I didn’t, so I suppose I’ll wait for next year :)

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