Digiboy’s Character Database of Love – 23. Miyako & 24. Takamura Mamoru (from guest-writer Robert Weizer)

This is the twelfth post in Digiboy’s Character Database of Love.

23. Miyako – Hidamari Sketch

Seiyuu: Mizuhashi Kaori (Performance: 5/5)

Character Design: (Designed by Ito Yoshiaki, based on designs by Aoki Ume). Miyako embodies the combination of four-koma cuteness and SHAFT sexiness that defines the Hidamari Sketch design sense. She’s got what I’d call a perfect body—just the right sizes in all the right places, and everything looks good on her. Her messy, almost mullet-like hair evolves a lot over the course of the seasons, as does Mizuhashi Kaori’s performance of her. (Watch the first episodes of each season, they all sound different.) As an added bonus, we sometimes get to see a sexy, tanned Miyako, with cute kitty pawprint to boot.

Personal Bias/Moe Traits: Miyako is impossible not to like, and there’s a good reason she appears on a lot of waifu lists (notably those of chill guys; I’m looking at you, BigN and No Name.) She’s got an unchained honesty, boundless energy, and love of life that makes everything around her more fun. She’s exactly who half of us want as a best friend and the other half wish we could be.

Miyako’s perpetual poorness makes for great humor, and it’s spectacular how she seems ignorant of the concept that being poor would make someone unhappy, which I think is fucking powerful.

Distortions of My Imagination: Yuri of course. When I wrote about Sae, I said that the yuri implications were strong enough not to be distortions. In this case, it’s a lot more debatable. I’m obviously biased, but what I know about the creators (both Aoki Ume and SHAFT) points to them sharing that bias. Miyako and Yunocchi are certainly very close, though neither has shown romantic interest in anyone as of yet (far as I know, haven’t finished the series). Still, with Miyako’s spontaneousness and the general progression of time, I can easily put them together in a very similar fashion to the way I put Konata and Kagamin together.

Crowning Moment of Love:

Title: Sunny Survivalist

And now, from special guest-writer Robert Weizer:

24. Takamura Mamoru – Hajime no Ippo

SeiyuuRikiya Koyama

Character Design: (Designed by Koji Sugiura, based on designs by George Morikawa.) Takamura unfortunately suffers from a bit of the default facial “sameness” that characters in Ippo have. However, his facial expressions are utterly hilarious and make some scenes creepier or more hilarious.  The rest of his design is pretty simple, as he’s supposed to be large and in-charge more or less, but his hair continues to baffle me. What kind of haircut is it? I’m not sure, but I really like it! (Digi’s note: It’s a pompadour.)

Personal Bias/Moe Traits: I find Takamura so hilarious and awesome because I come from a background of anime that’re full of hotbloodedness and hilarity. If he’s got any shortcomings as a character, I can’t see them unless I put my thinking cap on! I suppose that would be my personal bias–that I can’t see any fault with Takamura when I watch the show.

Distortions of My imagination: My imagination makes Takamura seem like less of a prick than he actually is, to be quite honest. Much like his character faults, I can’t think of him critically as a person unless I think about it a while. In all honesty, he’s a gigantic prick, but that’s what makes him so lovable! I think I’d get along with him after being around him a while.

Crowning Moment of Love: I would love to say right off the bat, but I merely saw him as awesome, not loveable and one of my favorite characters of all time. I think I grew to really like him around the time of Ippo’s title match with Eiji Date. Takamura had a match in which he really screwed up his training and conditioning, but still beat the everloving crap out of the person he was fighting. It was great to finally see a Takamura match where he didn’t win in five seconds!

Title: Former Japanese Middleweight Champion, Former WBC Junior Middleweight Champion, and Reigning WBC Middleweight Champion.

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