Last Call For Acadime Awards Presenters

The Acadime Awards begin in 5 days. There are still 10 positions open, so in the event that I can’t find volunteers, I’ll present those awards myself. I also want to take this opportunity to remind contributers about the awards in case they’ve forgotten (as I had for a few days lol). So far, all the write-ups I’ve received have been excellent, so I look forward to what everyone else will bring forth~

Since drmchsr0 never contacted me about his interest in writing for it, the Best Villain category is available again.

Current Confirmed Contributers: ghostlightning, taka, zzeroparticle, lolikitsune, 2D Teleidoscope, mefloraine, schneider, Chii

Write-ups that I’ve received so far: Best Fight Scene (Robot), Best ED, Best Female Character, Best Movie, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Movie

Dates I need write-ups by for other categories: Best Character Designs—Feb 5; Best Actress in a Supporting Role—Feb 6; Best Original Soundtrack—Feb 8; Best Breakthrough Performance—Feb 11; Best On-Screen Couple—Feb 14; Best Mecha Design—Feb 15 ; Best OVA For An Existing Franchise—Feb 16; Best Original OVA—Feb 21; Best Actor in a Leading Role—Feb 22; Best Actress in a Leading Role—Feb 24; Best Writing—Feb 25; Best Male Character—Feb 26; Best Series—Feb 28

Categories which do not yet have a presenter (and dates I need write-ups by):

Best Animation (Movie/OVA)—Feb 7
Best Animation (TV)—Feb 2
Best Animation Director (If you even know what this entails, then you’re my wo/man)—Feb 10
Best Art Director (same as above)—Feb 13
Best Director—Feb 18
Best Fight Scene (Human)—Feb 12
Best On-Screen Team—Feb 23
Best OP—Feb 1
Best Scene—Feb 17
Best Villain—Feb 20

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