Not Dead, Current Season, Watched Umineko, etc.

Holy fuuuck, talk about blinking off the map! It occurred to me that besides the people I talk to through AIM and emails or the occasional comment I left here and there, my internet presence has been non-existent, which is pretty impressively the opposite of what it’s ever been.

Edit: By the way, I never said anything about it, but apparently I made honey-bunny worried, so I’ll take this chance to say that I’ve been on a twitter sabbatical, which is why I haven’t been posting there. (Why I never mentioned this should be obvious lol.)

Art by Ayakashi

So anyway, I’m sure some people (namely the contributors) are concerned about the fate of the Acadime Awards that were supposed to go through this month. I haven’t decided how I’m going to release them yet. Obviously, I hadn’t finished them at the start of the month, and between my becoming violently sick and figuring out how much work the posts would take, I decided to push the whole thing back. Thankfully, the series isn’t really time-sensitive, since it’s not like 2010 is going anywhere, so the posts will all come out at some time. I love the contributions I’ve gotten and will definitely make sure they all get seen (especially those of Taka, who’s managed to put thoughts into words about seiyuu that I’ve always wished I could.)

Which reminds me! Taka, who will be known as Thoughtcannon from now on I guess (aka @denpapopcorn), is now a member of this site! What he’ll post on or whether he’ll post at all is his choice, but he has no site of his own, and the way he looks at anime seems to me very similar to the way I do, so I begged him to join, and hopefully he seizes the opportunity~~

Now that those important site announcements are out of the way, let’s talk anime, which I honestly haven’t watched much of in the last couple of weeks for the same reason I haven’t posted (violent illness giving way to rampant laziness—also, I started working on my novel again). For starters, current season shows.

Oh lord...

According to Anime Calendar, the shows I’m still “watching” are as follows:

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? (3 seen): It’s alright. The second episode was pretty lame, but it picked up again in the third, so I’ll just keep watching until I get consistently bored enough to drop it. So far, the pantsless masou-shoujo is my biggest reason for continuing.

Hourou Musuko (2 seen): Even though I’m now way behind on this, it’s the show I’m most actively intending to follow. Hourou Musuko was a treasure of a manga, and the anime is every bit as amazing, if not more so by virtue of being anime.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (3 seen): Already talked about the eps I’ve seen here, but this show continues to be a very important cultural phenomenon (in that it’s somehow already like the highest-selling anime of all time, and the manga is apparently sold out everywhere in a matter of days). I’m not sure if I’ll keep watching this while everyone else is because of my usual fear of watching anything that gets a lot of attention until it’s over. That said, this will probably be in my “god tier” of favorites.

Yumekui Merry (4 seen): I’m supposedly episodically blogging this on SOS or whatever. Episode 4 had pissed me off, but I heard 5 makes up for it, so I’ll get on that.

I need to catch up on Star Driver also. And Suite Precure just started, but the first ep was very nice, so I’ll continue that.

The shows I’ve got on-hold until they end are: Level-E, possibly Fractale (I haven’t started it), Index 2, Letter Bee Reverse, Mitsudomoe 2, and I’m not sure if I’ll continue watching Beelzebub with my brother or if he’ll get fed up with me and watch the rest by himself.

Everything else I dropped, so let’s talk about disappointments.


Freezing (4 seen): God damn it, this show was so disappointing. The first episode promised a plot-heavy, brutal series that would be full of surprises. It established an interesting world and had the right mix of tits and blood. And then what do we get? Real Bout fucking High School/Tenjou Tenge bullshit. Tired bullying sub-plots, boring characters, bad directing, and the whole 4:3 thing drives me nuts (I just force it into 16:9, I can’t handle it). I wanted this show to rule, but it was a big flop.

Gosick (2 seen): I couldn’t get through the second episode. The main guy was fucking insufferable (not to mention still ugly). I know that this guy was much cooler in the novel, and his relationship with Victorique much more meaningful. Good thing I’ve got the amazing Star Driver to constantly re-assure me that Bones is still awesome.

All others were dropped for convenience.

Oh Cobra, where were you when we needed you most?

Also, because my friends wouldn’t shut up about it, and then my brother finally watched it, I decided to watch Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

The first two arcs were boring, the third one was amazing, and the fourth made my brain hurt. The thing about this series is that I can tell exactly how it failed the source material, because it created an obvious problem in the plot; the whole point was that Battler had to prove that the events could be performed without magic, but in no way did the anime make that seem probable. And it was just confusing with all the skipping around towards the end, not to mention having no resolution.

I hope that now, since the games are finished, DEEN goes ahead and makes a second season. (Before anyone screams “why would you do that?!,” know that I appreciate how terrible DEEN is, but I think they had more than enough fun with Umineko to make up for it.) I just want to know the rest of the story. When I watched Higurashi, the first series was fun and all, but it was only after learning everything in the second series that the experience became fulfilling. I want that experience with Umineko, because I do find the universe fascinating and love some of the characters. (Plus I’ve heard Bernkastel and Lambdadelta are more important in the next game, so yes please!)

Spoken like a man after Baka-Raptor's heart. But seriously, I so shipped BattlerXMaria.

You may be wondering, if I care so much, why not play the games, most of which have been translated into English? Well, I went ahead and downloaded Witch-Hunt’s translation of the first game and played it for about five minutes before I got really tired of it. For one thing, the prose isn’t very exciting (don’t know if this is Ryukishi07’s fault or the translators’), and for another, the character designs are ugly as sin. It just doesn’t mean as much if I don’t wanna boff half the cast. (And seriously, the Higurashi game had better art than this—what happened?)

So there you have it. I’m alive or something.

21 thoughts on “Not Dead, Current Season, Watched Umineko, etc.

  1. The first game *is* pretty boring – I read the novels first, but even I kind of dropped it for a month halfway through the boring part before randomly deciding to pick it up again. You kind of have to sludge through it, and since you’ve seen the anime I’d almost recommend skipping through the text until the good stuff kicks in. It definitely becomes a better read as the episodes go on, although there is always a bit of annoying repetition in the writing. EP3 is definitely one of the best in both writing and in the anime form – it was the best-adapted arc, too.

    …and Higurashi had better art? Well, I liked the soft shading style better, true, but…to each his own, I guess. Somebody will probably hack in the PS3 sprites eventually, in any case.

    Unfortunately I share this advice only because DVD sales were abysmal, even considering the niche factor, and you probably shouldn’t be getting your hopes up too much for a second season :/. As much as people want it.

    • Do not take DVD sales as indicative of anything. One thing I’ve learned is that none of us understand why anime gets made, and we should stop trying. For instance, Mitsudomoe and Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai both got second seasons in spite of terrible sales. They just aren’t a good metric.

      The only reason I do think there could be a second season of Umineko is because if I’m not mistaken, the two Higurashi anime were nearly 2 years apart themselves, and DEEN are the type of studio to keep doing more stuff for their shows (see: F/SN).

      As for Higurashi having better art, it might just be because Higurashi had fewer dudes, and the dudes are really ugly in Umineko. But then I’ve hardly played the Higurashi game either. I’m generally terrible at getting around to visual novels unless they have a lot of porn in them.

      • Nope, That logics is wrong, because you can’t compare Mitsudomoe+Kami Nomi with the situation of Umineko. The soul reason Mitsudomoe and Kami Nomi got the second season is due to the fact it was ‘ALREADY PLANNED’, aka split-2-cour project. That’s why the DVD/BD sales didn’t matter. In case of Umineko, the project itself only focused on 2-cour 1st season, without actual planning of Chiru. Sales will affect the continuation of the series strongly.

  2. I noticed your lack of posts and Twitter presence, but I figured something must have come up with being sick or a bit in over your head with the Acadime Awards. I think I have you on my AIM list but I never see you online…maybe I have the wrong screen name?

    I’m loving Madoka now and I’m sure you will too. I think it covers just about everything you like in anime. Hourou Musuko and Fractale are very good too.

    Anyway, glad to see you’re getting back on track =) And you’re the third person I know who’s currently working on a novel XD

    • I’m *always* on AIM, so you must have the wrong screen name. Mine is digitalboydb. I’m also always on yahoo messenger as digitalboyreviews.

      Indeed, Madoka is one of those anime I look at and go “damn, they made this for me” lol.

      • Yeah… What happened to Gen Urobuchi and his “heartwarming story”

        but keep watching it. So many unexpected twists. I like how shinbo uses so many strange and surrealistic designs, as opposed to just keeping SHAFT’s usual abstract style.

  3. The art I’ve seen from the Umineko VN turned me off too. At the moment I’m holding out for a second season. If it doesn’t happen in a few years, I’ll just play the VN. By then I’ll have forgotten a lot of the plot, so hopefully it won’t bore me. Either way, I want solutions.

  4. Me? Worried? No. ;)

    You know, I’m surprised at how entertaining Level E is. I think you may enjoy it, when the time comes. And I’ve also been contemplating taking the Umineko plunge, just because it’s the phenomenon it is.

    Glad everything’s back on track!

    • I loved the first ep of Level E, but it’s just not something I could see watching weekly. Not that anything is at this point.

      Umineko I warn you is brutally hard to watch for a long time. It takes something like 12 episodes to reach the arc where things really start to pick up, and then while the third arc is truly awesome, the fourth is just confusing and throws it all out of whack. The show is fun, but I don’t think I could’ve gotten through it if my brother and friends weren’t fans whom I could talk to while watching.

  5. “Bernkastel and Lambdadelta are more important in the next game”

    I hear they bang…..or at least that’s what I want to happen……..I don’t play the games at all, nor do I ever really intend to, and in fact, I only say this because I just finished reading some post about them..

    Either way I can’t see them NOT making another season.

  6. Well that’s not what I wanted to do…oops. Anyway, Madoka. Catch up on it. And love it with the rest of us. It has not lost any of the awesome that the episodes you’ve already seen included.

    • I love Victorique and I love Yuuki Aoi, and I can have both of them without sitting through the wreck of that show. I love the combo truly, but it doesn’t mean a whole lot if she doesn’t get to do things I appreciate.

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