Hourou Musuko Abruptly Cut Short!

UPDATE: So it looks like there *will* be an eleventh episode of Hourou Musuko on TV, but it will be episode 12. 10 and 11 were fused together so there’d be room for this episode. Good news I guess!

Read about it here.

Ouch. It didn’t hurt me as much when Madoka Magica’s last two episodes were cancelled because I was behind on that show—and now it seems they’re finding their way back on the air anyway.

Hourou Musuko suffers a worse fate in that episodes ten and eleven have been cropped together to round out the season, so we can’t enjoy the full versions of the episodes until their BD releases, which will be in August and September. At least we’ll get a bonus twelfth episode as well.

What confuses me about all this is that Hourou Musuko wasn’t even skipped at all for the earthquake—episode nine aired as scheduled. Why do they need to cut it short?

There still seems to be a lot of confusion about this so I hope there will be further announcements to clear that up.

4 thoughts on “Hourou Musuko Abruptly Cut Short!

  1. That’s a real shame. It will be fun for those of us who haven’t read the manga to wait for the consequences of Nitori’s action at the end of 9. The anticipation is exciting.

  2. This is the first time I’m hearing about this and it is indeed a disappointment. You’d think they would have had to reschedule episode 9 or something, but they’re just now having to mess with the series? It’s too bad…but I guess there’s nothing we can do about it :(

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