Thoughts on C – Fiscal Responsibility

Most of the comments on episode three of C: Money of the Soul and Possibility of Control have been about the varying effectiveness of the “infodump” within the episode. I personally do not have a comment on that front. What I do find interesting is a curious (to me) lack of mention for the central resolution between Kimimaro and his estranged (presumed dead) father. No comment has been made about Soichiro’s peculiar rationalization about Kimimaro’s financial habits and how they differ from the two men’s fathers.

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Hanasaku Iroha Is Like the Evangelion of “4-Girls” Shows

Screenshots all of my favorite scenes from HanaIro, all from ep 3.

Starting with what part of Evangelion I see reflected—Eva is what comes to mind when I think of taking an established type of anime to the next level in every way. Without getting into too much of “what Evangelion is,” since not all of it serves my purposes in this comparison, what matters is that Evangelion:

1. Is an amazing-looking show.

2. Is extremely well-written and directed.

3. Presents common genre tropes better than other shows that feature them.

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Steins;Gate Stands To Steal My Declaration Of “Best Dialog In Anime”

Is it just me or does it look like she's not wearing underwear?

Since 2008 I’ve been considering Kure-nai the almighty champion of anime dialog, but I’m starting to feel like Steins;Gate could steal the crown. I actually like that the show moves slowly because it means more time for this fucking brilliant dialog. Hanada Jukki deserves one hell of a pat on the back for this.

Insult of the fucking month

It also may steal Kure-nai’s spot as the fastest a show has gotten a guaranteed spot on my favorites list. Kure-nai got it after episode 6. This show will have it if the next episode stays as awesome as it’s been.

This explanation was perfect

That’s all—I don’t know what it is but this show compels me to episodically blog it.

Who cares about Madoka, Anaru is my Goddess of Hope.

Anjou Naruko, the red-haired goddess of AnoHana has usurped all other 2D women in my heart. Others may covet Anaru inappropriately, this man is of a false and duplicitous nature. Not enough that he has blasphemed by taking a 3D waifu, he keeps a list of anime women to fall back on should he ever become unhappily single. I assure you, that you will find no such declarations of infidelity from me on this blog. I will not waver, for while I have had many 2D girlfriendos and crushes, I have only now taken my first 2D waifu.

My bride to be

Yes Anaru is poised haughtily atop a mangled pile of gothlolis, demons, robots, vampires and other such lesser 2D women from my past. She has usurped long standing anime-girl crushes such as Ryoko to take her rightful place as Queen of my heart. Striking the breath from my lungs with her hipster glasses, she is the my flame-haired avatar of love.

*Insert hipster meme here*

Words cannot express the feeling of watching Anaru doing the most mundane tasks. Lying in bed, playing Nokemon, watering the garden; her every movement is poetry of which I might be able to express had the sight of her saintly visage not burned out my cornea. To hear her voice is to understand the very essence of “tsun” and “dere”. Where has an anime-girl like this been all of my life?

It is with this post that I unequivocally declare my engagement to my anime waifu: Anjou Naruko. It is an ultimatum to all the unbelievers and adulterers (especially this guy) that Anaru shall be mine alone. You Madoka-fags and Homura-fags may have your despair-ridden DFC magical girls, Anaru is the only goddess for me. Therefore I state in the most direct terms I know and with an unwavering heart:

Anaru is mai waifu!


Astarotte no Omocha 3 – Another Keystone in the Kugimiya Arch

Episode 2 of C was a letdown for the most part, but that’s okay because Steins;Gate and Astarotte no Omocha are putting up strong showings as easily my favorite shows this season. I can’t contain my fanboydom for either!

Astarotte ep 3 was so good it hurt, and Asuha in animation is the cutest god damn thing this side of planet Earth. At this point—unlike with Ao no Exorcist—I’m so far beyond the changes from the manga (which have gotten pretty major) that they barely register now. This anime is much better than the manga, not just for the already true reason that Okama’s art design is spectacular, but also because it’s written by the pens of gods.

I like to refer to Toradora as a sort of keystone in the Kugimiya Rie loli arch. Everyone and their grandma has known since 2007 that Kugimiya is best known for playing “tsundere” lolis, especially in J.C. Staff shows, and it’s only grown more true over the years, with this season’s (fucking terrible) Hidan no Aria reaching almost so-terrible-it’s-like-a-meta-commentary-on-the-overuse-of-Kugimiya levels of Kugimiya overdose.

Why is Toradora the keystone? Because it takes the character type, all too known for it’s inability to grow and develop and for being perpetually misunderstood, and then the whole purpose of the show is allowing the character to do just that through 24 episodes of the best melodrama in anime. Now we’ve got Astarotte no Omocha, which accomplishes something similar in the span of three episodes.

Obviously it’s not a replacement for Toradora because that growing process is important the way Toradora does it, but it’s also a very cool new animal to see the character so easily understood, and seeing how she’ll grow in that environment. It’s like Naoya is the father to Astarotte that Ryuuji was the lover to Taiga.

Plus the show is so fucking god damn adorable, I want to hug Asuha TO DEATH. Cute girls haven’t done this many cute things since Ichigo Mashimaro.

Diary of an Anime Finished – Gatekeepers 21 and the Boogie-pop Worldview

In spite of being short(er), this post is all over the place, so I ask that you please bear with me. This post is part of the Diary of an Anime Lived and my Finish or Fail series.

I’ll take you back to a time when Gonzo was a well-respected studio whose shows all got licensed by virtue of simply being made by them—the mythical year 2002. That’s when Gatekeepers 21 came out, although it was about a year and a half later that the show became one of the oldest fixtures of my on-hold list. I’d caught the tail end of the OVA on TechTV’s anime slot back when that existed and liked what I saw enough that I’d always intended to buy it on DVD. Of course, there were a *lot* of things back then that I’d intended to buy on DVD.

Gatekeepers is an interesting franchise, being one of those from the late 90s/early 2000s that few people seem to remember or care about even though it must’ve done pretty well at the time. In what looks like an attempt to launch a franchise all at once (going by the data I have), it was released as a Playstation RPG, a short manga, and a 26-episode anime by GONZO all at nearly the same time. A couple of years later there was a sequel OVA and novel that I can’t help but feel weren’t the result of the franchise being a success, but of people that worked on it wanting to do more with it.

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