SHAFT Finds The Best Music (Denpa Onna OP, by Shinsei Kamattechan)

I guess someone in the studio has impeccable taste. SHAFT are known to have amazing original OPs and EDs done by unexpected or otherwise awesome artists (such as ryo on the Bakemonogatari ed and Ootsuki Kenji on Zetsubou Sensei’s everything), and the Ootsuki Kenji to Zetsubou Shoujo-tachi album is by far my favorite anime-related musical project (to the extent that I actually own the album!).

Over a year ago, wildarmsheero got interested in the band Omokage Lucky Hole after their song’s use in Natsu no Arashi and posted about it  (post no longer exists apparently), and I’ve been listening to them ever since. The combo of Zetsubou Sensei and Welcome to the NHK using them also got me into Kinniku Shoujo Tai. Now, SHAFT has introduced me to yet another awesome band that I’ll be listening to forever, Shinsei Kamattechan.

While I strongly disliked and dropped Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko after the first episode, the opening song was an instant favorite, and I was pleased to find that the full version of it is already out there. A lot of people don’t like this song because of the vocals, performed by the seiyuu Oogami Asuka. I love the vocals, and especially love the way they sound like they’re sung through a guitar amp or something. Besides that, the frantic piano melodies and emotional structure of the song are spectacular.

Shinsei Kamattechan is a very interesting group. Formed in 2007 and with three album releases so far, they are the epitome of the word “indie” in every way. Their fanbase is entirely grown from videos and songs posted online and they have a strong net presence. Their music is super low-fi, possibly on purpose as much as out of necessity, and they aren’t afraid to sound chaotic and intense. Most of their songs have a high probability of inducing headaches in listeners, but as a guy who listens to drone, that doesn’t really bother me lol.

Thematically, the band tends to have dark and violent lyrics, and album titles like “Everyone Die.” Their sound is somewhat upbeat, and at times even uplifting. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it ever reaches “poppy” as others seem to have said, but some of their songs are certainly easier to listen to than others.

Annnd, that’s about all I’ve got. I hope SHAFT continues to introduce me to new artists like this~

5 thoughts on “SHAFT Finds The Best Music (Denpa Onna OP, by Shinsei Kamattechan)

      • You should listen to Princess Ghibli, where Heavy Metal bands such as Blood Stain Child cover ….. Ghibli songs ! XDDDDDD
        Totoro never sounded so heavy before ! watch?v=GATpxojtye8 (I assume you already know YouTube, like every earthling on this little planet ^__-)

        PS: Keep up the blogging !

  1. They really are great, aren’t they? It evokes that lo-fi, weird Japanese arthouse movie vibe that I think Denpa Onna is trying to go for at the best of times.

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