Who cares about Madoka, Anaru is my Goddess of Hope.

Anjou Naruko, the red-haired goddess of AnoHana has usurped all other 2D women in my heart. Others may covet Anaru inappropriately, this man is of a false and duplicitous nature. Not enough that he has blasphemed by taking a 3D waifu, he keeps a list of anime women to fall back on should he ever become unhappily single. I assure you, that you will find no such declarations of infidelity from me on this blog. I will not waver, for while I have had many 2D girlfriendos and crushes, I have only now taken my first 2D waifu.

My bride to be

Yes Anaru is poised haughtily atop a mangled pile of gothlolis, demons, robots, vampires and other such lesser 2D women from my past. She has usurped long standing anime-girl crushes such as Ryoko to take her rightful place as Queen of my heart. Striking the breath from my lungs with her hipster glasses, she is the my flame-haired avatar of love.

*Insert hipster meme here*

Words cannot express the feeling of watching Anaru doing the most mundane tasks. Lying in bed, playing Nokemon, watering the garden; her every movement is poetry of which I might be able to express had the sight of her saintly visage not burned out my cornea. To hear her voice is to understand the very essence of “tsun” and “dere”. Where has an anime-girl like this been all of my life?

It is with this post that I unequivocally declare my engagement to my anime waifu: Anjou Naruko. It is an ultimatum to all the unbelievers and adulterers (especially this guy) that Anaru shall be mine alone. You Madoka-fags and Homura-fags may have your despair-ridden DFC magical girls, Anaru is the only goddess for me. Therefore I state in the most direct terms I know and with an unwavering heart:

Anaru is mai waifu!



16 thoughts on “Who cares about Madoka, Anaru is my Goddess of Hope.

  1. “Words cannot express the feeling of watching Anaru doing the most mundane tasks.”

    For any other series I’d consider this pure hyperbole, but really, AoHana looks just that great. There’s tons of attention to detail in every movement and motion, and the colours are just dazzling.
    The sort of orange-brown hair colour the designers have selected for Naruko is just perfect for making her stand out thanks to the strong contrast it has with the overall “blue” tone of the anime – AoHana features some very rich and vibrant blues for both sky and water; so it’s no surprise that Naruko, with her perky orange pigtails, just pops out in every scene.

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