By the Way, This Site Is Now Four Damn Years Old!

Art by Buuta

I intended to do a flashy fourth anniversary post; I failed my first attempt, had an idea for another one, and then didn’t manage to finish it by the actual anniversary (May 14/15th), which I forgot was approaching until the 19th. But it feels wrong not to mention it at all, so here’s a mind-blowing summary of my thoughts on the site’s fourth birthday:

This August, I turn 20 years old.

This blog is now four years old.

I’ve been running this site for a fifth of my entire life.

Is it a coincidence that D-Boy's birthday is the same as this blog's anniversary?

[For the record, I can’t remember if this blog was made on the 14th (the day before the first post), or the 15th (the day of the first post), especially because the post was made early in the day. I’d know were it not for the fact that this isn’t the original site and only dates back to last November. Hence, the first image is the 14th and D-Boy’s b-day is the 15th.]

23 thoughts on “By the Way, This Site Is Now Four Damn Years Old!

  1. If you keep running this blog until you’re like 70 or so, then you’ll have been aniblogging for 79% of your life. Moral: keep at it and you’ll eventually get to 100%!

    oh math


    • Crazy. It puts into perspective how much anime has effected my life. i started this blog soon after getting “back” into anime in 2007, after a couple of years away from the medium, which I’d been into since 2001. I’ve long been excited about my upcoming 10 year anniversary as an anime fan, but it’s only just occurring to me that ten years is *half of my life.*

    • If I run it till I’m 32, I’ll have run it for 16 years. TBH, I *really* don’t see that happening lol. I don’t consider this site a permanent fixture of my life, especially since I’ve grown more and more distant from it already.

  2. My my, that first post. :) In a way, though, it shows you’ve grown up with the blog, like Chang and Eng.

    Congratulations on four years!

    • Actually, I think that first post is unexpectedly consistent with my style. There are a really small handful of my oldest posts that make me go “wow… that doesn’t suck as much as I expected” and that’s one of them. Of course, that all goes down the drain as soon as post #2 misspells “massugu go!” in the title.

  3. Congrats on the 4-year anniversary! ^_^ My main web site will be turning nine years old in about a month and my blog will be five years old this October. So I’ve had a web site for nine years and I’m 25 years old – so that’s approximately 1/3 of my life =)

  4. Congratulations on the 4 years. That’s an impressive amount of time to have kept doing anything in this day and age. I mean, marriages don’t last that long. Wars don’t last that long.

  5. ah 4 years. it’s been about 5 since i started “stalking” you XD

    congrats and no matter how long you keep this up for i will continue to enjoy reading your stuff ^__^ <3

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