Gone To Philippines, Be Back In A Month (Not That I Can’t Blog There!)

Here at the start of June I’m going to leave my rich-spoiled-American-white-boy life behind on a whirlwind adventure to the Philippines, wherein I’ll be staying with ghostlightning of We Remember Love for an entire month. This isn’t a “not blogging” notice—on the contrary, I’m sure I’ll do plenty of blogging, especially because ghostlightning and I are constant collaborators, and we can only do even more if we’re together in person. As a matter of fact, I’ve opened a new Tumblr, Digiboy’s Travel Diary, wherein I’ll be posting daily recounts of my adventures for anyone interested to follow (most especially my family).

This journey is going to mark an important turning point in my life. You see, ghostlightning has been a close and important mentor to me for the past three years, and I don’t even know where nor whom I’d be today were it not for his guidance. This trip was my dad’s suggestion since he felt—as did I—that I was stagnating as I fumbled my way through college, and that it was time for me to “get out of the house” for a while. Ghostlightning thought this was a brilliant idea—as did I—so it became a plan.

I’m considering this a sort of intensive Mountain Training. It’s my power-up arc; my Snake Road; my lessons from Pai Mei. This trip will require me to use everything I’ve learned and all the skills that I’ve acquired over the course of my life, and it will also teach me a whole new wealth of things. It’s all lead up to this journey, and maybe it’ll even be my Coming of Age tale. My bike ride to the Northernmost point of Japan; my Fight With A Bear. I’m going to be Taking A Level In Badass, and things will never be the same!

It might sound like I’m exaggerating, but really I’m not. This is seriously big because everything about it is new and I’ll have to knock down a lot of the walls I’ve been putting around myself. Not to mention ghosty has been laughing maniacally in the shadows as he plots sinister-sounding happenings for me, so I know there’s no way he’s going to let me slip into my comfort zone.

So, wish me luck. I hope you’ll see change in me through my writing.

27 thoughts on “Gone To Philippines, Be Back In A Month (Not That I Can’t Blog There!)

  1. From the way it sounds, I assume this is your first trip outside the US and away from your family for a long period of time? I’m sure it will be a fantastic experience for you! ^_^ My first big trip away from home was also for a month, in Japan on a study abroad program. It certainly gave me a new outlook on life and I’m sure your trip will too, especially if you’ll be spending it with someone special to you (I’m guessing this is the first time you’re meeting ghostlightning in person?)

    Once again, hope you two have a blast and make lots of great memories~

  2. If you don’t come back with at least three STDs, you will have failed.

    Seriously, though, this sounds like it will be a great experience. Having never been outside the U.S., myself, I’m actually jealous. Make the most of it; consider this the culmination of your Don’t Fuck This Up series. :p

  3. awesome~ you’ll have so much fun I’m sure!

    Maybe someday I’ll make it out of North America. Honestly visiting the states for me isn’t really that big of a deal heh

  4. As a city girl, I can only suggest of leaving Metro Manila behind ASAP. The city is noisy, dirty, and while it has its fun spots to visit (I can think of one or two nightspots), ultimately limiting. Ask Ghost if he can spare time to bring you to either Batangas, Laguna, or Bataan.

  5. Wow, sounds like you have quite an adventure planned for yourself out there. Your first international trip, alone, is guaranteed to be an experience unlike any other. There will be demons you have never faced, pain unlike anything you’ve ever felt before and you will learn that darkness comes in all shapes and sizes. Always keep your guard up and trust no one but your gun, unless you want to be a rotten corpse in the sea. And last but not least, remember to hide the Ring.

    Yohoho and a bottle of rum, mate :D !

    Good luck and have fun.

    • LOL, arrive at airport and can’t contact ghostlightning

      in all seriousness, I think this is great. Whenever I leave my home for travel you just learn so much more and feel great. I just hope, like someone said before, you do something other than what you’ve been doing before at home, and learn a lot from this.

  6. @Shinmaru: sorry, I kinda promised his mom I’ll be denmother. let’s just say I’m quite proper

    @filanibloggers: feel free to kidnap our charge and take him round your province/city. and be good. (^v~)

  7. LOL Baka-Raptor. A month!? That’s so gnarly. Have an awesome adventure digi. I look forward to seeing your bloggings of things on this journey. ^ ^


  8. Holy… that’s a lot of comments.

    So… yeah, have fun in the Philippines. Hopefully you aren’t going to stay there for just 3 days.

  9. Philippines is definitely a solid place to go; outside of Australia it’s probably the most accessible country for an English-only speaker (possible exception of Singapore); and the culture is very familiar.

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