Where I’m Reading About Each of the New Shows

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This is shaping up to be a really fun summer season, and the coolest thing about it is that the shows I like are all being covered by my favorite bloggers. This increases my chances of actually following the shows, and hopefully my support of these bloggers will inspire them to continue their great work blogging these shows.

Animekritik is my favorite blogger ever, but most of his posts are about Leiji Matsumoto manga that I’ll never read and other obscure subjects. I always celebrate a chance to know what he’s on about, as I did when he blogged the entirety of Revolutionary Girl Utena. Now that Ikuhara’s back and bringing the heat again, so is animekritik.

Shinmaru‘s been in a rough patch lately watching tons and tons of really bad anime for some reason, and I fear it’ll turn him into a cynical blogger. Hopefully No. 6 can help him return to the light of blogging good anime and liking it. His first post certainly shows the love.

Otou-san hasn’t had the best luck with shows since coming to write for Sea Slugs. His first two episodic series were Yumekui Merry and [C], both of which went from promising beginnings to disappointing ends. Thankfully, Bunny Drop seems like the kind of show that can only be good. Otou-san’s blogging of it will help me decide not to put it on hold.

Schneider‘s idea of “The iDOLM@STER Weekly Character Ranking” is a perfect fit with the show’s style, and will lend to the kind of discussion of this show that even slightly matters: character fanboying. So far, Makoto is dominating the rankings in the comments, but I’ll be keeping watch every week to see where it goes.

I don’t think ghostlightning intends to blog all or even most of Sacred 7, but that doesn’t mean he won’t end up doing so. The mecha database animal seems to be getting his fill with this show, and he couldn’t help but blog about both of the first two episodes.

Aside from these shows, I’m (tentatively) watching Kamisama Dolls, Yuruyuri (which can be talked about on Twitter just fine), and Nekogami Yaoyorozu (which if anyone blogs, it’ll be me). This is a pretty awesome haul of reading for an awesome haul of shows, and summer looks to be an exciting season!

27 thoughts on “Where I’m Reading About Each of the New Shows

  1. To be fair to myself, I am at least still watching plenty of good anime — the good shows that continued into this season (Steins;Gate and Tiger & Bunny), rewatching Macross and Serial Experiments Lain, and I was in the middle of Banner of the Stars before I got distracted by video games and Anime Expo. And there are also a ton of shows I’ve bought in the past few months that I have not touched yet. So no matter how much crap I consume, there’s always something good on the horizon!

  2. I watched No. 6 too, but I’m waiting to see ep. 2 before deciding to continue watching it. The boy that looks like a girl and sounds like a 30 year old man just upsets me somehow. But I did finish the episode. I also watched Mayo Chiki and Sacred Seven. I could finish Mayo Chiki, but not Sacred Seven. The dude’s grimace is just too annoying.

    • What grimace ? Or are you talking about this talking statue ? I think SacredSeven is slightly entertaining, it’s like Sunrise tried to mix MaiHime and CodeGeass to get this kind of anime :)

      But of course you decide what you are going to watch.

  3. I mean this:

    The talking statue doesn’t help either, especially the way it ends every single sentence with the word “oni” (i.e. devil) like Pikachu says pika pika all the time..

  4. Hehe.

    Re: Pikachu, I once met a certain individual who was good friends with the Pikachu voice-actress (Ikue Otani, Wikipedia tells me) and apparently Otani would randomly sprinkle her conversation with pika-pikas…her daily conversation!!

  5. Huh. That sounds like you’ll have fun this summer–

    Hey wait! You mean this is the first time your favorite bloggers and you actually will go week by week covering the anime series? Are you saying during all the other seasons that hasn’t happened?

    • To this day, I’ve yet to watch a currently airing show through to the end. The closest I’ve done was last fall, wherein I finished a few shows, but hadn’t started them until halfway through. The farthest I’ve ever gotten watching every week without missing any was 7 eps. In addition, I only started reading Shinmaru recently, Schneider and ghostlightning don’t blog episodically, animekritik doesn’t even watch current shows most of the time (and when he does, he never finishes). The closest I got to synching was with otou-san on Yumekui Merry and [c], but I ended up dropping both before the end.

      So yeah, this is a first.

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    • I’d say they’re faces on polyhedral D&D dice. You have Dilligence, insanity, mimicry, subtlety, nose-pinching, etc etc.

      and if you roll a 12 the wizard turns into a dragon.

  7. To me the start of this new season was hard and harsh. Reason is that after years of only reading anime blogs, I’ve decided to finally launch my own anime blog. But as soon as I started I had to endure Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Blood-C, Mayo Chiki and Kamisami no Memo-chou. So I’m kinda in Shinmaru’s situation right now if only compressed to a shorter time frame. Most of the other series I’ve watched were not my kind of tea (Idolmaster, Sacred Seven) so I’m a little bit disappointed. Or does that mean I’m finally watching anime critically?

    • Good luck with the blog. Blogging can be a big undertaking and do things to you that you didn’t expect, but you’ll find a groove. My personal advice is to never keep watching a show you hate and don’t worry about episodic blogging if you find it boring – you’ll notice I never do either myself. I totally feel you on all those bad shows, I’d thought this was going to be a terrible season until I saw No. 6 and Mawaru Penguindrum. Seasons, however, don’t mean a whole ton to me because I’ve never followed one through to the end and don’t bank on the idea that I will. This season could be my first, but I’ve said that about like every season.

      But yeah, blogging terrible shows and feeling obligated to watch them is exactly what makes jaded bloggers who stop liking anime.

      • Thanks for your advice. Although I still try to find my voice I already know that I like episodic blogging. It’s rather fast and fresh out of my mind and I don’t have to think about two full hours of material as it’s the case with films for example. On the other hand, even twenty minutes can become hard when the content is horrible. But I’m quite well trained in enduring such stuff as I’m used to watching crappy movies (sneak previews) and I still love movies. So I think I won’t become a jaded blogger. At least I hope so. Thankfully I’m already blogging by the rule to not blog any series I don’t like with the exception of the first two or three episodes. If a series doesn’t become at least decent in its quality I’ll drop it. Or I’ll watch it but don’t blog about it.

        Thanks for mentioning No.6 and Mawaru Penguindrum by the way because I still have those two series in my pipeline. Can’t wait to see them now.

        • There are several kinds of hating something and blogging about hating something. When the hatred is personal enough, extreme enough, and you can present it in a way where you’re having fun hating it instead of angrily blogging it, then it’s worth posting about. I learned that from ghostlightning, whose posts about ZZ Gundam, Victory Gundam, and Gundam SEED were all incredible and fun to read, and fun for him to write.

          To me, I know if I’m hating something right if I have as much energy in hating it as I do in loving other things. I’ve got so much passion for hating Bee Train you could almost call me a fanboy.

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