A Rough Draft of My Favorites List

[Warning: This shit could take a minute to load. Also it’s uh, yeah.]



(Sorry Lain ep 5 is late, it’ll be out on Monday.)


18 thoughts on “A Rough Draft of My Favorites List


    I love you man. Fucking K-On!!

    I can’t stop laughing.

    That experience of reading that list is pure joy. I mean, I don’t like a lot of the shit there, I wouldn’t be interested in many of them for another few lifetimes, but the post is burning fan passion and you know I’m into that.

    Great job.

  2. Of the 7 shows in there I’ve watched, I loved 6.
    ef is an awesome show. i don’t know where i would rank it, but it’s good.

  3. Great list~ Many of my favorites on there too. Never would have guessed K-ON as #1. I also agree that season 2 is way better than season 1.

    My list of favorite anime hasn’t changed much since I wrote a post about it (I think it was a year and a half ago). But I’ll write a new one eventually, as well as a new favorite character post.

    BTW, since you were able to write this I guess you’re doing okay as far as the hurricane in the East Coast. Hope you stay safe.

  4. The Gintama fall was surprising but not as much as the Kara no Kyoukai. Only one movie? Granted I agree it was the best movie out of them but what happened to bestest anime of ever ever and the Over 9000 words you wrote about it. If you bundle all the Garden of Sinners movies does it still take the top spot?

    Gintama is still my favorite though. Nothing can take that away. K-On!! (s2) is still imminently watchable no matter which episode you pick up. It’s a real sharp contrast to season one and blew me away how much I liked it. Mostly cause I though season 1 was nothing special.

    And yeah Aki is the greatest seiyuu of her generation. I aint callin her the greatest of all time but certainly her gen. Satomi Satou has gotten some roles but none of them are genki girl. She’s played ojou-sama and oneesans, meganes and my favorite: Wendy Marvell. Too bad you don’t watch Fairy Tail.

    • Kara no Kyoukai is difficult to watch as a whole, not that I don’t love the whole thing. That said, on this list, I only selected the single best part of each series, not including other seasons and OVAs and shit. In KnK’s case, 5 is the one I’ve always listed in my top 5 on MAL and stuff like that, as it’s my favorite.

      While it may seem like a “fall,” it’s not really that dramatic. My top 7 are always getting shuffled around, though Durarara wasn’t there before. This is just the first time I said, “well, Gintama, KnK, Baccano, Lucky Star, and End of Eva don’t feel right… it must be K-On.”

      Understandably hard to call Aki the greatest of all time, but personally I like her generation of seiyuu better than any others to begin with, so being the best of her generation means the same thing to me hehe.

  5. Love the burning passion! That’s what I always liked about you.

    Nice job with the intro text styling. I also appreciated how you pulled the list off to a separate page. Good use of endnotes too. (There may be a bias of mine in play here ;-)

    • The endnotes were definitely inspired by your posts. I had to pull the list somewhere else because it would’ve been really hard to read on this white background. By using a black one, it just melts into the background which I love. Plus I got to utilize one of my random wordpress blogs that’s been collecting dust lol. I’m really glad you liked this, you and that other Mike have been making me want to do this kind of thing.

  6. Yes. Yes. Digiboy is back again. No more attempts at “depth” or “analysis” (Not that they’re bad) but just pure, unadulterated fanboyism.

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