12 thoughts on “First Serial Experiment—[Lain]—KIDS, Layer: 06—Plunging Into Wired

  1. LOL.

    I usually come here to deepen my understanding of the series, but with this post I have learned that:

    a) Bill Gates is behind the whole conspiracy.
    b) it’s a happy conspiracy, so we should be happy even if it kills us.
    c) Lain is a Sex Symbol
    d) and the Knights in the Meat are ghost and digiboy…

    Is that about right?

  2. It’s definitely an odd one (and to call a Lain episode particularly odd means a lot!). I actually think it’s very successful at being disturbing. The children opening their arms like that, the spectral Lain coming out all of a sudden, the sister in total sensory meltdown. It’s kind of nasty and yucky, but it’s mean to be.

    • What I love about this episode is how expressive Lain is, but the entire “child-killing doctor” plotline just struck me as so lame and didn’t seem like it really explained anything in particular. Like it was just meant to be some kind of shocker moral question, I dunno. It was *very* Konaka, hearkening to the “tomatoes” in The Big O or various aspects of Ghost Hound (all of which I realize was much later).

      • This project is an awesome idea; I’ve started marathoning the series alongside your posts. Not that you really wanted to know that, I guess, but…

        Anyway, I had that impression, too. But then I get to thinking about the “How to Crack the SAT” books, and that whole mindfucky thing about the most difficult questions on the exam: your first guess is usually wrong. And my response back then was “lol wut.”

        I feel like there’s this whole idea of disconnect, of flux, with respect to Lain’s personality- which you mentioned about Lain’s sis in ep. 5. The dude’s detached- mostly- and she’s all emotional, if sort of dysfunctional toward the end of the exchange. It’s like she can’t catch a break and have someone respond to her actions accordingly, find an equal. But I can’t grasp what the hell it all means. Not then all those years ago, and not now. You’ve got to help enlighten me!

        Also, I tried to look up Holy Spirit (and other related concepts in other religions) on Google, since that seems to be a vague association, considering the plot and stuff. The symbolism, if there is any, is probably nowhere near as concrete as the stuff for Eva. Just wondering what you thought of that, though.

        • I’m always very happy to know that people enjoy my posts enough that it effects their watching patterns. I think it’s a big deal!

          I’ve always been an excellent test-taker, which is how I made it through high school without studying ever, so I like to trust my gut lol.

          As for religious symbolism, I’m the absolute last guy to come to for that. I have no faith, have not read any religious texts, and have no interest in religion at all. I try to look for answers without thinking about those kinds of connections.

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