The Title of Betterman

Random short post for ya.

The reasons to watch Betterman.

Betterman is one of the shows I’ve had on hold for god damn ever, so I finally watched five episodes of it the other day and promptly dropped it. I think it’s a series that can be great for some people, but for me it’s way too slow and the action fails too hard. But thaaaaat’s beside the point.

Betterman is a weird title that always brings to mind the Pearl Jam song of the same name (which I hate). In the show, it’s indeed pronounced “Bettaaman,” which is how I’d expect it to be written in Japanese, but it’s not. It’s “betaaman” with only one T. I realize that Japanese pronunciation and spelling of English words is vague enough that who gives a fuck. Well, I find it interesting because of the way the Japanese title is presented:

Which looks like it says, “” “Beta Man” would be an interesting title and kind of means the same thing, ya’know? But it actually fits better with the show’s science-heavy themes and more strongly implies a theme of evolution.

The pink-haired girl is named Sakura but her voice is the same as Tomoyo.

Just a thought.


4 thoughts on “The Title of Betterman

    • The designs are the best part of the show for me. Their wackiness is the product of this series being a weird Evangelion-influenced branch-off from the Brave series of kids’ super robot shows. The show has a thick horror aesthetic, and yet strangely super robot character designs, which don’t clash at all IMO.

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